Chapter 150:

Two Beauideal Allies

The Nonpareil of Resh (Act 1)

“How about a gut punch to bring her to her knees!” Kitten happily suggested. She had been making one violent suggestion after the other, which only made Harlan and Fiona more and more uncomfortable.

Scarlet had quickly made her way across the room and tried to convince the pointed ear beauideal to let up.

“Please, Kitten, come back to reality!” the red Aqueenian pleaded as she gently tried to shake the Netzian girl to her senses.

“Or maybe we can all gang up on her and…” Kitten droned on with her plan to take down Dia.

Fiona looked to Harlan for help on what she should say, but the green Zenotote was too shocked at Kitten’s actual personality to notice the blue princess. After her attempt failed, Fiona figured it would be best to spit something out.

“So, we really would just like to go see Dia,” she interrupted Kitten.

The Netzian’s ears perked up.

“Of course, we should go see that biaskylo ourselves!” Scarlet let her head hang as she shook it.

Kitten grabbed Harlan and Fiona’s arms around the wrists while clearing her throat.

“Come on, let’s go say hello to Dia!” she said in a voice that sounded an octave higher than her previous. Her face had become a friendly smile that looked so different she might have been confused with another person. “Come on, Scarlet, you should get ready to go out!” Kitten said in her stage voice.

Scarlet made a small sigh before her expression changed to a smug look. She glared at the three who stood in front of her.

“Well, what are you standing around for! Get out of here and stop polluting the air!” she shouted at the trio.

“Oh, Scarlet, you’re always so mean,” Kitten said with her ears drooped and tears in her eyes. Harlan happily nodded as she saw the beauideals as they were in her mind. Fiona’s mouth was wide open, she looked to the Zenotote scientist in shock, but they were quickly pulled out the door by Kitten before any words could be exchanged.

Kitten happily skipped down the back halls, and Fiona and Harlan kept close just behind her. Scarlet stomped and grunted behind the trio.

They quickly encountered some guards who were still ruthlessly searching for the intruders. They had split into groups of two and were planning to leave no stone unturned. Naturally, they stopped Kitten and the group when faces that matched the intruder's descriptions came into view.

“Is there a problem, Mr. Guard?” Kitten asked in an innocent voice. Her eyes were wide, and her ears drooped. Fortunately for her, the buttons on the guards had her face on one and Scarlet’s on the other.

“So… Sorry to interrupt,” the guard with the Kitten button stammered, “but these two… match the description of some… intruders.”

“Intruders! Oh dear!” Kitten held her hand over her mouth in shock. “I don’t know anything about any intruders. These two happen to be some up-and-coming beauideals we are mentoring!”

The guard with the Scarlet badge looked intensely at Fiona. He shook his head.

“Sorry to say, you’re never going to beat Scarlet in a concert-match.”

“I… I’ll do my best?” Fiona gave her reply.

“Well, we must be going now, but I hope to count on your continued support!” Kitten quickly added before pulling the duo away.

“Wait a moment!” the Scarlet button guard said with narrow eyes. Kitten, along with Fiona and Harlan, froze. The guard turned to his favorite beauideal, “Would you be able to….”

Scarlet sighed and glared at the guard.

“Hah? Do you want some attention when you ought to be working? You poggly! Perhaps I should drag you by the ear to report to your superiors! Maybe a quick kick to the shin to get you to shape up!” she snapped at him.

The guard looked like he had been shot, but a happy, creepy smile lined his face.

“Thank you,” he replied.

“Your so strange.” The group heard the Kitten button-wearing guard say to the other as they walked away.

As they got out of the guard's hearing range, Scarlet made a small whimper and rubbed her eyes.

“Why can’t I have one normal fan,” she lamented in a small voice.

“You just have to keep trying! Someone will come along!” Kitten said with sparkles in her eyes to the red Aqueenian girl.

“Biaskylo, I don’t want to hear anything from you!” Scarlet snapped after returning to her stage persona.

“Scarlet’s a little grumpy today; maybe she’s got a tummy ache,” Kitten retorted. Her eyes flashed a hint of deviousness as she looked at her fellow beauideal. Scarlet grunted and looked away. Though Fiona and Harlan had no way to be aware, Kitten had once given Scarlet a laxative to humiliate her in a public gathering. The red Aqueenian knew the words were a warning to dial back her harsh persona’s remarks on the pointed ear Netzian.

Fiona and Harlan followed Kitten’s lead as she continued to move through the backstage. It wasn’t long before they reached a door with Dia’s name printed in shiny letters. Kitten rolled her eyes at the sight of the beauideal’s name and knocked on the door.