Chapter 7:

Asking Permission to Go Out (Part 1)

Royal Princess of Blood

I collapsed on the bed. The softness instantly brought comfort to me.

“What a tragedy…”

I need a plan to obtain a dagger. For the sake of my sanity.

Should I get a knife in the kitchen?


Kitchen knives sucks! They’re fit for slicing meat and vegetables, not for killing. Should I sneak in the knight’s armory or something? There should be weapons there and of course definitely daggers.

But there will definitely be guards. They may even be knights. And I can’t exactly sneak around with this dress, and I don’t have any other decent clothes for mobility. Therefore, complete stealth was a no.

There was the option of knocking out guards. But that would be foolish to do in the palace grounds. They might think there was an enemy. And worse if they discover me.

Not only that, I’m not confident I could take out any guard with no fatal weapon. I’m weak after all. Might as well put a label of fragile on my forehead.

I sighed.

“I’m thinking a lot on my first day here, huh.”

Well, thinking was better than not. In any situation, you must think, especially when in a predicament. It was strictly taught to us and engraved into our mind. If in a dire situation, find a way to make amends.

At any rate, the only option here was to obtain a dagger somehow without anyone knowing. Then bring them to my room and train here slowly. It doesn’t have to be intensive since I would only be increasing my muscles a little bit, and I’m already skilled in using daggers.

Then, if I can’t obtain daggers here, I’ll get it from the outside. Therefore, I just need to get outside the palace. Perhaps if this was the medieval age, I would need to find a blacksmith.

Wait, this was the palace, perhaps there was a palace smith or something. Ah, but they wouldn’t let me have a weapon. So that was already in the drain.

I need to find a way out.

Although, one problem. I have no idea about the exact layout of the capital. I didn’t even know where one place was, let alone a blacksmith shop. Therefore, I will need a guide.

Who could be the guide?


Nope, no way. She would not let me leave the palace. And they wouldn’t assign a maid with me outside without any combat experience. My brother could be an option, I’m sure he would protect me.

Oh, Alan should do it. I mean I did him good. I have remarkable skills to express my charms after all. I can see from his eyes that he was captivated by me, so I imagine he would guard me.

But, sneaking out of the palace was a no go. So, going through the front gates was the only option. Even if I bring Alan with me, they would check my identity no doubt. So I must go out officially with permission.

I’ll ask mother, I wonder if my father would be there later this dinner.

Where was he anyway? He wasn’t in my room after I fell down the stairs.

I heaved a sigh again in exasperation. Come on, I’m troubled since I couldn’t obtain a precious weapon.

I grabbed a pillow and hugged it within my arms as I lay on the bed.

It’s soft.

I hugged it tighter. It was calming. I didn’t have a lot of chances to experience something like this in my past life.

Should I eat cookies?

I raised my body from the bed with the pillow in my arms. My hair was already messy so I fixed it. Then, I had an idea.

A playful grin appeared on my face.

Should I tease Mera?

Playing the heart of men was one thing, but playing the heart of women was very entertaining. Although, I don’t expect them to fall in love, but rather be flustered.

I returned laying down on my bed. I turned to the side facing the door while hugging the pillow. I fixed my posture and the position of my legs. I have confidence this would work, especially considering my beauty.

I rung the handbell loudly. Then shortly, Mera came into my room.

“Milady, you — c-called…”

She stopped in her tracks as she stared at me dumbfounded. I slowly shifted to my soft facial expression, like a vulnerable maiden. She quietly stared at me with wide eyes, I could see a slight flush on her cheeks before she regained her composure.


“Y-Yes, milady?”

“I request cookies. Please have the chef make them and please bring the cookies to me. I’m… hungry.”

I moved my gaze downwards as though embarrassed to admit that. Truth be told, I’m curious about what I looked like at the moment. I wish I had a mirror in front of me.

“Understood. I will bring the sweets.”

“Thank you.”

Then she left the room.

When time passed, I was already sitting on the bed when a knock came from the door.

“Milady, I’m entering, bringing the cookies you requested.”

“Y-Yes! Enter!”

She entered and with her was a steel tray with a large plate of cookies. My eyes shone upon seeing the amount of sweets about to be presented to me. Hey, not everyday you can eat sweets, okay?

She placed the plates on the round table by the corner of my room. I approached and sat on the chair.

“Many thanks, Mera.”

“Not at all, milady. Excuse me.”

I nodded to her then she left the room.

I immediately grabbed a cookie and bit into it.


It was delicious. Although not as great as back in my old world since the ones I tasted were exceedingly delicious. I’ll give this seven out of ten. But there sure was a lot, I won’t be able to eat all of this in one sitting, but oh well… I’ll just cover it if I can’t eat it all and eat them later.

But damn, eating sweets sure was nice.

But not too much. Diabetes is a bitch.

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