Chapter 8:

Asking Permission to Go Out (Part 2)

Royal Princess of Blood

It was late in the afternoon, almost sunset. I sat by the window, admiring the view, too bad I won’t be able see the sunset from here. With my elbow on the side of the chair, I placed my palm on the cheek.

“Aaaaah, this is the life.”

Everything was great as time went on. Peaceful, no one to bother me. I didn’t have to obey any command. They can’t just go ‘Hey you! You’re going to England! Kill this guy!’ or something like that.

I expect now that nothing would interrupt me during my sleep. Oh! And I might no longer need to be traumatized by my alarm. I can sleep all I want. I’m a delicate princess after all.

But, it sure would be nice to go out. I can’t just stay here for the rest of my life. That couldn’t be called life if I stay here like a prisoner.

But this sure was nice.

I can just laze out in this room. To be honest, I already feel like I’m getting lazy. I can already imagine my future days. With servants, I can just ring the bell, and they’ll come serve me and give me what I want. Plus, I’m royalty, so basically I’m rich, I can buy many things!

But… what was the point in being rich if I can’t even go out spending it.

“Haaaah, I really should find a way to go out.”

The only option I have was to openly say it to my family. Then hope they would agree. If needed, I’ll just drag Estevan into it.



I heard a loud voice from the other side of the wall, somewhere in the hallway. It was a manly voice. Then I heard loud stomps hitting the floor on the other side.


Then the door slammed open.


I can’t believe I uttered such a disgraceful sound. Who could blame me?! A large man just slammed the door open without any warning. My door no less. What a surprising violence, goodness.



I recognized the man as he rushed forward towards me. His steps were loud as ever as his face was flustered.


He held my shoulders with his large hands.

“I heard what happened!”

Yes, this was my father.

Leodoule Erestro Wisteria. He was a man in his thirties. Large, because of him being a fighter himself, using the sword. He had rough blonde short hair, short beard, and violet eyes. Currently, he was wearing formal clothes, a coat with an ascot on his neck, clean trousers and boots.

“Are you okay now? Tell me!”

“Ah- Eh. I am fine.”


“Really. And please don’t grip on my shoulders too hard father, it hurts.”

“Ah, yes, my apologies.”

He removed his hand on my slender shoulders. Come now, I’m a fragile being, no one should touch me roughly like that. I might break like a piece of glass.


I heard my mother’s voice from the door. She was breathing heavily a bit. She must have been chasing father.

“I already told you she’s alright. You don’t have to lash out like that.”

“But still, I can’t just calm down knowing my daughter was hurt.”

Mother Meliya sighed as though giving up.

Ah yes, by the way, my peace just went up in smoke.

“Mother…” I called out to my mother. “Father is just worried about me, so it’s fine.”

“My daughter…” Father looked at me as though I was a saint.

Yes yes, might as well call me a saint.

“By the way father, where have you been?”

“I was checking the defense of the capital. A king ought to check it out himself to make sure people don’t slack off. People tend to be when there is nothing to do.”

Yes, like me for instance.

“Amazing, how incredible my father is, truly!”

“You think so? I’m glad to hear that, come give daddy a great big hug.”


I turned stiff as he suddenly brought me into a hug. His body was a big rough and hard compared to Mother Meliya. But… Why was it that I can feel the same thing I felt when I was first hugged?

The warmth of… what kind of warmth was this? I have no idea. I couldn’t recognize what I never had in the first place. But I could feel my heart turning soft.

No no no!

No! I will not be swayed!

Attachment only creates shackles. A hindrance!

I felt irritation deep into my heart as I tried to reject the feelings coming into me. I don’t want this to go on. Thus, I spoke to Leodoule.

“F-Father, too tight, can’t breathe.”

Father gasped as he frantically backed away.

“Sorry. You’re fine, right?”

“I am fine, father.”

“Good good. Let’s have dinner later, okay?”

I nodded my head.

“Yes. Oh, I have a request, but I’ll tell later during dinner.”

My father and mother blinked in astonishment after they heard what I just said. This in turn only made me all confused. I recalled all of Estelia’s memories. There was no inconsistency in what I just said. Strange.

Was I missing something?

“What? Why are you surprised?” I asked innocently.

“Well, this is the first time you have something to request, during dinner where we all are present at that.”

Really? I slightly panicked. Indeed, Estelia always has what she needed, therefore, she barely had any need to request something. However, there was always a first time for everything. Then what could they be so surprised about?

Well, it seems they were surprised because it was the first? Or was it because it was rare for Estelia to ask for something. Well, it doesn't matter that much.

“Oh, I see… But will you listen?”

I looked at my father with pleading eyes. Like a puppy waiting to be petted.

His eyes wavered as he looked at me.

“Of course, we’ll listen.”

“Thank you, thank you!”

Now here’s hoping it will end well.

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