Chapter 8:

08: The midnight before another class begins

The School is infiltrated by Assassins!

*Brrtt* *Brrtt*

A vibration of a phone call came from Velle’s smartphone.

“Ah, Hello? Oh~ Loisa! Good timing I have a clean up job to be done immediately~”
“Yes, I have Lyu here as a backup”
“Eh? Do we really need to?”
“Sounds like a pain~ just tell those guys to put the boy one in the sewage and make the girl one look like she died in a car accident”
“Ehhh...? Ask Jinx for that~ I don’t have any bombs or flares here”
“Yeah, there are also no gas tanks~”
“Yay!~ Thank you, Loisa!”

“And by the way, tell K. that I already met that boy. He even gave me a tour inside the school~ fufufu~”

The phone call ends, and so is Velle’s mission in this place.

Outside, a guy with green undercut hair was waiting. He wears a black cloak and a green checkered scarf.

“Good work, Miss V.. Did you ask Loisa for a clean-up job?”

“I already called her about that, but she insisted on burning the place down so I requested for Jinx to do it~”
“Also I told you this already, drop the Miss.”
“Even Loisa is just calling me V.~”

“It is hard not give respect to the only senior at our job”
“But I guess I should try anyway”

“Try to redirect that respect to those guys at your Basketball team~”
“I know that you’re enjoying that part of your mission, Nardo Perez. fufufu~”

The green haired guy was slightly blushing to Velle’s teasing.

“Why did you not use your real name anyway, Lyu? It's rare for us to have a chance to use our real names on this kind of mission, you know~”

“D-do not ask…”
“When are the others going to join anyway? It is kind of unfair that we are the first one to be deployed”

“No idea why~ Ask the Leader about it. But I heard they are going to join next week”
“If you want to talk about unfairness, just look at K. our Top Ranked Assassin is not even going to be present on site”

You are just mad that you are not with your boyfriend…”

“Hmmm… did you say something, Lyu?...”


A few minutes later, a black van stopped outside the police station where the assassins were.

“I guess we are gonna see each other tomorrow then. Goodbye V..”

“Mm~ See ya’ Lyu!~”

Velle vanishes as fast as a blink of an eye, while the green haired guy named Lyu runs into the forest to conceal his presence.

Masked people get outside of the black van and start doing their job of cleaning and arranging the evidences left by the assassin.

The next morning at a certain apartment, an ordinary looking 16 year old male student is watching the news on TV.

<What the hell… a girl from my school died in an accident? And a male student is missing?>

<I feel like he is involved with this…>

“Oh shit, I’m gonna be late again!!”


He runs, not knowing that the class president is already in the classroom an hour before he even woke up.