Chapter 1:

Chapter 1

Kaiju Boom!

How It Started

It was a summer day and the workers in the mine were terrified. They ran from it as a giant creature came from the mouth of the cave! Gochi-Ohko was the name of the giant beast! She was the daughter of the King of the Monsters, Gochi-Oh, and the Guardian Monster of the North Gôan-bú! Near the end of the mines was her home, a cavern with water that led out to the ocean. She roared as she stomped and rampaged about the mining zone, demolishing buildings, trucks, and cranes. She swung her tail along the ground, sending several miners flying through the air. She remained unopposed until a faint glimmer appeared in the distance. She turned and struck in the gut by what could only be described as a baton of some sort. The baton flipped backwards through the air before it revealed itself to a giant alien!

The alien outstretched his arms and legs as he then landed on the ground with a large crash causing the ground beneath and around him to shoot several feet into the air. As the dirt fell and cleared revealing the giants full form he got into a fighting pose. The Kaiju Queen growled as she got back onto her feet and stared down her opponent. She roared before charging him in a short and powerful sprint. He charged her in return and the two began to engage in combat. He struck her across the face with his fist before she followed up by slashing him across the chest. She quickly snapped her jaws to try and hit down on him, but she missed due to him leaning back. He then swung his leg and kicked her across the face as she went to attack once more. She growled before roaring and going to bite her again. He grabbed onto her head and mouth and did his best to hold her mouth away from his neck.

She then forced her mouth open and shot a massive fireball at the giant alien causing him to fly back into the mountainside of the valley containing the mine. He shook himself before he quickly took flight as the Kaiju Queen charged him. She came to a stop just before crashing into the mountain side. She spun around and began to look for her opponent. She turned her head only to be stuck across the face by a powerful kick knocking her over. The Ultimate Hero slid across the ground before he then turned to face his monstrous foe as she slowly picked herself off the ground.

The powerful hero charged the Kaiju Queen and swung his arm around to throw a punch only for her to knock his fist away with her head. She then slashed him across the face with her claws before grabbing onto his shoulders. She squeezed down on collarbone causing the giant hero to groan in pin as he then fell to his knees. He clenched his teeth and he grabbed onto her wrists and mustered all his strength to squeeze down on them. He slowly rose to his feet as she released her grasp. He pushed her backwards and went to attack, but was then sent flying through the air as she spun and slapped him with her tail. He crashed into a mountainside neck and shoulders first causing his head to make a loud ringing noise.

His vision went from blurry to focused as he shook himself off. He then turned and took flight as his opponent opened her mouth to release a violet heat ray. He flew in a circle rather close to the ground so he could pick up what he had in his sights. A large satellite dish. After grabbing the dish the turned and landed on one knee before he used the dish to shield himself from the heat ray. Once the heat ray dispersed he then accelerated towards his enemy before he turned and jumped, moving through the air in a horizontal poisons, where the then threw the satellite dish at the monster. The dish crashed into her chest which caused her a great deal of pain. She nearly fell backwards but then she spun and fell flat on her face.

The hero took her spinning motion into his mind and began to think why she would do that. It was then when he took notice of the large shell on her back. “That must be it!!!” He said to himself, “If the creature falls on its back, then it can’t get back up! It’s truly unique and intelligent! I’ve never seen anything like it!!!” He then took notice of her trying to stand back up, she’d scoot her knees closer to her chest as she inched her arms upwards while she moved her tail up and down. “Oh! It’s trying to stand up! Fascinating! Perhaps I should help!” He then rushed over to her and looked at where to grab onto. After a while he gave up and grabbed onto her tail and began to pull.

She hissed as she sharply spun and threw him to the ground. She roared rather annoyed as she then started to crawl towards him. He panicked and began to move himself backwards. She whacked him across the face with her tail in hopes that he’d stop moving, when that didn’t work she bit down onto his foot and yanked him towards her. She then roared as she lunged and pounced on top of him causing the hero to let out a loud gasp as he was suddenly winded. She used his body to push herself back onto her feet where she then stomped her foot on his chest. He growled as he grabbed onto her foot and tried to move it. He then became startled as she then leaned down and looked him in the eyes with a growl. As he looked back into her eyes, and, REALLY, looked into them, he then began to see what type of person this monster was. He then noticed beneath her prominent brows that she had eye lashes. “A girl!!! This monster’s a girl!!!” He said to himself, “Hmmm, she’s got rather nice eyes, I wonder what all she’s seen with them…”

She opened her mouth to fire her heat ray at his face to finish him off when he said, “Wait!” She then froze and slowly closed her mouth. “I wasn’t trying to attack you! I swear! I was pulling on your tail to help you get back onto your feet! The way you were trying to stand up was remarkable, and the way you spun around to avoid falling on your back was impressive! I’ve never seen such intelligence before!” She stood there, she didn’t mind the praise, but she was a bit annoyed that he was trying to save himself. “Such intelligence! Such power and raw strength! Not to mention I just noticed that you’re female!” Her eyes widened before she growled and opened her mouth to fire her heat ray again, “Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!!!! I wasn’t looking at any reproductive bits or anything!!! I saw from your eyes!! I saw your eyelashes!!!”

She then closed her mouth before he started talking again, “Wow, a big strong and intelligent woman who can actually understand me! I guess I’ve got no choice!” He let go of her foot before he clasped his hands together in a prayer position before he lowered his head and asked, “Would you please consider being my bride?!” She growled before snorting steam from her nose. She then turned and got off the giant hero and began to walk away. “So is that a-“ She then smacked him with the end of her tail before he could even finish. With a groan he slowly rolled onto his hands and knees before standing back up. Determined he then began to chase after her, “I mean, we don’t have to get married right away, I’m here on a mission, so it could be more like dating.” She then turned to him with a rather violent sounding growl.

She continued on her path before she came to the mouth of the cave. He then caught up with her as she then traveled through the cave. “Okay, maybe we need introductions! It’s nice to meet you! I’m Ultimate Man Space!!! I am the last of my kind and I’m part of an intelligence beauro that’s exactly one million miles away from this planet!! I got here using my interspace travel ship called the Super Jet!!!” She then began to pick up her pace as she traveled further into the cave. He then flew directly in front of her and landed with his hands held out, “Come on!! Lets just talk about this!!! I mean think of the-“ He then stopped stalking when he felt her press against his hands. He looked up to see her hands now pressing against the armor plating on her chest. She didn’t have breasts, but if she were human, then that’s where they would’ve been, which is exactly why the workers who slowly returned to the mine were a bit confused to see the mouth of the cave flash purple.

Burned to a crisp and now pitifully embarrassed, he just stood there and let her walk by. After a while he turned to watch her continue through the cave, however he could now hear something aside from her footsteps. Water. He then flew past her and further into the cave where he then saw a large pool of water. As he landed next to the water he noticed it seemed to have a tide that moved in and out, so the water here must’ve somehow been connected to the ocean. He rubbed his chin as he began to think, “It must connect to this planet’s ocean via an underground tunnel of some kind, almost like a special current. Is that how she gets food?” He then backed up a few feet before he sat down and crossed his legs as he began to examine it more. He shivered before rubbing his shoulders, “This place makes my skin crawl, I don’t think it’s cold, it could just be radiation or something else.”

He rested his hands behind his head as he went to lay back, “HEY WAIT!!!!” A woman’s voice came from beneath him,

“Hm???” He then sat up and looked around, “Am I…hearing things?”

“NO YOU’RE NOT, MR. SPACEMAN!!!!” The woman’s voice came again, “DOWN HERE!!!!” He turned to see a woman standing beside him. She glared up at him with her hands clenched into fists at her side. She had forest green shoulder length hair and rather bushy and unkempt eyebrows.

“Oh,” he then turned and got onto his hands and knees before he lowered himself down to get a better look at her, “Hey there, how’d you get here? Are you alright?”


“Your house?” He responded rather confused. She raised her right arm and pointed out in that direction. He turned to see a human home that was sitting on top of, and against, some large sturdy rocks. “Oh wow,” he then shrunk in size and lit up in a bright white light. The light the vanished and flew into some sort of capsule which then had a cap placed on top of it. The cap looked remarkably similar to a human spoon, in fact the whole capsule looked like a spoon! It had a thick jade body with a small red nub near where the top of the capsule and the spoon head met. The woman was then startled when she saw his human form….naked.

Despite being naked he was rather fit and had a pair of goggles on his forehead with a red leather frame and bright yellow convex oval-shaped lenses. He then dashed over to the house causing this woman to chase after him. “HEY WAIT!!! YOU AREN’T WEARING ANY CLOTHES!!!” She caught up to him when he came to the door and grabbed the doorknob, “HEY WAIT!!!” She placed her hand on top of his, causing the two to turn and look into each other's eyes. She swallowed heavily as she felt her face go red, which she quickly shook off as he turned and opened the door. As he walked inside she said, “YOU CAN'T JUST WALK IN HERE!!!! YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE PANTS ON!!!”

“What’re pants?” He asked as he looked around the living room. There was pictures hung on the walls, a television with a game console, a sofa and then a set of stairs and a kitchen. All this stuff and he had no idea what it was. He then noticed a framed photo on a coffee table which he walked over to and picked up. It was a black and white photo of two monsters, he thought, if the two of them fused then they’d look like the one he fought earlier. He then took notice of an egg between them with a few large cracks on it.

“HEY!!! LET GO!!!” She said as she yanked the photo from him and held it close to her chest,

“Ah! Sorry!!!” He said, “Um…do you own those two monsters? Oh! Follow up question! Do you own the one I was walking down with, and do you know when she’ll be down here? There’s a question I asked her and I’m dying to know the answer!”

“I don’t own them…”


“These monsters…” She said as she looked down the framed photo, “I don’t own them, but I know them…”

“That’s good! You must know the other one too! Now then, what’s the monster language for yes and no? I have to know what her answer is!”

“Are you serious…?”

“Hm? What do you mean?” He asked as he turned to face her backside,

“Are you serious…? About your question, that is…”

“Of course I’m serious! She’s big, strong, beautiful, and intelligent! Why wouldn’t I be serious about a question as big as that?!”

“I see…and do you promise to take care of her…?”

“I’ll do my best, however, I’m fairly certain she’s stronger than me so I think she can handle herself. However, I’m not sure about her strength,” he said as he rested his hands behind his head, “Our fight didn’t last very long, and I didn’t even get to go all out yet, I just know she’s crazy strong and that’s good enough for me.”

“Then…then…” She then turned to him with blush on her face and said, “Shs accepts!!!”

“Huh…?” He responded as he felt a question mark float away from his head,

“The monster you’re after, the one you chased into the cave, you’re looking at her!!! I’m the one you’re after!!!”

“….eh…?” He responded as he blinked in confusion. He then paused for a moment to look over the woman. He then looked into her eyes. Her big…round….mesmerizing…beautifully intelligent eyes. “W-Wait a sec…!!! It really is you?!?!?!! How?!?!?!!!”

“I can take a human form whenever I want thanks to my mom’s side of the family.” She said, “Now, tell me, were you really serious about me wanting to be your bride?”

“Yeah, of course! Why wouldn’t I be?”

“Well…I don’t know,” she said as she set the framed photo down on the coffee table. “To tell you the truth…” She took a deep breath before she called her fists and held her up to her chest as she said, “I really really REALLY love human stuff!!!”


“Like everything that has to do with humans! Their food, their culture, their vehicles, absolutely everything about them!!! I own a lot of human stuff in my room and so every now and then I go down to the city in my human form!!! The only thing I don’t have that’s human is-“ She then stopped and looked away a bit embarrassed, “I don’t have a boyfriend…no one ever really wants to go out with me because I scare them off, even in human form.”

“What scares them off?”

“Well…” She took a moment to then open her mouth and show him her teeth. Her teeth were all pointed. In manga and anime they’d be called Shark Teeth, HOWEVER!!!!! on television they are referred to as Scary Teeth!!! Due to the context of this story, they will be referred to as…KAIJU GIRL TEETH!!!!

“Squee…~!” He squealed internally, finding her teeth to be absolutely adorable. They gave her a unique charm that made him like her even more. “Your teeth, they’re very cute.”

“Huh…?” She responded as her face boiled red followed by steam blowing out her ears,

“They’re absolutely adorable!!!” He said as he went to grab onto her cheeks to get a better look at them. Within…whatever is shorter than an instant, she delivered a powerful Karate Knife Kick to his face as she screamed.


With a grunt he fell to the floor and groaned, “I told you…I don’t know what those are…”

“What?! You don’t?! What before?! Weren’t you in a costume or something?!”

“I wasn’t wearing anything before, that’s just my skin…”


“You could say that…”

“Ew…!!!” She then growled as she stormed past him and went over to a closet. “You can borrow something of mine for now…”

“Y-Yeah…sure,” he said as he slowly regained his vision and looked across the room at her. She was now upside down and digging through a dark void for some reason, but he couldn’t help but give a soft smile.

“By the way…” She spoke softly, “My name’s Goko. Messuhara Goko.”

“That’s a mouthful.”

“Yeah, well, it’s my human name. Until I give you permission to use my first name, you should really call me Messuhara from now on.”

“Messuhara…” he closed his eyes and hummed, “That sounds nice.”

“What about you…?” She asked, “What’s your name?”

“Ah,” he then sprung to his feet before striking one hero pose after another as he said, “I am Ultimate Man Space!!! I am from the Planet Hoshi-M3.54!!! I am part of the elite scientific team known as the Galactic Intelligence Beauro or simply GIB!!! Our mission is to-“ She then snickered, “What’s so funny?”

“GIB,” she said as she began to chuckle, “As in GIB me yor phon!!! Like you’re talking with someone’s phone in your mouth!!” Her snickers then turned to giggling and then her giggles turned to laughter,

“H-Hey! Don’t mock the GIB!!!” He scolded, only making her laugh harder, “We at the GIB take science and exploration seriously! We travel across the Galaxy to discover and study new life forms! It’s no laughing matter!”

“Okay okay!! I’m sorry!!” She said as she then pulled something from her closet, “Well, it’s not much, but you can wear this robe for now. I’m sure we can get you some other clothes later.” She helped him off the ground and into the robe. She stood in front of him as she began to belt for the robe together at the front. He really liked wearing the robe. It was soft and extremely fluffy, plus it smelled just like her! “Alright, all done.” She said before she lifted her head and looked him in the eyes, “Say, you don’t have a human name, do you?”

“Why would I have a human name?”

“It’ll help you fit in better,” she replied, “It will also help you get a job and an apartment.” She smiled at him as she said, “Don’t worry, I’ll help you figure it out.”

How It’s Going

A few weeks had passed since that day. Our hero stepped into the command center of his new job! It was the Super Special Scientific Japanese Self Defense Patrol! Or SSSJPDS!!! The application to acceptance process was something that took months, if not, years!!! Yet somehow our hero applied, took the tests, follow up tests, back up tests, and back up follow up tests and passed them all perfectly! The uniform for the organization was usually that of red button up shirt, gold tie, and orange blazer with black colored pants and black leather boots. HOWEVER!!!! Since our hero was to be their next fighter pilot he was allowed to wear whatever he liked, which was an outfit he and Goko picked out!

The first was a flight jacket! A perfect replica of the one worn by the main character in Goko’s favorite movie! A movie about fighter pilots which was groundbreaking for its visuals!!! That’s right!!! He was wearing a perfect replica of the jacket worn by Chevron from the movie Bottom Sword!!!! He wore a light gray shirt and the same black pants given to all the usual members!!!! And finally, the thing he was proud of!! He wore his human name with great pride and dignity, he greeted his fellow comrades by saying, “It’s nice to meet you!!! My name is Fumaraya Bintaro!!! I can’t wait to work with you all!!!” He then bowed as Goko then showed him. The room was silent.

“Uh…who’s this…?” A voice asked,

“Must be the rookie…”

“Ah! Sorry about them!” A woman’s voice came before he then saw the toes of her boots. “O-Oh, you can’t stand up now.”

“Yes, ma’am!!!” He said as he then straightened himself out. He then looked down to see a rather beautiful woman. She had bright red hair which was tied into a long ponytail on the back of her head. She had warm brown eyes and small freckles hidden near the pinch of her eye at her temples. She wore the regular uniform! She held out her hand to him and said,

“It’s nice to meet you! I’m Haysaegata Shinko!”

“Ah! It’s nice to meet you Haysaegata-San!!!” He said as he then shook her hand,

“You’re the new fighter pilot, right? I think you’re with me, I’m a fighter pilot as well! Have you ever flown a jet before?”

“Yes, I have my own Super Jet!”

“Wow, that sounds cool.” She replied, “Anyways, there’s a bit of a meeting today about an event three weeks ago. We want to investigate.”

“I’d love to help.” He replied as he followed Shinko over to a table where other members of the team sat.

“Alright,” the commander said as he pulled up an image on the screen at the front of the room. “Three weeks ago Gochi-Ohko resurfaced again near a new developing mine out in Okutama. It’s the first time that he-“

“She.” Bintaro then blurted out,

“Excuse me?” The commander asked as he turned to him. Suddenly all eyes shifted to our hero. He then responded with,

“Gochi-Ohko is female.” He then cleared his throat before saying, “It’s hard to tell, but beneath her brow are eyelashes.”

“Right…” he then cleared his throat before turning back to the screen. “SHE resurfaced about three weeks ago. We don’t know why but-“

“The miners nearly caused the cave to collapse, they got a little close to her home.”

He sighed as he rubbed his eyebrows before turning back to Bintaro, “Would you like to share something?”

“I uh-“ he then paused before saying, “No.”

“Thanks,” he then pulled up an image of Bintaro in his true form, ULTIMATE MAN SPACE!!! A MEMBER OF THE GALACTIC INTELLI- “What really caught our attention was the appearance of this other creature. This alien.” He then gave a long and heavy groan filled sigh before he turned back to Bintaro and asked, “Got some strange unknown fact about this one, rookie?”

“Not really,” he said remembering how Goko said it would be wise not to reveal himself to humans, “I just know that he calls himself Ultimate Man Space.”

“Ultimate Man Space?”


“That’s too long, we’re just going to call him Ultiman.”


“Now then, Ultiman then fought Gochi-Ohko for a short while. However, I wonder if there would be some way to communicate with him, not only that, but study him. If he’s here to fight the monsters in this world, then chances are he’s an ally. If we can somehow reach him, or find some way to communicate, we might be able to be rid of Gochi-Ohio for good.”

“Hm…?” Binatro responded a bit confused, “By be rid of her, do you mean-?”

“We must destroy and kill her. She’s been a menace to Japan for several years.”

“But…as a Science based organization, wouldn’t we want to study her? I’m sure she’s not so bad if we just knew more about her.”

“Even if we were to study her,” another member chimed in, “We’d still have to find some way to kill her, even if she truly doesn’t mean us harm. However, it’s very likely she intends to wipe us out. The thousands of dead people that there have been can’t be ignored.”

“I see…” Bintaro said as he lowered his head and thoughts ran through his mind. They ran through his mind for hours and well until the work day was over. As the sun began to move to a setting position he met up with Goko near a hobby shop.

“Hi!” She said with a smile as she raced over to him and grabbed onto his hands, “How was your first day of work?!”

“Oh, uh, it was fine.” He responded doing his best to bury the thoughts he was having, “How was yours?”

“It was just fine! I never once considered applying to work construction and mining jobs near where I live, usually a lot of the work I did was online, but getting outside and helping build and dig for things was a nice breath of fresh air!”

“I’m glad you liked it, really, I am.” He said as he presented her with a smile,

“So, are you hungry? I’m starving! Want to get something to eat?”

“Oh, uh…I’m not super hungry, they fed us at work and all. If you’re hungry, then we can go somewhere, I probably won’t eat though.”

“Hm?” She responded with visible confusion. You could tell because of the question mark that shot out of her head. He wasn’t hungry? Since she introduced him to Japanese food he couldn’t get enough of it. Now he’s NOT hungry??? Something was wrong, and she knew it. What happened at work? “Yeah, that’s fine, besides, I can just get something at home, I don’t have a whole bunch of leftover money anyways.”

“That’s fine, I’ll walk you home.”

“Okay,” she said as she turned and walked with him down the sidewalk. “Um…do you wanna hold hands?”

“Hm? Yeah, sure.” He said as he opened his palm. Now she KNEW something was wrong. No over the top reaction?! No gushing about how cute she was?! Was this even the same guy who asked her out three weeks earlier?!

“Okay,” she then interlocked her fingers with his before she began thinking. She then got a brilliant idea! You could tell because her two cowlicks wiggled back and forth moving past one another before resetting. “Hey, you talk about your Super Jet all the time, so I wanted to ask you something!”

“What is it?”

“Well, I already shared one of my favorite movies with you, so I like stuff like that! I guess…well, I’ve always wondered what it would be like to fly! You should take me for a ride in it some time!”

“Yeah, we can do that.” He said with a soft smile,

“Can we do it tonight?! I’d really like to see what kind of pilot you are!!!”

“Yeah, sure.” He responded, “However…it’s only really got one full seat.”

“That’s fine, I’ll just sit on your lap.”

“IMPOSSIBLE!!!!” He said to himself, “WE’VE ONLY BEEN TOGETHER THREE WEEKS AND SHE WANTS TO SIT ON MY LAP?!?!!!!!! MESSUHARA-SAN REALLY IS SOMETHING ELSE!!!!” Steam puffed out his nose before saying, “Yeah, that’s fine with me.”

“Awesome!!!” She said ecstatically,

“So why didn’t you have much leftover money today?”

“Oh! Well, I mostly went shopping for some new bras,”

Lighting struck in the blank void of Bintaro’s mind as his eyes became a blank slate, “B-Bras…?!?!?!!!!”

“A lot of the bands on the ones I already owned kept breaking, so when I got to the store I redid my measurements. Turns out, I’ve actually done some growing!”

Second lighting strike, “G-Growing…?!?!?!?!!!!”

“I guess it explains why they’ve felt kinda tight, I’ve now gone from a F to a G!”

Lightning storm, “G?!?!???!!?!!!!!!”

“However, I’m fairly certain I’m done growing now. Mostly because my bras have been kinda tight for years, but it hasn't been so tight that it’s uncomfortable. So maybe I’ve been grown this whole time and didn’t even know it! I’m glad I finally was able to find the perfect fit!!!” She said as she pumped her fist and her eyes dazzled. Her determination snapped when she then remembered, “Oh! By the way! There’s something I wanted to give you!” She turned and reached into her back pocket before pulling something out. She stepped in front of him and held it behind her back and said, “Okay! Close your eyes and hold out your hands!”

“Hm? My eyes?” He blinked in confusion before saying, “Alright! Yes, ma’am!” He then slammed his eyes shut and held out his hands as she told him. She then placed something in his hands and his fingers ran over it. He was thin and rectangular and very smooth. He assumed it was a box and inside was some sort of prize! However…he didn’t know what prize he had earned???

“Okay! Open your eyes now!”

“Alright!!!” He then opened his eyes to see a black rectangle sitting in the palm of his hands,

“Tada! What do you think?!”

“It’s nice! Uh…” he grabbed onto it and began to examine it, “What is it?” He asked as he then became confused by the metal rose colored back of the rectangle.

“It’s my old smartphone!” She said, “I’ve been needing to upgrade mine for a while, and since we started going out I decided to do that! So I placed an online order to upgrade it and once my new phone came in, I decided I should give you my old one!”

“Squee…she’s so kind…~!” He then cleared his throat before saying, “That’s really nice of you, I don’t know what a smartphone is, but I’ll cherish it always!”

“It makes it so that we can talk to each other whenever we want! You don’t have to come all the way from your apartment and down into my cave just to talk to me!”

“Ah! So it’s a communications device! The GIB has a few of those.”

She slapped her hand over his mouth as she snickered and said, “Heh, GIB!”

“M-Messuhara-San, I’ve already told you, the GIB is NO laughing matter!!! We give peace and balance to the entire Galaxy!!!”

“Okay, fine fine,” she said before she gave a dull giggle as she said, “I’ll GIB uwu a bwake.”

“Thank you, that’s-“ He then scoffed as she began to giggle to herself, “H-Hey!!! You did it again, didn’t you?!?!?!!”

“I did! I did!!! I’m sorry!!!” She said as she continued to laugh, “You just look so serious, and then you get super cute when you get flustered and start to panic.”

“I-“ he then paused, “M-Messuhara-San thinks I’m….cute?”

“Anyways, come on, let's get to your Super Jet.” She said after she finally calmed down. The two took each other’s hands before they made their way through the city and eventually to the wooded hills near the mines. He had landed and hid the Super Jet there when he arrived on Earth just before meeting Goko. Coming back here felt awfully nostalgic because of that. Once they came to the area where it was hidden he held out his hand causing the cloaking to vanish, and the Super Jet was revealed.

“Woah…” Goko said, taken back as she walked over to it. She liked the deep ruby color and the overall shape of it, “It’s like if you combined a F-117 and a B-2…” she ran her hand along it and gave a geeky grin, “It’s so smooth…it feels like I’m touching water.”

“Come on,” He said as he placed his hand and foot on the side of the jet causing it to warp and cut out a shape for his hand and foot. He reached down to her and said, “Let's go!” She took his hand as she helped him up to the top of the Jet where he opened the hatch where he then sat down. He helped her into the cockpit and eventually between his legs before the hatch then closed. She looked around at the inside, there were no control sticks similar to a Jet from Earth. However on the dashboard was a black screen and above it was a thin piece of what she assumed was glass.The cockpit was rather snug, and at her sides were two convex arm rests which seemed to help make the shape of the pit. “Alright,” he then moved the goggles from his forehead onto his eyes before he then pressed the side of them. The Jet then began to start up.

He placed his hands on the arm rests which then had a few blue dots light up in reaction to his hands. The screen on the dashboard lit up and showed a 3D model of the Jet. It worked in a similar fashion to a parallax barrier seen on many handheld devices and even a few TV screens. The clear piece above it then turned on and began to show altitude as the Jet lifted itself off the ground. Goko looked around in awe as she saw the forest around them begin to sink. The Super Jet seemed intangible to the forest around it as it moved through the trees. Once the treetops were beneath them he then asked her, “Are you ready?”

“Yeah!” She responded with a nod,

“Alright, hang on.” He then flexed his fingers and pulled them back causing the Super Jet to fly off. Goko gave a soft scream as she was then forced back into Bintaro’s body suddenly. Once the Jet picked up speed she was eventually able to relax.

“Wow! This is super cool!!!” She said as she began to look around at the clouds and other parts of the sky in awe. “How fast can this go?”

“Right now we’re moving at about Mach 10, it can range from anywhere between Mach 10 and immeasurable amounts of speed. If it wasn’t just a machine then speed would be utterly irrelevant.”


“Mhmm,” he said with a nod,

“What about you?”

“What do you mean?”

“How fast can you fly?”

“Mach 9 is the fastest I can go when flying, but my slowest speed is about Mach 5.”

“That’s super cool!!!” She said before moving on to another question, “When we met, and fist attacked me, did you throw something at me?”

“No, I crashed into you.”

“Ah, like head first?”

“No, with my arms held out.” He responded, “Once I hit you, I bounced off of you.”

“Ah, so how did you have your hands held out? Like this?” She asked as she held out her arms and balled her fists,

“Hm? No, no, like this.” He put the Super Jet in an autopilot mode before he then raised his hands and placed them next to Goko’s. “So I angle my hands to the side, and have my thumbs slightly bend.” He moved his hands before he turned them towards each other, “Then I touch my thumbs and middle and index fingers together.”

“Ah, I see.” She replied as he moved his hands together, “The shape between your hands looks like a peach!”

“A what?”

She giggled before saying, “It’s a fruit, I’ll have to show you some time.” She then lifted her hands again and made the same shape as him. She placed her hands on top of his as she gave a rather content smile with a soft loving gaze. “You know, if you move your hands downwards,” she said as she then swiveld her wrists moving her hands down, “It makes a heart.”

“Hm,” he then did as she did before saying, “Yeah, I guess it does.”

“Your hands are so big compared to mine.” She said as she then held her hands against his, “I look like I have the hands of a child.”

“Is that bad?”

“No, it’s not.”

“Well good.” She then gently grabbed onto his wrists before she pulled his arms down and wrapped them around her body. She then rested her arms on top of his and leaned back. He swallowed rather nervously as his face began to turn a certain shade of red. “She’s really close to me…she’s very soft and she smells amazing, like she always does…however, I don’t think she’s ever been this close to me, even when we hug…”

“So…do you want to tell me what’s bothering you at work?”

“Nothing is bothering me.” He responded,

“Something happened,” she replied, “I know we haven’t been dating long, but I can tell something is up. It’s why I suggested we go for a fly in your Super Jet, that way we can have a safe space to talk. I want to be the type of girlfriend that you can go to and rely on when you have a bad day.”


“However, if you don’t want to talk, then that’s fine…I just don’t want you to feel bad because of one bad day of work.”

“I see…” He said with a sigh. After a long silence he then said, “Maybe I should quit my job…”

“Why? What’s wrong with it? You seemed into it when I showed you their site.”

“Yeah…it’s just that, they’re trying to find and study you.”

“That doesn’t sound too bad.”

“It’s not…but they want to kill you,” he spoke softly. Her eyes slowly became a bit saddened as she continued to listen to him, “Not only that, but they think they can use me to kill you for them. I just don’t know if I want to work with people who want to kill someone I care about. Especially people who want me to be the one who kills you.”

“I see,” she responded, “Well, don’t worry about it. People have been trying to kill me since the day I was born, they even tried to kill my dad too. However, they’re not the reason why my dad died, and even so they don’t have any weapons that can actually hurt me. So don’t worry about it, there’s nothing they can do to kill me. Especially considering who my mom is, and she’s immortal. I’m going to be just fine.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah! I’m sure!”

“Good,” he then paused before saying, “Can I ask you something?”

“What is it?”

“Well…they mentioned you killed thousands of people…is that true?”

“I-“ after a brief pause she continued, “Not on purpose. Whenever I’m around the city or a place with people I do my best to be careful of them, however, people do die…it’s not something I can avoid being as big as I am. However…because of it I’m not able to sleep well. I occasionally have night terrors where I people screaming as they run away from me or as they’re burning or being crushed to death. So when people die, it’s an accident.”

“I see,” he then gave her a gentle squeeze from behind as he then rested his chin atop her head, “Well, I totally understand, it’s part of life, and people die all the time. There was this one time, I was on a mission when-“ He then paused as the 3D model of the Jet then changed to a radar and began to pick something up. “Hm?” He then looked around only for his vision to be cut off as they flew through some clouds. The radar then began to stop making its pinging noises a few moments after they moved through the clouds.

“What was that?”

“I don’t know,” he said as he unwrapped his arms from her body as he began to move them about the cockpit. His systems definitely picked something up, he just didn’t know why it stopped. “That’s strange…”

“Yeah…” She responded,

“So, I was curious about something.”

“What is it?”

“How much do you weigh?”

Annoyed, she growled as she turned to him and said, “H-Hey!!! I don’t know what planet you come from, but here it’s rude to ask a woman that!!!”

“Hm? No, I’m not asking to make fun of you, I was wondering so that, if you want, I might be able to carry you some time and fly that way.”

She blushed heavily as she said, “C-Carry me?!?!?!!!”

“Yeah, if you want to.”

“I-“ she then turned and hung her head, “I-If you must know, I-I weigh, 91,200 tons when I’m not in my human form…”

“Hmmm,” he paused to think for a second before saying, “It just might be possible. I’d be really pushing myself, but I think I can make it work.”

“Y-You mean it…?” She asked as she looked over her shoulder,


“Okay…I’d love that, sometime, just not right now…” She said as he hung her head again, l”How much do you weigh?”

“That’s easy, 66,000 tons.”

“What?! You’re so light!!!”

“Yeah, I guess so.” He said with a chuckle as they came though the clouds. He sighed as he said, “Anyways, thanks for this, Messuhara-San. I feel a lot better.”

“Yeah, well…you’re welcome, don’t mention it.”

“Of course,” he replied. As he went to speak again two fins seemed to poke from the clouds beneath them before a large bird then flew over the top of them. Binatro saw it and his jaw dropped as he was in utter shock. He then turned as it flew beside them and blinked it’s ginormous eye, “Wh-What the hell is that?!?!!!?!!!!” Goko only responded by growling. The large bird then gave a loud roar as it then rolled and wanted to attack the Super Jet. Bintaro quickly dragged his fingers back across the surface of the convex arm rests causing the Jet to brake and fly over the head of the large creature. The giant bird then turned, giving the couple a full view of it.

The bird had a large pointed beak with a hook on the end of it. The nostrils on the beak were large and flared as its round yellow eyes glared at the Jet. It had a large flame-shaped crest and two back facing horns that it sat between. It’s numerous tails were long and resembled that of a Phoenix despite being made of bone. The rest of its body seemed to resemble that of a Pteranodon, with its wings looking almost Bat-like and covered in feathers. It’s feathers went from a dark brown color at the roots, to a lighter brown color before ultimately becoming a flaming red-orange color. As it flew towards the Jet, Bintaro gave the Jet a short burst of acceleration before he performed a drift, with the nose of the Jet pointing down and the rear end moving through the air showing the bird its underside. He then began to fly as fast as he could to get away from the giant bird, unknowing of its talons slowly opening to grab onto the Jet.

He looked over his shoulders before he said, “I’m going to put this on autopilot to get you back to the forest.”

“Huh?! What’re you gonna do?!”

“I’m going to buy you some time.” He said as he put the Jet into auto pilot before he wiggled away from her. He then stood up and opened the hatch enough so he could get out. After closing the hatch he walked along the top of the Jet before he reached the back and placed his hand into the inside pocket of his jacket. He pulled out his transformation device (which Goko dubbed the “Spoon Flasher”) and removed the spoon head from the top of the device. A crystal was revealed which shined a bright and powerful light. He moved the device across his chest before he swung it into the air in a diagonal position and pressed the red nub.

The light from the device warped and became almost like a liquid where it then swallowed him. He lunged from the back of the Jet and collided with the massive beast as the light surrounding his body began to fade. REJOICE!!!! USING HIS SPOON FLASHER FUMARAYA BINTARO TRANSFORMS!!! THE ULTIMATE HERO KNOWN AS ULTIMATE MAN SPACE HAS ARRIVED!!!! Bintaro and the large monster flew through the air at top speeds engaging in combat with each other. Their collisions would cause the small clouds around them to disperse and the larger ones would change color. The giant monster then closed the distance between the two of them and latched onto Bintaro’s chest as the dark clouds around them shot a bolt of lightning. Bintaro spun them and struck the giant animal with his fist causing another bolt of lightning to go off.

As the Jet landed safely Goko immediately jumped out and began to run around the wooded area. She looked around the sky hoping she could see the two of them overhead but the storm clouds were too thick. However, up above Bintaro went to attack the large bird when it grabbed onto his arms with its talons. It pulled his arms in opposite directions before firing a yellow-spiral-heat beam from its mouth, sending Bintaro crashing to the ground below. He landed on the ground with a massive explosion of light, dirt, soil and grass. Goko crossed her arms and closed her eyes as the dust blew past her and into the surrounding valley. As the dust settled the large bird then landed on the ground with a loud crash. It turned to where Bintaro had fallen to see him lying in a huge crater in his vulnerable human form.

The bird went to eat him when Goko quickly rushed to Bintaro’s side and began to shake him. “Hey! Hey!! Get up!!!” The bird then gawked the moment it saw Goko, and as a result it turned to an orange ball of light which then began to shrink. Bintaro slowly opened his eyes causing Goko to then collapse on him and hold him tightly, “Thank God!!!”

“Messuhara-San…” he responded as he went to sit up, he gave a soft groan as he clenched onto his chest. “Ack! My heart!!”

“What?! Your heart?!”

“Yeah…” He said as she then slowly helped him up, “The blue orb on the center of my chest, it’s my heart, the giant creature must’ve attacked it which is why I’ve now gone back to this state….”

“Are you okay?”

“I’m fine…” he said, “However…it is the most vulnerable part of my body, it could cause me serious damage if it were to be attacked again….if it gets cracked or broken I could die…”


“Hey!!! Goko-chi!!!” A flame haired woman cried as she ran from the orange light the bird had turned into. Goko then froze before she then slowly turned to the woman running towards them. “I’m so glad you’re alright!!! I was worried that-“ She was then cut off as Goko delivered a powerful blow to her face. The woman fell onto her back before she looked up at Goko while rubbing the large bump on her face, “H-Hey, what was that for….?”

“You heartless person.” Goko said in a cold dead voice, “You could’ve killed him.”

To Be Continued….

Caprio Suji