Chapter 6:

Busted by own allies


Boss: “Here there were so many choices, But there was only one best move. And calyden finds that move.

Ghoss: Yes! And that move is bc5!

Boss: Now the audience might have a doubt about why not take the rook as it has more points than the bishop, then why not just exchange it? But if calyden becomes a bit greedy, That would have cost him the whole game.

Ghoss: as if bxf8 then black’s bishop takes bishop on f8 which attacks the queen and white has to move his queen so some space let’s suppose queen to c1, you people might this the knight on c3 is free but if the white’s queen takes the knight on c3 he bishop on f8 can slide over to b4 pinning the king and the queen which will lead to losing the most powerful piece in chess and life (*Winks*). So the queen to c1 and here it’s a pretty bad position.

Emerson: It’s the best move till now, attacking my queen. Let me attack the piece which is more valuable than the “KING”.

Boss: He plays rfe8, The rook on f to e8 square.CHECK!

Ghoss: Calyden moves his king to f1 square.

Ghoss: Now black might save his queen, after all, it's attacked.

Emerson plays a move that kept the whole stadium shaking.

Ghoss: My lord, We can’t predict this guy! He plays Be6 leaving his queen to die.

Calyden: I think age is catching me, My hands are shaking I can’t even hold a pen, and now I have to calculate all moves…but I don’t think my brain is working, I don’t think exchanging the bishops won't be a wrong move…It’s an equal exchange, right? But if I take the queen, I think it’s a trap.

Exchanges the bishop on e6

Emerson: You fell for the trap old man! Your end is coming soon.

It’s a blunder over there!

Boss: Guys! The move which Emerson played was a Brilliant move, Be6 is a brilliancy. He shouted in his mic

Evernue newspaper reporters in the audience: Write it down! He again got the headlines.

Audience few confused

“Whats a brilliance!? Brilliancy?... What's that?”

Ghoss: To the people who are new to chess, In chess, there are different kinds of moves in increasing order.

Brilliancy > best move >excellent move > good move> book move > inaccuracy > mistake > Blunder > Missed win .

And brilliancy is really rare!

But now in-game he calyden plays bishop to e6 trying to exchange the bishop.

Emerson gives a check on with his to B5.

Emerson: Hahaha! Get ready! Something really flashy is going to come now…Old man.

Boss: After! Many ages! We are going to see that mate again.

Ghoss: Is that going to that mate! Don’t tell me…we didn’t expect the Day1 of this even is going to be this exciting

Joey and sohel sitting in the audience, with a pocket chess board and calculating all possible moves

Joey: Wow! We are going to the beauty of chess now!

Sohel: Joey! Is this going to that mate !?....once calculate…

Joey: Yes! It’s going to be…

Sohel: It's going to be….

Sohel: Joey: boss: ghoss: THE SMOTHERED MATE.

Calyden: ohh! How did I miss this, and fall into that trap?

Boss: I think calyden found his mistake, Let's hope he doesn’t resign…and instead he let this one in a century mate happen on the board.

Joey: Smothered mate is a very beautiful mate in the history of chess, In a chess player’s carrier it's something they remember, But losing to smothered mate just drops a player’s morale down. So many resign before getting mated…

Calyden: Emerson, You will be my legacy. You will take the torch forward from here. I will give you the best memory of your life.

Emerson: Don’t resign…Please…

Calyden plays Kg1…

Joey: He didn’t resign!

Ghoss: That’s some sportsmanship by the old man.

Emerson plays Knight to e2+ check!

Calyden plays king to f1 back.

Emerson plays knight to g3 double-check with queen and knight.

Boss: If calyden wants to end it without being smothered, he can play king to e1, But the old man wants to start a new spirit in this young boy and he plays king to g1.

Emerson plays the queen to f1, This is just marvelous. the king can't take the queen but the rook on d1 can take it and with that move, Here is the cherry on the cake. Knight to e2 CHECK-MATE...First smothered mate in the last 40 years of this tournament.

40 years ago...While calyden and his son went to a chess match which his son Calydon didn’t want to go…(in the 9th year of this tournament )

Calyden: we are so lucky to see such a mate! We might have been blessed.

Calydon: Dad! What's that mate! Is chess really this interesting?

Calyden: Yes! Chess is interesting, After all, it's unsolved for 400 years.

Calydon: I want to play chess…Will you buy me a chess board?

Calyden: yeah let's play chess!

Calyden present.

It all took a round circle, And here is how it ends…Caïssa…Goddess of chess, It was a beautiful journey…Thank you”

Ghoss: As you can see the smothered mate is a mate, in which not the enemy but allies kill you. The king can't move anywhere, as f2,g2, and h2 square are occupied by white pawns and f1 and h3 are occupied by the two rooks. Being busted by own allies

Emerson shakes hands with calyden.

Arbiter: The result of the match is Emerson Halidiya wins and calyden loses...Emerson, you move forward, and Calyden better luck next time.

While Emerson wears his suit and shoes he heard a very faint voice from behind...It was the first time he heard his voice.

Calyden: “son—Take this locket, It's very precio’s for m’…I would like to give it to you.”

Emerson: He kept this and left, I didn’t get the chance to thank me also…But I really like this locket it's like a Black Knight with a wooden balls chain, This is my first gift. Hehehe let me wear it.

Evernue newspaper reporters: what! The locket which “the oldest player which he had it with him since 40 years he gave it to Emerson, It’s big news! We got 3 big news from this match and 1 from match 3 from round 3. LET'S BEGIN PRINTING AS THE DAY 1 ENDS!

Audience: Who is this new kid Emerson? That’s what the audience has in their mind.

Chad: Yes! You did it.

Joey: it’s a magnificent game.

Sohel: what a brilliant game.

Boss: I think we will take our leave as day 1 is done

Ghoss: This is FM ghoss

Boss: And his is Nm Boss…Signing off.

Ghoss: …………………………...Signing off.

Turned their mic off.

Boss: Such a great day! Let’s meet tomorrow ghoss.

Ghoss: Anyways, bye!

After the match, Emerson went out of the stadium with his bag, it was already night and he was told he got a private room and food in the dorm, as a participant in the tournament. Usually, He goes home to sleep. It's his first time staying out

Emerson looked at his phone, reading the details about the dorm.

“So I need to go to that building…It's pretty big”

A big building with 7 floors and clean windows. The glass is so clean the moon reflects on it. It’s like a building made of mirrors.

Emerson enters his room on the 4th floor and keeps his bag in the room and goes to the dining room for dinner. The dining hall is so big and vast, with different kinds of food items and disco lights. Songs playing with a D.J. boy playing songs. Emerson takes his food and sits on a beach with a pretty, tall white guy with white hair near the DJ guy.

Emerson: Huh! I'm full…I completed eating…

That tall guy: This song isn’t nice, Keep something lip Hip-hop...Melody is not my type, he said to the DJ guy.

Emerson: But this song is pretty good right.

Dj: these songs are auto-play I cant help.

The next song plays…

That tall guy: I love this song!

Emerson: I hate this song!

The next song plays…

That tall guy: I hate this song!

Emerson: I love this song!

That tall guy asks the Dj guy while reading the newspaper: Who is Emerson? He did smothered mate, That’s impressive.

And asks Emerson as there is no picture of him on the paper, he thinks Emerson is a random person.

That tall guy: Do you know him? He might be your class-mate

Emerson: Actually…. I’….

Emerson gets a call from his mom…

Mom: Did you eat? How did the match go? (pretending she didn’t know)

Emerson: Yeah, I ate…I'm going to my room to sleep. I have 2 matches tomorrow...If I'm lucky or else only 1.’kay bye…

Mom: Take care!

*White screen*

There is something even worse than losing,

It’s winning.