Chapter 2:

Chapter 2

Kaiju Boom!

How It Started

Bintaro slowly woke up in his apartment. He yawned and stretched himself out before he rolled onto his side. He inhaled sharply to see that woman from the other day laying in bed beside him. What was her name again?! It didn’t matter, she seemed to be asleep so he did his best to get up and move around her so he didn’t-

“Don’t go…” She said as she then grabbed his arm


Bintaro inhaled sharply as he went to pull away from her. She opened her eyes and then rolled over and sat on top of him. She looked into his eyes and gave him a smile, “Good morning.”

“G-Good morning…!” He responded,

“Sleep well?”

“Y-Yeah, I did! Did you?”

“I slept like a baby,” she said before she leaned down and whispered in his ear, “Say, how far have you gone?”

“Uh…” he paused as he then began to calculate the numbers in his head. GIB headquarters was in the direct center of the Galaxy, Earth was on the very edge of the Galaxy. NOT TO MENTION! The planet he was born on was a million miles away from Earth, so if he added the distance of his home planet, to the center of the Galaxy, then to the multiple places across the Galaxy, and eventually here to Earth WHILE ALSO ADDING his hikes to Goko’s place and-

“That must not be very far.”

That interrupting bitch…

“No, it’s far,” he responded, “Quite far actually.”

“Wh-What?!” She responded as she sat up,

“Yeah! All over the place.”

“ALL OVER THE PLACE?!?!?!!!!” She screamed in the back of her mind. After clearing her throat she then said, “What about with Goko? How far have you gone with her? Have you two even kissed yet?”

“What’s a kiss…?”

“Brilliant! When I asked him about how far he’d gone he must’ve thought about distance! There’s still time!!!” She grinned before saying, “If you want, I can show you.” She then began to lower herself closer to his face. She tucked some of her hair behind her ear before their lips became inches apart. The inches became centimeters, and the centimeters became millimeters, and eventually whatever is smaller than those and then- “I-I CANT DO IT!!!!” She screamed as she turned and fell face first on the bed, “I’M SORRY!!! I’M SAVING MYSELF FOR SOMEONE!!!”

That coward

“What do you mean?” Bintaro asked as he sat up,

“NO!!! I MUST DO THIS!!!” She then turned and grabbed his shoulders before she pinned him against the wall that his bed rested beside, “I CANT LET HIM HAVE HER!!!” She then slammed her eyes shut and went to kiss him before he then quickly shot up his hand causing her to kiss his fingertips.


“Sorry, I’m gonna be late for work!” He said as he then sprung out of bed and went over to his dresser. She turned and shot him a glare. “By the way, I saw you the other day, and Messuhara-San seemed rather upset with you. However, I didn’t get your name. What is it?”

“I’m Phoebe. Phoebe Litner.”

Yes! Phoebe Litner!!! The giant bird creature that chased him around before nearly eating him!!! To the humans she’s known as the Ptlitranodon the fearsome daughter of the great Phoenix and Pteranodon hybrid known as, Ptradon, and the great Vermillion bird Zhuque!!! She’s also Goko’s lesbian BISEXUAL frien….emy????? BACK TO THE STORY!!!!

“Nice to meet you, Phoebe-San, I’m-“

“Tch! I know damn well who you are!!!” She said rather ferociously

“Oh, okay.” He said as he then began to change his clothes. Phoebe growled as she turned away from him to give him privacy. “Anyways,” he said as he pulled on his jacket, “I really need to get going.” He then came to the small table beside his bed and grabbed his transformation device as well as his phone! “You’re welcome to stay here, if you’re a friend of Messuhara-San’s then you’re a friend of mine too, however I don’t have a ton of food.” He then waved as he left his bedroom, “See ya!”

Lake Saiko

Bintaro was then greeted by Shinko as he arrived on the scene. “Hey!” She said with a wave causing him to walk over to her, “You made it just in time!”

“Of course I did! I’m never late for work!”

“That’s good!”

“So what’s going on that we have to be at the Lake for?”

“Well…I’ll show you,” she then brought him over to a canopy that had been set up with a few tables and computers. “It’s rather strange, but it’s sorta like when Ultimate Man Space appeared! However, it's a bit different.”

“How so?”

“Here,” she showed him an image on a screen of a blue blurred object. The image changed showing the object crashing into the lake. “These were from last night, since then we’ve been asked to investigate.”

“I see. Then let’s do our best.” He said before a tune began to play from his pocket. It was filled with horns, percussion, and string instruments. It gave the feeling of either impending doom or if the military was going off to attack something. However, it’s just a song that reminded Bintaro of Goko somehow. He took his phone out of his pocket to see that Goko was calling him! He could easily tell it was her because the icon he saved for her ID was a picture of her two cowlicks! He then answered the phone and held it to his ear, “Ah, Messuhara-San! What’s up?!”

“Nothing much!” She responded as he then turned and walked away from the canopy. “I just wanted to see how you were doing! How’s your heart?”

“My heart is fine,” he said as he turned and looked out to the lake, “The attack wasn’t all that bad, so I’m doing alright. Nothing a good night's sleep couldn’t fix!”

“I’m glad,” she then growled, “Ugh! That Phoebe! I can’t believe she’d do this! She’s always been so…ugh, I don’t know how to describe it.”

“What is it?”

“Well, ever since we were young we’ve been kind of close. One day she confessed to being in love with me, and she asked me out. However, I just didn’t see her as anything more than a friend so I rejected her. Yet she won’t stop annoying me with her feelings, and now she’s attacked you! I didn’t know she was a jealous type…”

“I’m sure everything will be okay, if you talk to her I’m sure she’ll understand.”

“I hope so…”

“There’s nothing to worry about.” He then paused before he saying, “By the way, what’s a ki-“

“Ah! Sorry! My break is almost over! I’ll give you another call when I get off work!”

“Oh, yeah! Of course! I don’t want to keep you from working! Have a good day!”

“You too! Bye!”

“Yeah, bye.” He then hung up the phone before he looked down at her icon on the screen. “Squee….! She’s still so cute…!” He then put his phone in his pocket as the center of the lake then erupted. Bintaro looked at the pillar of water with a heavy glare. “Even now…you still follow me around, you’re just as persistent as ever,” The pillar then cleared to reveal a giant monster. It had several large spikes running down its back stemming from its two brows, much similar to that of a Horny Toad. Down the center of its head a singular row of black dorsal quills. The main color of its body was a light brown and it had large round eyes and a short rounded black snout. “Bermuda.” The monster roared as Bemular then turned and ran into the wooded area near the lake.

He pulled out the Spoon Flasher and removed the spoon head from the top of the device. The crystal was revealed which shined a bright and powerful light. He moved the device across his chest before he swung it into the air in a diagonal position and pressed the red nub. The light from the device warped and became almost like a liquid where it then swallowed him.


The monster looked to the sky as a red light fell from the sky and crashed onto the ground near the lake. A large cloud of dust and soil shot several meters into the air. Shinko, with the rest of the SSSJPDS team, ran out from under the canopy to see the giant dust cloud. Shinko’s eyes widened in awe, “Ultimate Man Space…he’s here!” She turned to some of the team members and said, “We need to get readings on both of them! Don’t just stand around!”

“Y-Yes ma’am!!!” The love stricken members responded with a salute before going back to their stations. Shinko was the only woman in the organization, not to mention she was extremely beautiful! As such a majority of the members of the SSSJPDS were head over heels in love with her…but Shinko couldn’t seem to catch on to that.

Bintaro slowly rose to his feet as the dust cloud then cleared. He stared Bermuda down before he then got into a fighting pose and charged. He leapt through the air and over into the lake where the giant monster was. Bermuda roared as he then went to bite Bintaro on the shoulder. Bintaro gave a shallow jump before he kicked the monster in the chest. Using Bermuda’s chest as a launch pad Bintaro rotated horizontally as he flew backwards and into the bank. Bermuda roared before his eyes turned blood red followed by firing two beams of plasma from them. Bintaro flew backwards to avoid the beams before he took off into the air.

He landed directly in front of Bermuda again where he delivered a diagonal chop across the left side of Bermuda’s chest. Bermuda went to deliver a powerful punch only to have Bintaro block it with his palm, before rotating and striking the monster on the side of the neck with his fist. Bintaro turned again and struck the monster’s side with his elbow before rotating once again to backhand the monster into the lake. Bermuda quickly stood and turned to strike Bintaro in the side with his head! Bintaro quickly leapt over the monster's head before it fired a ball of plasma from its eyes. Being barely able to avoid, Bintaro performed a backflip before he bounced off the bank of the lake and rotated through the air in a somersault. He then unfolded his leg and struck Bermuda on the top of the head with his heel.

The monster gave a pain-filled cry as it fell face first into the lake. Bermuda swam along the bottom of the lake before it was able to get distance between himself and Bintaro. It rose from the lake once again and gave a loud roar as it then spewed a swirled stream of salt from its nostrils. Ducking beneath the streams of salt, Binataro charged the large lizard before he stood up and shoved his fingers in its nostrils. The lizard gave a dull growl as it went to pull away from Bintaro. “Honestly, I’m sick of you.” Bintaro said as he removed his fingers from the monster’s nostrils, “Boop.” He then flicked the tip of Bermuda’s nose, sending the monster flying over the surface of the lake before crashing into the lake’s center. As Bintaro placed his hands on his hips he said, “Lets stop this, I’ve got important work to do and you arriving here made things worse.”

Bermuda emerged from the lake before growling and walking over to the bank. He turned bright blue before he then shrank revealing his human-like form. The blow glow transferred to a thick orange handle which he then cut off by placing on the cap! The cap resembled that of a fork!!! With Bermuda’s human form, his bangs were quite long casting a shadow over his eyes with the rest of his hair being put into spikes looking similar to his head in Kaiju form. He wore a Marine Iguana and Horny Toad skin motorcycle jacket with a black t-shirt, black jeans, and gray shoes. He turned to Bintaro who had landed just beside him in a ball of light before returning to his human form. “Ah! There you are Big Brother!!!”

“Enough of this Big Brother crap!” Bintaro said stopping Bermuda dead in his tracks by pressing his finger against the tip of his nose, “Why did you follow me here?! I’m on a select mission from GIB and I don’t need you ruining it!”

“I just wanted to help you out! What’s wrong with that???”

“You! You’re what’s wrong with it!”

“Oh, come on now Big Brother, why are you so harsh?!”

“Enough of the Big Brother nonsense! We’re not even related!”

“Not that you know of!”

He scoffed, “I’m pretty dang sure!!!”

“Oh really, how so? Maybe we-“

“Hang on,” Bintaro responded as Goko’s ringtone went off again. He held the phone to his ear and answered, “Hello!”

“Hey! We just heard there was a monster over at the lake! Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine,” he responded before he shot Bermuda a glare, “It was less of a monster and more of a pest problem.”

“Ah! I see, well I’m glad you’re okay! Anyways, after work, let’s go to NAMJATOWN! I’ve been craving their food for a long time now!”

“NAMJATOWN???” He responded, “I don’t think I’ve been there before.”

“I KNOOOOOWWWW….!!!!” She whined before giving a groan, “I’m a failure as a girlfriend and a tour guide since I haven’t taken you there yet! It’s my favorite place to eat!”

“Ah, then, I can’t wait! I’m sure I’ll enjoy it!”

“Alright! I’ll see you after work!”

“Yeah! See you!”


“Yeah, bye.” He responded as he hung up his phone and put it back in his pocket.

“Who was that?”

“It was Messuhara-San, we’re going to go eat after work.”

“Messuhara-San??? Who’s that?”

“She’s my girlfriend.”

“WH-What?!?!???!!!” Bermuda said internally as the word GIRLFRIEND bounced around his mind, and into every deep and dark crevice in his body.

How It’s Going

After receiving the location to NAMJATOWN from Goko, the two of them then met up in the plaza where the indoor amusement park was held. However, Bermuda and Phoebe were trailing behind them shortly. The two met each other as the couple headed inside. “So tell me, who the hell are you?” Phoebe asked Bermuda in a dark tone of voice,

“Depends who are you?”

“Phoebe, I’m trying to get between Goko and her boyfriend.”

“How interesting, I’m trying to break apart my older brother with this Messuhara person.”

“I see,” she said as the two looked into each other’s eyes rather intensely. After a while the underground section of the mall turned dark, only to be illuminated by the sparks that flew when the two of them slapped their hands together. “Looks like we both have the same problem.”

“Indeed we do.”

“What do you say we work together? We could really help each other out.”

“I think that’s a great idea! Afterwards we go our separate ways.”

“Sounds fine to me.”

“Me too.” He said before the two of them gave rather evil sounding chuckles.

Inside the wonderful land known as NAMJATOWN Bintaro followed Goko around to look at the many different sites and attractions! One section looked as if they had traveled back in time to earlier days of Japan, it also happened to be Bintaro’s favorite part of the whole park! There was ice cream and other shops and restaurants which he and Goko stopped at! Every time they moved to a new part of the park they’d stop to play whatever games there were to play! The rides! The haunted section! And many more! Rides and other attractions kept the couple QUITE busy. They’d go twice and perhaps three times on certain ones!

The two then made their way to the NAMJATOWN Gyoza Stadium! Both sides of the street had 8 different restaurants each with their own unique Gyoza! Being instructed to sit at a table near a screen which showed festival footage and several animations, Bintaro was a bit eager to see what Goko would come back with. She’d come back to the table and back to the restaurants before she eventually had one dish of Gyoza from each of the different restaurants for the two of them! Making it 16 plates of Gyoza, AS WELL AS ALL THE VARIATIONS!!! The plates seemed endless! NOT TO MENTION!!!! She stopped by the gift shop and got Gyoza Manju, and Gyoza Chips! Due to his biology he was usually self sustaining, and didn’t need to eat, HOWEVER!!!! As he watched the way Goko ate, he did exactly as she did! She picked up one Gyoza with the chopsticks, lifted it to his mouth and took a bite, and- 千里眼!!!!!!!!!! CLAIRVOYANCE!!!! And now that he’s tried the beautiful pouches from God’s gracious orchard, a treat known as the Gyoza, he could eat it for hours! Perhaps the rest of his life!

After the two had finished their Gyoza they then moved to the Dessert Alley! A selection of well over 50 flavors of ice cream was all within reach!!! AS WELL AS!!!! Pastries, cake, pancakes, crepes, GELATO 5, and ice!!! The world’s most delicious desserts all in one place and Bintaro wasn’t sure if he could try them all! But he did it anyways! After dessert the two then made their way to the exit, but they first stopped by the market area once more. Bintaro grabbed as many of the Gyoza Chips, Manju, and even the Seasoning as he could hold! Goko however started to grab some of the little things, such as shirts of the boy and girl mascots for herself and Bintaro, some box snacks, as well as a few other various items saying “I have been to NAMJATOWN” just so Bintaro wouldn’t forget about this place!

As they left the amusement park and began to walk back through the city, hand-in-hand, Goko turned to him and asked, “Did you have fun?”

“Yeah!” He said with a nod as he looked back at her, “I usually don’t eat a whole lot, but I didn’t know food could taste that good!”

“Yeah, Gyoza is my favorite.”

“It’s my favorite too!”

“If you like that, then maybe we should go on a trip to Osaka, and see the Takoyaki Museum. I think you’d like that too! Plus we could go to the beach if you want!”

“Yeah I’d love that!” He said with a smile,

She gave him a loving smile as her cheeks became warm. Boyfriend. She then replied, “Yeah, me too.” She then turned back to the road ahead of her before asking, “Hey, if we go to the beach, do you even have a swimming suit?”

“I don’t think you bought me one.”

“Ah, well, in that case-“

“Um…maybe I should buy it myself.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I feel a bit bad that you have to spend money on me all the time…”

“It’s okay,” she responded, “You’re new to this planet, so I figured-“

“Yeah, but I have a job now.” He said, “I promise, the moment I get paid, I’m going to pay you back for everything! My apartment, my clothes, my phone, and even today!”

“Oh, well, you don’t have to pay me back for the phone. It was already mine, and I just gave it to you as a gift. So don’t worry about it!”

“Then I’ll pay you back for everything else.”

“No, it’s okay-“

“It’s not! I owe you a great debt!”

“I see…” She responded realizing that he wasn’t going to let this go. “Well alright, if you want to you can pay me back, or you can use the same amount of money to get me something you’d think I’d really like.”

“Ah, like a gift?”

“Yeah! Exactly!”

“Alright,” he said as he began to think. His mind raced and raced before suddenly an idea came to him! “That works, I’ve got an idea.”

“That’s good.”

“I had a lot of fun today,” Bintaro said as they came to a bus stop, “Next time, I think I want to plan the date. Is that okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine with that!”

“I’ll make sure to plan something great!”

“I’m sure you will.”

After a brief pause he then cleared his throat before saying, “Hey, there’s something I’ve been meaning to ask you.”

“What is it?”

“Well, I was mostly wondering, what’s a ki-“ Before he could finish the streets of Japan then began to shake and the buildings began to rumble. The two frantically looked around before the street then split apart and began to cave in, followed by a loud roar coming out from the large hole. Bintaro looked to the hole before he looked straight up to see debris falling towards the two of them. He quickly grabbed onto Goko and pulled her to safety as the debris hit the street. Goko’s face turned bright red at the sudden movement of being rushed to safety, “Are you okay?!” He asked as he looked into her eyes,

“Y-Yeah! I-I’m fine, I-“ She then paused as she turned and looked over her shoulder. Her shocked expression slowly flattened as she began to growl. While she was grateful she was rushed to safety, she was rather annoyed that Bintaro had now grabbed onto her butt. She sent an uppercut to his chin as she roared, “WATCH WHERE YOU PUT YOUR HANDS YOU CHEEKY PERVERT!!!!”

“I-I’m sorry…!!” Bintaro groaned as he then fell to the sidewalk below. He rubbed his chin before he tilted his head to see a large creature begin to climb out of the hole in the street. He then jumped to his feet before handing his bag of goodies from the amusement park to Goko, “Here! Take this! A lot of people are going to be in trouble!”

“Uh-“ She said as she then quickly changed her expression and grabbed onto his bag, “Yeah, sure!”

“Thank you!” He then turned and ran after the monster as it crawled down the street. The creature was quite large and it crawled on all fours. It had two spike protrusions coming from its knees on its hind legs, and two spiked toes which pointed upwards. At the end of its tail was a spiked club, and running along its back were some forward facing panel-shaped scutes of a red color. In between the panels were large dorsal spikes with three smaller ones between each of the 9 larger ones going down it’s back. It’s head bad two backwards facing horns and down the middle of its head was a row of spikes that pointed forward, with the next to pointing upward, before eventually leading to a downward-pointing horn on the tip of its nose. Around the base of its neck was a collar of spike protrusions and it’s eyes were covered with strange bone-colored-triangular prisms which curved along with the shape of its head. On the back of its jaw were two upward facing tusks. It was a rather powerful looking foe!!! It was the Invisible Electric Underground Predatory Radioactive Material Subterranean Uranium Cattle Demon Monster: Omnionga!!!!

Once Bintaro came to the a space infront of the creature he reached into his jacket and pulled out his transformation device!!! As soon as he pulled out the Spoon Flasher and removed the spoon head from the top of the device. The crystal was revealed which shined a bright and powerful light. He moved the device across his chest before he swung it into the air in a diagonal position and pressed the red nub. The light from the device warped and became almost like a liquid where it then swallowed him.


Bintaro rose to the sky with a powerful uppercut to the monster's jaw. It groaned as it stood straight up before it turned and fell onto its side. He got into a fighting stance as the monster then got back onto its feet. It turned towards him as it stood on its hind legs, as it roared the prism shapes on its head flipped upwards revealing its large round black eyes. The monster got back onto all fours, as the prisms then moved back onto its eyes, and charged Bintaro. Bintaro charged the monster in return before he bent his knees and grabbed the monster around the head with his arms only to be driven backwards. As it stood, Omnionga was exactly half the height of himself and Goko!!!


Bintaro himself is about five feet and eleven inches!!! Goko is only about four feet and eleven inches, she’s also kinda chubby so she kinda looks taller!!! HOWEVER!!!!! When the two of them are in their true forms, they’re both the same height at 145 Meters!!! If we divide that in half, that would make Omnionga…72.5 METERS!!!!!!

Now that I’ve taken up your time, BACK TO THE ACTION!!!!!

Bintaro groaned as his heel was being pushed back through the street. His arms were wrapped around the monster's head, with his hands on opposing sides of its neck! The monster was strong, IMMENSELY strong. He pivoted his ankles to get better footing before he slowly began to lift the creature onto its hind legs. Omnionga roared before bucking its head and sending Bintaro flying through the air. Bintaro crashed into a large building which then snapped in two before the top half began to fall. Bintaro took a breath as he then froze. He turned his head towards a scream where he saw a woman huddling over her child. His head turned to the falling top half of the building before glancing back to the mother and child. He then moved upon instinct and raced over to the mother and child and got onto one knee as he caught the falling building on his back and shoulders. He gave a heavy groan as the full weight of the building began to weigh him down.

The woman froze as she took notice of the shadowed area around her. She turned to the sky to see Bintaro standing above her with his teeth clenched. He then took notice of her and his expression changed. He swallowed rather nervously. He didn’t know why something in him changed, and why the change happened when he looked down at the mother and child. What he was feeling didn’t make sense, and it all happened as he looked down upon them…he could stop if he wanted to, but he couldn’t seem to take his eyes off of them. The woman noticed his muscles shaking, so she turned to her child and began to run away from Bintaro before waving goodbye.

Once they were at a safe distance, Bintaro forced himself back onto his feet before flipping the building from his shoulders to the ground. He continued to look at that single sidewalk segment where the mother and her child stood. He was unbeknownst of the danger of Omnionga lifting its tail to display the spiked club at the end of it. With the swish of its tail a large spike flew from the club and towards Bintaro. Goko gave a scream as she covered her mouth the moment the long spike sunk into Bintaro’s thigh. He groaned and stumbled into a nearby building where he then looked to the spike in his leg. He grabbed onto it and yanked it out before he threw it to the side. “Gah!!!” He groaned as he turned and slid to a sitting position as he held onto his leg.

Omnionga then began to turn before it walked off. Moments later it came charging back towards Binataro. Bintaro gawked at it before he slowly tried to sit up. This was it. He was finished. His relationship with Goko came to an end today as did his life. Ultimate Man Space was valiant hero, and a proud and well respected member of the Galactic Intelligence-

With a “Pleh.” Sound Omnionga then dropped something from its mouth into Bintaro’s lap. Bintaro looked to the object in his lap to see it was the spike that was lodged in his thigh!

“What the-?” He looked to Omnionga before he turned to Goko in the distance. He couldn’t quite tell if she was shrugging or if she sneezed from the amount of dust Omnionga kicked up by getting to this point. He grabbed onto the spike and dug it into the ground so he could pull himself to his feet. He lifted the spike to his hands before he then tossed it over his shoulders. He went to fight Omnionga once more only to be spun and thrown to his face as the monster raced past him! Bintaro scoffed as he groaned and started to lift himself to his hands and knees. He turned to a large thud to see Omnionga was once again in front of him and had dropped the spike from its tail onto the ground.

“Okay, what?” Bintaro said, rather confused as he pulled himself to his feet. He scratched the back of his head as he picked up the tail spike once more,

“HEY!!!!!” Goko’s voice came from down below. Bintaro turned to her to see her panting a bit from running quite a distance to get to them. After a few breaths she said, “HE’S PLAYING FETCH WITH YOU!!!”



“TH-THIS ISN'T A DOG!!!” He turned to Omnionga before turning back to Goko, “AT LEAST I THINK ITS NOT!!!”


“Uh….yeah, okay.” He then turned and faced Omnionga before he looked to the spike in his hands. He reeled it back before throwing it through the air. The prisms on Omnionga’s eyes lifted as it moved its head through the air to watch the spike fly over its head. The cones then slid back over its eyes before it then dashed off. A few moments later he came charging back with the spike in tow before it dropped it at Bintaro’s feet.

“SEE!!! I TOLD YOU!!!”

“Yeah, I guess you did…”


“WHAT?!?!?!!” He snapped as he turned to her,

“DO IT!!!”


JUST DO IT!!!!!!” She screamed much louder,

Chills went up Bintaro’s body as beads of sweat ran down it. He then knelt down and pet the top of Omnionga’s head as he very nervously said, “Th-There there, th-that’s a good boy…eheh…” Omnionga gave a very dull and self fulfilling growl before he turned and began to dig into the street before vanishing into a large hole. Bintaro huffed as he then turned and sat against a building and began to pant. He looked around at the city, he caused a lot more destruction than he thought. He groaned as he said, “Dammit…how am I gonna explain this to GIB?” He then snapped to attention as he turned to see Goko giggling, “No….no! Don’t!!! Messuhara-San-!!!”

“Yuwu gunna gib dem a weport?”


To Be Continued…