Chapter 25:

glimpse from the past

love sick delinquent

without eveb thibking i stated clapping ny hands''that was a great song nicol''i said completenting nicol''

''and you sang beautifully too yahiro''

nicol stared at me blankly as he averted his gaze bitting his lips''its that so?''he said as he looked away

''Ah you see ..Day before tomorrow is the real so I was going to practice a little more before I went home.''i smiled awkwardly

''Oh yeah i should probably play some more here before going home''I said to myself as i slip the violin in my chin

''i could help you reherse a little bit''yahiro glanced at me''do you hace any reqestl

hoe about chopinlas you wish

''Chopin huh?as you wish''

That's valse did petit chien ,isn't it?h'yahiro began pressing the key and proudces beaitiful sounds

The notes are rolling aound, its so cute!

The the name suits as well"

even the composer of this pieces chopin said"iven never written such a beautiful melody

i slid the violin in my chin and caesed the bow and began to play''yahiro look very habdsome with his simple attire'hi thought to my self and lost in focus.i closed ny eyes when i hit the wrong note

damn i hear nicol chuckled and the sound of his fot walking to ne

i shiver eheb i feel his hit breathe on ny neck

seeating bullets i cant relax

thats not the right key let me help you'hhe huskiky said

''i always knew you suck''nicol said buti didnt give attentuin ro his remsrks vut ib his smell.scemt of fragnrat shampoo and perfume

''Oh yeah why don't play something too nicol?''


''No will will be listening''i said as i walked close to him''and you too yahirp,i mean it would be waste to just let it collect dust here'

''That piano probably hast been touched in so long and nobody's listening expect me''i said cheerfulyy''Think of it as a way of couragng me''

''do you have request?''both nicol and yahirp asked and they looked at each other''Hmm let about that music nicol had composed?''

nicol let a sigh and took off his prestine white blazzer as he slid his violin on his chin while walking to yahiros direction and stand beside the piano

can ypu play that on piano yahiro?''i asked as i as i peek on the notebook yahirp took fpr nicol while ago and glanced at me with a lookibg forward of this would be the frist time nicol and yahiro would play for me

''really then can you play it?i shly aksed him''yeah but i need someone to sing it for me''

i will sing it''i told him

i felt nicol stared at me so i smiled at him

when yahiro played the notes on the piano i immediately looked at botes

i couldnt help but to glance at bicol who was already looking at mw while i was singing made my skin shiver

the first note from nicols violin resonate the intire room as well as yahiros piano

in your heart i can see

,you must've been thinking of becoming a pianists in the future, huh?"i said and yahiro stopped playing piano and stood up from the stool''The world isn't that simple"he said coldly

''It may be like that in reality... What were you thinkh of

If you're talking about having the upper hand in the concourse,The music students have been gking about the fact tbag it is an intraschool concours So to gain that sort of experience by appearing in such an exhibition... It would be a major incentive right?''


''i have a feeling...that the concours will be different this time and Its not only thing like the results..I just havw a feeling''

''yeah you're a participant too''

"Let's stop taking about this"

"Why are you hiding it like that?I don't understand..."

I mean,it really looked like you wanted to play more"i said''I've been wondering if you really aren't interested in the concours"

About I was thinking the reason you seemed worried about me..."

That's not it!"

First of all,how about you worry more about your self than someone else?"he asked glaring at me

ice becer seen him acting like this before

''The concours will be on the tomorrow right?"saying that,yahiro walked out in the room leaving me and nicol

i shiuldnt hace said those thibgs to him.maybe what ive said was out of the line and i dont have the rights to say that because i dobt really know much about him but even so,i dont understand why hes on the basketball team hiding his musical ability when he plays so well.hes wasting hes talent!puls hes in the basic education department

his talent toing to wate.long ago he entered a contest but i guess he had an unfair experience.and ever since then,he refusees to play in ffront of anybody

im sorry for trpubling you bicolhhi said as i smiled awkwardly at him''i guees i should head home''i saif and nicol just looked at me with his usual nexpression and sign

''ill walk you home''saying that nicol opened the door for me and i timidly follow him as we started walking alone in the dimlit hallway

its really going to happen tomorow

For me, a smile from yahiro is enough

After and exploring the school at night we reached the school ground.nicol offered me to rode off with his school bike

as the warn breeze hitting against us as we header out to the school.i.smiled i feel

Cmon were gonna be late!"i said to nocol as i pointed the aT

Its because you wanted to keep playing"

But if were seriously late your parents might be mad

Sory about your lesson with yahiro?

Its no bigdeal.its yahirp after all so he ailll forgive me and shannon s well''

Its not my place to complain about othersIts because I dont know why I was chosen but It wasn't a meaningless day It was such a wonderful day,I waish that time would just stop in its tracks

The moon and stars ...they were so pretty I want to speak to the stars

'In the night sky, it sparkles

The distant moon of silver

The same color as the wild rose

that was blooming in my dream last night"🎶


Yahiros point of view


Stand by


Hello everyone. Welcome to the live broadcast of our classical concert,"evening music"

Our first performance of the night is the adorable son of reowned pianist yahiro paxley.its my pleasure to introduced you to the international renowned.

Let's welcome her to the stage with a big round of applause

I have to take it...I have to do this...// have to be perfect


Every achievement i had build from ange four to eleven can crumbling down in Just eight seconds

I guess even talent end prodigies get nervous on live television.

My mom told me wasn't even a hard piece to play

I want to go live some place where nobody knows me

This is yahiro paxley.just transfered

He moved her for his health so I expect you all to take good care of him and be friendly okay

What are you sick with?is it really bad?

Your eyes looks different

And soon...the boy who was once a prodigy.. Was just an ordinary boy just a normal regular boy


Yahiro ,do you like playing the piano?


Whenever I played the piano,I felt like there were only two voices in the world,mine and the piano's

Okay then, as much as you want

Why does He never have his book for music class?

His moon won't give it to her.she took anything related to music

Chopin...I wish I could play it

I could play it really well

I really really wish I could play the fingers are itching to play

i guess ill leave ubder ny sisters name from this day onwards