Chapter 24:

written melody

love sick delinquent

''well,you're the one whos making me sing katarina''

''so uh...''i said and awkwardly averted my gaze.yahiro looked at me confused

he must have weird''what's that song?'i said in changing the topic but why do i feel like i heard it..that song somewhere in my life before

he only smiled in responded ....should i say something again''oh yeah by the way i got a business at the practice room 304''i smiled widely l.said i should prepare for the concours so i'm taking my violin with me

''you really like that practice room don't you?''

i nodded''after all that's the place where the music of the violin lead me''i thought to myself

oh is that so?can i come along ?maybe i can help you''i suddenly felt excitement.yahiro will help me practice yiee that would be nice

yahiro let out a big sigh''Really...these music students keep staring at us.''he said ignoring my question

thats right...were the only two wearing black uniform here''Are you against music students yahiro?''

''It's not like I'm against them or anything...Well,it's true that they didn't give me a good impression from the start''yahiro said in a poker face''Like that guy...You know,the cold porcelain boy?''

''Nicol? He's a second year just like us and He's participating with the violin''

''Nicol huh''yahiro whispered''Because of him,my impression of them became even worse''he said with a proud smile

''Ah it's this practice room''i said as i twisted the silver knob

''Oh its quite a fine practice room''he said as he entered the room and went to the table with papers.piled on top''So,have you found a piece you'd like to play from that mountain of scores?What's the theme?''yahiro asked as he walked towards me

''Opening up''i shortly responded as i check each paper

''Opening up huh?''yahiro said as he nodded''well, That's pretty abstract''

''Well,even so we should be able to come up with an interpretation.''

''Oh right,ribdou said you like Chopin and he even played it for neThat piece was great!

wait what?s''

yeah rindou and i had lunch together and played a piano for me.he told me the last piece you play was chopin''i said cheerfully''Is there a Chopin composition that could be played on the violin?

''Chopin?When you speak of Chopin,its for piano''yahiro sigh as he sat down on the piano stool

'''What should I play?''

''What you should play is not important''someone said from behind''What's important is the story your performance is telling...its how you express it"we both turned around to see who it was...''

''woah you're here too nicol?!'i said surprisingly as i saw him with a violin on his hand with pen and blank music sheets

i did not notice him!nicol has no presence at all unless hes playing the violin

i run close to him and peek at the paper''so you write music?

''is there something you want?''he asked in a normal voice

''you're foul mouthed but i've also got a sensitive side huh?that's a surprise''i said with a grin''in fact you also remind me someone i used to know but i just cant point out who it was''

nicol did not response and continue writing music notes and lyrics''i just came to check out since i was wondering what song you've been writing

i see''he responded

''at first i thought you were drawing something what's the title if this song?''i said pointing at the scores and lyrics on the sheet''you haven't decided yet?''

''i don't know''

''you don't know?''i asked in disbelief''you got something on your mind right?i won't laugh so tell me''

''ice got nothing like that''the coldness of nicols voice sent chills down my it a bad idea for me to talk to him?

''what do you mean?''

''i've written then of thousand of songs but i've never given one a title''nicol said in a blank tone as he stop writing the score and glance at the paper with coldness in his eyes so this doesn't have one either''

what's gotten into himli thought to myself''really?''i slightly tilted my head as i read the song nicol had written carefully''but you're supposed to gvce a title to a song write?''likr if its a song about love or friendship you have to dedicate it to that person on your.mind or something said cheerfully hoping it will light up the mood''you use the situation,your feelings or emotions at the time to be exact 'h

i couldnt title one of my songs even if i wanted to ''nothing cones to my mind.i dont feel anything....nothibg

no wonder ehy you can only say such callous thing''yahiro haaved a frustrated sigh.nicol and i both turned around to see what's going on

nicol stood up from the stool he's sitting on and face yahiro with a serious look on his face

''katarina and i are here to practice''

huh?you're not even a participant

''i helping katarina !!''yahirp said annoyedly and noticed the music scores nicol had written and he took and read it''this songs nothing special''

''youre right....just like your ''eyes''

i giggled''they seems to be getting along''i thought to myself

i'm going to be straight with you''he glares at nicol'''I CAN'T STAND YOU''yahiro added as he pointed nicol

''if you got a problem atip the poker cold face of yours and tell me straight to my face i'll take you on time if you want a fight''

''huh what a delinquent''


Do you want a fight?

with that nicols face turned serious with his face as blank as a brick ''i've got no problem with you...''saying that...everything went silent as if tine had just stopped and starting at nicols expression less face like a doll

''i don't care about you at all''

''its getting too late.i better get going''saying that nicol started to put his violin back to its case

''ill help''i said as i took the music stand and put it aside

when i noticed a notebook near nicols violin case and pick it up''can i see whats written on inside?''

nicol gently shook his head''you cant''he said''that song is not finished yet''

''a song?''

''i wrote it 10 years ago...and that song is not for you so you cant see it''

eh what's with his attitude

yahiro seems annoyed and took the notebook from my hands

nicol just stared at yahiro as he read what's on the notebook

"so I close my eyes, and earnestly wish upon a shooting star ..." his voice sounded so crisp and clear his song soothed my ears♪

yahiros singing...

"in the night sky there are a thousand glowing stars ... I pray that someday they will descend on your weary heart"♪

"And with this song I'm scatter the seeds of smile, I pray someday they will see the flowers bloom with your laughter" singing the nicol song had written

how beautiful...yahiros voice is so clear and beautiful

even nicole qas speechless

why does it sounds so if i heard it beofre...somewhere in my life