Chapter 2:

02: The President and her challenge

The School is infiltrated by Assassins!

“10-Rizal, be sure to pass your project next week okay, let's meet tomorrow for the next class” Ms. Hanay, the English teacher said in a voice that sounds like someone reading a scripted dialogue for a broadcast.

The English subject is the third class that we have for the day, it's also the subject before break time so everyone here is happy whenever that teacher is finished discussing a subject that she clearly was bored to death with. No one can blame her, she was supposed to be a math teacher only.

I don’t really care about that though, the only thing I care about for now is eating this white bread I bought to fill in my breakfastless stomach.

As everyone knows already, I got here early to try and be the first to arrive in class. Why did I do that? According to the legends (or at least hearsays from my other classmates) our class president never got late nor was she the second one to arrive in class. And she declared this on the first day of the class:


That all capitalization was no joke, she really did shout that on the top of her lungs.
Now it's not like I’m greedy enough for wanting a chance to hold a “class president” title, but anyone here in this section knows how much of a tyrant our class president is.
She is basically the dictator in our class, denouncing her title would be a blessing even for a day. AND I WON’T GIVE UP ON GETTING EARLY FOR THAT TO HAPPEN!!

“You should probably give up on that…”
Miller advises me while I was eating my white bread, he is the one that gave me 10 points for getting early.

“Why shouldn't I try? I would have got here earlier if my alarm went off”

“Look, just be thankful that she is not the Student Government (SG) President. Even us who were her classmates since Grade 7 had to give up back then, Erika always got here at almost 5 am in the morning and she even have her own key to the main gate”

He explained it like he is talking about something from a dark event that no one believes.
Oh right, I forgot to mention that that monster’s name is Erika

“Now that I think about it, I was the only one here who kept challenging her. Well who cares? it doesn’t hurt to try it everyday”

“You just got your body slammed to the teacher’s desk…”

Miller just commented on something that would both hurt me physically… and mentally, because I got scolded by our homeroom teacher for almost destroying her desk. Apparently she has a punishment waiting for me in her subject time and who knows what kind of horror it is…

“Hey Miller! We’re gonna practice in the studio room after class, you need to– What happened to Francis’s face?! Is he okay?”

“Probably remembered his upcoming punishment for destroying that desk”

The one who came to comment on my grimming face is Patrik, he is Miller’s close friend and plays music in our school’s “musical studio” (which in reality is just a deserted classroom)

“Dude, don’t think too hard about it. It's probably about the transfer student. Pau said last week that Mrs. Roselyn wants someone to help that transfer by giving them a tour in this school”

“Is that so? good thing it’s not a hard job… Wait, what transfer student? Why am I just hearing about this now?!”

“Oh right, you didn’t attend the SG meeting last week. We also welcomed another transfer student from the next class, that guy was really good at basketball you know”

I can’t keep up with that much information that suddenly popped out. Who would transfer in this ghost-town-like school? Why are there two of them? And why is the other one in another section that’s full of jocks? Did the main plot start rolling last week?

Forget the challenge to get early in class to overthrow the president, something weird is happening in this school!