Chapter 23:

Webtoon Adaptation!


It's been more than three months since I last wrote a chapter for UnCrowned. That sounds bad, but I assure you I have not been lazy. In fact, my artist and I have been working on a super cool new UnCrowned project in that time.

As everyone knows, UnCrowned was a finalist in the Honeyfeed X MAL contest, but sadly we did not win. Thus, we lost our chance at a manga adaptation of the webnovel, something I have wanted all my life. My dream quickly vanished from view, just as it was within my fingertips.

Then I decided, fuck it, I'll do it myself.

With the help of my very talented artist, Arcticus (, UnCrowned is now a webtoon, and you can read the first chapter immediately!

You can find the first chapter through this link:

Of course, Honeyfeed doesn't let you click the links or even copy and paste them, so I'll also post the link in the comments. Worse comes to worse, go and search up 'UnCrowned' on and you should find it there.

We've entered UnCrowned into Webtoon's 2022 'Call to Action' contest, and one of the judging criteria is audience engagement, so please, if you have a webtoon account or the time to make one, support a fellow Honeyfeed author, it will be very much appreciated.

UnCrowned will be continuing as soon as this year's MAL contest ends. In the meantime if you want more of my writing, you can check the now-finished short story 'Amoria', winner of the Hivemind contest, or my entry for the contest 'Faustic.'

Kind regards and thanks for your time,


UnCrowned New Cover


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