Chapter 5:

The Oldest Loser


Emerson: Nice! He is not going to fall for such a trap I guess.

Boss: That was a very sharp move over there by Mr. Old man. Queen to A3 played by Calyden.

Ghoss: That’s a pretty good move that protects the Knight on c3 and attacks the Black’s Knight on A4.

Emerson: I’m enjoying this match so much. It’s not like the last match. Predicting his moves and guessing what will my move be. It's as if I can see the future.


takes his right legs shoe off and keeps his leg on the chair and starts biting his nails while thinking

Suddenly Calyden opens his Eyes Wide.

Eyes which were covered by his loosely dripping eyebrows, and wrinkly eyelashes. After seeing Emerson in that position, his eyes opened wide with a bright spark in his eyes, Which was the first time his eyes were seen.

Why are you this similar? Calyden said to himself.

Emerson plays a move on the board after thinking a lot.

Boss: Knight takes on C3. Exchanging his knight with another.

Ghoss: An equal exchange! As calyden takes the knight back with pawn to C3.

At “The Rick old man’s Mansion” place

A group of old people, who worked at a young age but later got betrayed by their children. A group of 10 people living in a mansion named “Old age home”. A duplex house with big windows, with a pleasant and Bright environment. 10 people sticking to their sofas with LCD tv on the wall, chilling with chicken, chips, and juices. A man sitting in between those people with a peacock in his hand.

That man petting a peacock old man says: This is a very interesting tournament for us. We usually don’t come to round 2 of the betting but we still have a few players left to bet on. But we are going to have fun in this tournament.

Back to the match

Boss: After thinking a lot Emerson plays Nxe4.Knight takes e4

Ghoss: Yes! It’s a free pawn so why not take just take it, Here is a very obvious move. And at this level, it’s very easy to see

Boss: As you said. He found the move, Bxe7. Forking the rock on f8 and queen d8. As the queen has more points I think Emerson will move his queen.

Ghoss: Emerson plays queen to b6.A very convening move.

Calyden: I can take the rook, and exchange it with my bishop but I have a very bad feeling about it, let me play a simple move and get my king to safety.

Boss: He didn’t fall for that bait and plays very calmly bc4

Ghoss: What’s the weird smile on Emerson's face, He is sitting very comfortably with his legs up, What is he up to now. It's the same smile we saw in his first match. He is in his zone

Audience: It’s the same smile. Let's look forward to something

Chad: What! Did something happen? Why did the all audience go calm?

Joey: Emerson!! He is going to something exciting…Shouting Emerson’s name from the bottom of the lungs

Sohel: He is up to something, I believe him.

Emerson: I going to give the audience a run for their money. I thought about all possibilities. I'm going for it. It’s so exciting.

Calyden: That smile, That sitting style, That habits.

Boss: And as we expected he is planning something big. Emerson plays knight takes on c3.

Ghoss: This boy is full of surprises. He plays Nxc3.

Calyden: This risky move...Your playing style...Your

You remind me of…Let me fulfill my promise…you look like my so-


My son’s named Calydon…He was a very mischief guy. This was 40 years ago.

I was working as a teacher at a university and I use to tell tuitions to earn a bit more coin. And give my son a good future. 40 years ago from now, he was 18 years, In search of comfort, I lost my happiness. He was obsessed with chess at that age, He always wanted to play chess with me but I never had time to play. It was that day when my life has changed

A week after his birthday, He was trying to play a game of chess with me but I never gave him time.

That fine day.

Calydon (on-call): Dad! I want to play a chess match with you…You never play with me...I want to defeat you.

Calyden: ‘kay! I'm at university, and we will play for

Calydon: By the way, I need to get your sign today for the chess tournament…It’s the 10th anniversary of that tournament…I need to submit it by tomorrow.

Calyden: I will sign it for sure...I will call you later...I'm busy at work.

Calydon: But you promised to me to play a chess game as my birthday gift.

Ends the call

Calydon: Let me fill out the form! I’m so excited about this event. It's the 10th anniversary after all

A few hours have passed…

Calydon: Why did dad still didn’t come…Dad, Let me call him…

Calydon tries to call him thrice but calyden doesn’t answer...

Calydon: Let me go to the university. I can meet him there, and get this form signed and let me take this chess board also, If I have time I can play a match with him.

Calyden (present ): But, Life is not like chess. Nothing can be predicted in life.

An attendant in the university where calyden used to work 40 years ago.

“Sir! You have a call and they say it's an emergency” He shouted.

Calyden picks up the phone, throws the phone, and runs. Just before his university, a big road with people gathered around.

I saw my darkest Nightmare that day.

Calydon was hit by a bus, Blood was all over the road. Fallen chess pieces and application form in his hand with blood stains. People took his phone and called me. They called an ambulance, But it was too late. He called me thrice, I didn’t even lift it once. I can’t forgive myself. I worked hard for his future but I’m the one who took his future away. And the ambulance came, He was still holding a knight(chess piece) in his hand and the application form.

They both go into the ambulance..and calyden holds his son’s cold hands. The nurse kept the oxygen mask, Calydon started talking…and the first word he said was

Calydon: “DA..a..A…D”…with a very faint voice.

“Da…..Dad, I want to win this …Coughs blood”

Calyden: Don’t talk, You will be fine.

Calydon: Dad…I want ‘hat ‘ournaments trophy...Hope I get it, dad. But I don’t ‘hink I can. A Tear comes from his left eye.

Calyden: You will get one for sure.

Calydon: Dad I have another wish...

Calyden: Say…Just say it …I will fulfill it...

Calydon: Will you play…… a ‘hess  ‘atch  wit’ me.please

Calyden: yes... I will… E4…with a faint shaking voice…

Calydon: E5…

Calyden: My eyes are getting blurry…Hang in there.Calydon.Bc4...

Calydon: D6….Cough more blood

Calyden: Qf3…

Calydon with a gentle smile on his face. Takes his dad’s hand and keeps a knight(chess piece) and application form for the tournament. And says Nc6….

Calyden: Why? Do you want me to win…..Queen takes f7…check-mate.

Calydon: I guess, you wi’.

He slowly closes his eyes, with a smile on his face and his hands in Cayden's and in the ambulance.

Death is something we can’t escape”

Calyden takes that black knight piece and makes it a locket with a wire filled with black wooden ball bearings.

Now in the tournament

Calyden: Emerson you feel like my son, my son who died 40 years ago. And that’s why I'm not giving you an easy win. While Holding his locket

Boss: That’s a very beautiful move over there,

Emerson: You didn’t fall for it again.

Chad from the audience: what move is that? I can't see or hear…

What move did he play?

                                                                            To be continued...