Chapter 7:

07: An ordinary evening

The School is infiltrated by Assassins!

It is an ordinary evening.

At this time, students who belong to afternoon shifts are going home from school. It is no different in the case of a certain high school. Even though all of its students are placed in the morning shift, most of them are still hanging out in different places until evening.

Or at least most of them were supposed to.

A certain male and female high school student is sitting inside a police station for some reason. In front of them is a middle-aged police officer. There were no other people inside that police station aside from those three.

“D-Dad it’s true, someone saw us while doing that! It would be a problem if they snitch on us!”

“S-Sir… please, just scare them off or something… I don’t want to go to jail for killing someone…”

“You’re too paranoid! Dumbass!!”
“Dad, you can at least make it look like an accident, right? or you can even plant evidence and frame them up”

The female student is visibly nervous in front of the police officer while the male student is agitated and can’t rest easily. They are basically making a request to shut off the people that saw them doing something illegal.

On the contrary, the police officer is calm and didn’t even get angry at his son ever since he got here with his girlfriend.

“Tch tch tch… you know boy, it’s not that easy to kill someone else without arousing suspicion”
“Boss is not gonna be happy if we trim down too many people that are not involved with our operation.”
“I was really hoping that you understand that already after making me do the same back then”

“But Dad, this is different! It's those students from that feeling-smartass class section, there's a high risk that they would tell a teacher about it!”

“And now you’re telling me that a teacher is gonna get involved too, Tch…”
“Isn’t your school really low-class? Best they could do is report you to this police station, and I could just make it look like you didn’t do anything.”

“Please Dad, one of those students might have connections to someone on higher position”
“Boss is gonna get angry if someone roots up his operation, right?”

“Tch, Goddamnit… Fine, But you’re the one that’s gonna tell Boss about this shit you caused”
“You have any identification of those students that saw you?”

“Nice! Thank you, Dad!!”
“Hey pull out your phone, you took a picture of them at that time, right?”

The girl can only give out a nod due to her nervousness. She hands over her phone and shows the picture of two students that was secretly taken outside the recycling area in their school.

One of those students in the said picture is an ordinary-looking guy with black hair, while the other is a girl with long pink hair that was tied into a half ponytail.

“Hm? I think I saw this boy somewhere before… as for the girl, doesn’t she look too decent to attend your school?”

“Well she is a new student, I think she just got transferred today in our school”

“Tch tch… what a shame boy, you’re gonna make your father kill a really tasty girl for your own sake…”
“Maybe I could play with her for a bit before going for a kill…”

“Oh my~ I won’t like that, you look really disgusting you know?”

That few milliseconds of silence suddenly got filled with suspense.

No one knows how the girl that they are just looking at in the picture is now suddenly standing in front of them and joining their conversation.

No noise can be heard nor any sign where she came from.

It’s like she just appeared out of thin air

Her pink hair is now tied into a full ponytail by a black ribbon with white dots on its end.
Instead of her school uniform, she is now wearing a specialized attire to make her job easier to execute.

“H-Hey! How did you–!”

The police officer tried to reach for his gun on his desk, but his whole body stopped moving for some reason.
Velle swiftly moved her right hand in a single wave, summoning and spinning bundles of thread that were almost invisible to the naked eye. Everything happened in just a span of a few seconds.

The female high school student who still can not process anything that is happening, got her head decapitated and fell on the floor immediately.

Meanwhile the male high school student is now hanging on the ceiling. His neck and face are bleeding due to being constricted by thin threads that was spun around, making him unable to make any noises while panicking.

The police officer could not believe what he just witnessed, he felt the threads slicing his body by every move he made. He proceeds to not move at all to stay alive but he can't help to be terrified.

“H-Hey… t-that’s my son…!”

“Hm? You mean this one?~”

Velle clenched her fist. At the same instance, the male student got his head sliced to bits. Eyes, nose, ears, pieces of flesh, and blood gushing makes its way to the floor.

She kicked the desk in front of the police officer to push him through the wall, leaving him with wounds because of threads that were still bound to his body.


“I’m not really an interrogator, but this job is so sudden that I don’t have time to call an expert”
“Welp, it's not like getting straight to the point would change the outcome~”

“Wha… What the hell do you want?!!”

“Hmmm~ Lets just say I’m here to ask you some questions regarding your involvement to those drugs that these two were taking”

Velle nonchalantly steps on the police officer’s wounds, making him cry furiously.

“I… I don’t… I don’t know anything about it!”

The threads got tighter and made his right arm cut half-way.

“Eh~ I was here before these two even got here so I know what you are talking about”
“Please don’t lie, I could get really angry with liars you know?~”

Velle proceeds to cut off his right arm entirely and spun thick threads on the officer's dismembered arm to lessen the bleeding.

“Wh-why did you kill… those two?! Th… th-they are victims! That's right, they are victims! And you just killed them without remorse!!”

“Hmm? What are you talking about?~”
“They are hardly innocent~”

“This girl got pregnant for being a slut at a young age. Instead of taking responsibility, she killed her kid while sleeping and blamed the father for being abusive. Who she also killed at the same time.”
“Your son mugged a small store and because of aggression, he killed the store owner and he got away with it because he concealed his identity that time”

“H-how… how did you know about it?... you… you’re police agents?!”

“Well we do have a wide intel, I also know that you’re the one who tolerates and supply these kids’ drug usage”
“Oh~ and by the way we’re not like those people who fight for justice. We will kill someone as long as they are a target, good persons included~”

“Wh-what the hell do you want from me then?... you already know that I’m the supplier don’t you?...”

“I think you’re having a wrong idea here~ we do not really care about those drugs”

“What we want to know is where they are rooted from and the identity of your boss”

“I.. I don’t know!! JUST KILL ME ALREADY!!”

The police officer is not minding his wounds anymore and wants to get killed rather than giving away his boss’s identity.

“Huh~ do you think killing without you feeding us any good information would satisfy us?”
“Hah… I don’t really want to do this but I guess I’m now taking a full page from my Loisa’s methods”

Velle put her right hand in the air then moved it down like she was pulling a rope. The gravely wounded police officer is now hanging like butchered meat.

“You know~ one of my friends said that if I want to make someone spit out information and ask for their suffering to end, I should do things slow and a little bit painful”

“I don’t really get it but maybe I should try understanding it now”

Velle pulls out a knife and a huge needle.

“H-hey… what are you going to do?... just kill me now damnit!! I’m not telling you any– GWAAAAAAGHH!!! STOP!! STOP!! IT HURTS!!”

Velle sliced his stomach cleanly to gouge out a little part of his innards.

She then pierced those innards with a huge needle.

“Hmmm… Loisa said that this method should not hurt that much, maybe I was poking the wrong spots~”

She then sliced the solar plexus of the police officer and poke the needle inside it like someone would pick up a lock. Bloods are gushing out everywhere.


“Still not going to answer me huh?~ at this point I could just leave you alone here and you will probably suffer for an hour before you die”
“Hmmm… Ah! I know a certain spot that would totally work! But this is a little bit dirty~…”

“H-hey… you… what are you…! Hey… don’t reach for that! I’m telling you to just kill me already!!”
“I’m not going to give away boss’s location no matter what you do, you fucked up bitch!!”

“Don’t worry~ if you still don’t tell me, I’m just going to leave this needle stuck in there after I leave…”

Velle is slowly aiming the large needle, indicating that she would do the process slowly.


The police officer now begs to be put out of misery.

“Our base… is located at a factory… right beside the border of Marikina City…”

“Oh~ and what about your boss? Who is he and what kind of person he is?”

“He is always secluded… he only talks to us using loudspeakers… and he’s always asking about our activities… even personal…”

“Is that about all you know?~”

The police officer gives a slow nod, and gets ready for what's about to happen. 

Velle smiles, knowing that the information she wanted sufficed her satisfaction.

“Mmm~ Thank you, disgusting old policeman~”

Velle sliced the top part of his head using the string on her hands. It happened so fast that it looks like the police officer’s head was made of gelatin.

The inside of the police station is now dirtied with piles of sliced body parts and pools of blood everywhere. It is visibly obvious from an outsider perspective that what happened is not a simple homicide. 

A vicious assassination using a specialized weapon.