Chapter 3:

03: A transfer student

The School is infiltrated by Assassins!

The subject at this time of the day is Science. Supposedly there are 6 subjects in a day but because the teachers are lacking in numbers, this is only the second (and probably the last) subject present for this day after English. Our teacher in Science is Mrs. Roselyn and she is also the homeroom adviser in our section. She is one of the most dedicated teachers here despite the school having bad reputations in many things. She also helps in maintaining the school in order to keep being functional. Overall she is a really good teacher, the best I had in my school years perhaps.

Am I saying beautiful things about her because I was scared of her and wanted to lower the level of my punishment for almost destroying her desk? Probably. This won’t reach her anyway. But I won’t deny that those things are true.

“Before I start, I know some of you already know about this, so I would like all of you to meet your new classmate.”
“Come in, and can you please introduce yourself?”

What came through that door was a girl. A girl with pink hair that was long enough to cover half of her back and was tied into half-ponytail. Her eyes were round and her pupils were colored red. She is kinda tall for a girl but not tall enough to match the boys in our class. Her overall physique makes her look like she is doing sports but just enough to stay fit and slender. Maybe I’m weird for checking out her appearance deeply like that but what’s weirder is the reaction of my classmates.

They barely react at all. There are some murmurs, but I feel like they are just slightly surprised. It’s not like she has a weird appearance but I was expecting my classmates to react in a grand way with her being a transfer student.

Did I watch too many rom-com animes? Damn, my classmates might have seen too much back in the past and this scene is just a normal occurrence…

“My name is Velle V. Venezia, I’m 16 years old. My previous school was from Marikina City. I transfer here because of my family’s business. I hope we get along and help each other~”

She introduced herself in a really cheerful way while having a genuine smile on her face. Everyone in the class clapped, including our teacher (and of course I clapped too). She is way more optimistic and cheerful than what I was expecting. I was hoping for a more meek transfer student but I guess this is a better option, having someone as bright as this is a good addition to this school of looming darkness.

Just so we’re clear, I am not having a crush on her.
I already accepted my punishment to give her a tour in this school for the day. Though, it would be bad if I had to help her out for everything.

“Thank you, Ms. Velle. You may take your seat.”
“Ah right, Ronjay, can you switch your seat with the one on Rowel’s side?”

Ronjay is my seatmate on my left side, he doesn’t talk much but he enjoys playing online games with me and other classmates. His noticeable trait is his permed hair and formed into a pompadour-like style.

Rowel is one of Ronjay’s gaming friends, he sits just right in the center space of the class and there is no one sitting right beside him at the moment because he is the last person on attendance roster. But now it looks like he is not gonna be lonely there, heh, good for him.

Eh? Wait, Why is Mrs. Roselyn making Ronjay change his seating location? Oh shit, don’t tell me—

“You can sit there beside Francis.”
“Hey Francis, you know what this means right?”

Mrs. Roselyn is knocking the slightly broken part of her desk with her hands while giving a sinister smile in my direction.

This is a whole year's punishment for a broken desk…

I shouldn't have put a death flag on my faith…

The transfer student is casually sitting on the seat at my left side and she doesn’t know that my mind is at a breaking point because I probably just lost the freedom I had for this year by trying to overthrow our tyrant class president.

She looks at me then smiles cheerfully like she is hoping to become friends.

<Goddammit, I can’t say no to that kind of innocence!!>

Is what I was thinking, but for some reason I’m sensing something behind that smile. I know what that was because I felt that before but I’m really hoping I was wrong…