Chapter 11:


The World's Savior is a Deviant?!

After finishing off the other imp hoe a new Skill was added to my status display. It was another from the [Seven Deadly Sins] set as well. Its name was ‘Envy’. It sounded very interesting so I decided to check out exactly what it did.

Envy (Rank 0): Allows the user to transform into a living or non living object that they have seen for twenty minutes. At Max Rank this can be used for an indefinite duration. No Skills of the copied target will be copied, only their appearance. Can be used on others who have the Envy skill as well.

“What is the point of the last part?”

“It's probably for this,” Komoria said while pointing at me.


My body changed shape, losing weight and gaining curves that a man should never have. My ass became rounder and my hair grew out slightly longer, covering one of my eyes from view. My clothes changed, revealing waaaay more skin and my shoes grew in length propelling me past my normal height. Even my complexion changed from pretty white to dark blue. Then my shoulders started to feel a lot heavier.

I rubbed my back with my rather long nails, “Bat, what did you do to me? Why do I sound like that hoe. WHAT THE FUCK?!”

The bat smiled before touching my shoulders with her warm hands.

“I turned you into Klara Vos with that new [Envy] Skill. With this we can easily make it to the Imp Lord. Plus, now that the shield is down, non-imps can get in. That should cause them plenty of trouble”

“Thats fucking stupid! No way am I going to pretend to be an imp slut. I'm changing back.” I activated [Envy] myself, trying to revert to my original form. However, nothing happened.


“Sorry, Raze. But I'm not letting you turn back until we meet with the Imp Lord.”

This bitch!

“Tch... Whatever.”

I crossed my arms out of anger, and that's when I felt them. Two large melons of fat, or blubber ,or something. I had...boobs—big ol' tits! I never thought I would touch a woman's breast, but I also never thought they would be the ones attached to my own body. This sensation felt very very weird and yet...familiar for some reason.

Was I a playa back before I came here? But I hate woman, so that doesn't seem right? I wish I remembered more of my days besides just gaming and shit. 

“What are you doing? Has being turned into a sexy lady gone to your head?” She laughed while wearing a smug look. How annoying.

I didn't realize I was still groping myself, but she made me think of something else entirely.

It’s gone, isn't it?

I reached down to where a part of the metal dress covered my privates. It was rather flat below it. This was something a man was never supposed to experience.

It's gone….. And so is my sensitivity to smell.

This new body really messed with my mind. It was usually rather easy for me to focus, but now my mind was in some sort of inner turmoil. I felt a foreign grip on my right hand. I shook my head to focus and gazed at who had grabbed me. It was the ice chick who I had killed first.

“Let’s get going. I found a teleportation circle behind their thrones. That must have been how they were able to quickly reach the Imp Lord.”


I slightly nodded my head and let her lead the way. Once we stepped on the portal, a dark bubble filled my view. A moment later it cleared up and we were at a golden-gated area guarded by two rather tall imps.

“Who seeks to enter the capital of Imp Lord, Archevaz? —Oh, my mistake. It's Lady Klara and Lady Vara. Are you here to see the Imp Lord?”

Why else would we be here? Imps IQs must be on par with meat. 

The bat took the lead, holding up a sack she had found lying around in the palace. “We have killed the Savior and wish to bring his remains to our lord.”

The imp on the right side of the gates' eyes went wide. “You have killed the Savior! This is great news! If he was allowed to grow, he could have easily wiped out our Lord. Larcon, go get a messenger to tell his majesty.”

"On it!"

The tall imp on the left gave a salute and together the two of them opened up the gate. He ran off immediately after leaving the three of them standing around.

“My ladies, please step through,” he gestured politely with his long hands.

I gave him an angry stare of death while the bat thanked him for letting us in.

“Thank you, we shouldn't take up much of his time.”

A lengthy imp on the inside took charge, showing us the way. After we were through, male imps from all around were giving us stares full of lust. It was disgusting. Just how horny could they be? Where were all the women? One of the short fat imps (which there were many of) ran directly for me shouting, “Miss Klara please let me date you!”

"Step off, Trash!" I kicked him away by planting one of my heels directly into his forehead. He flew back into the crowd of short fat imps that surrounded us like a mire of sludge on our path to the Imp Lord. 

He smiled and rubbed his head with pure happiness. The other imps around him even displayed envious glares.

That’s pretty fucking rancid. Can we just get to the Imp Lord guy already and kill him? These imp simps are getting on my nerves. I really wanna kill em!

The bat seemed to know exactly what I was thinking and tightened her grip on my hand while tugging me along. I really couldn't stand the situation, so I decided to once again compare my stats with the bat.

[Name: Raze Havok]—[Class: Savior/Disruptor]—[Level: 23]

[Skills: Zodiac Wheel: Rabbit (RANK 5), Skill Share (MAX), Fearless Confidence (MAX), Supreme Arrogance (RANK 4), The Seven Deadly Sins:Wrath (RANK 3), Envy (RANK 1)]

[Status: Annoyed]—[Attack: 525]—[Defense: 350]—[Magic: 150]

My level had jumped up exponentially after that fight, but I still didn't feel as strong as I should be. I peaked at the bat’s stats soon after.

[Name: Komoria Vato]—[Class: Beast-kin Sorceress]—[Level: 28]

[Skills: Soul Link (MAX), Fireball (RANK 9), Healing Ward (RANK 9), Flight (MAX)

Blazing Spirit (RANK 0), Night Vision (MAX), Skill Share (recipient)]

[Status:Nervous ('Unknown affliction’ Stage 2)]—[Attack: 250]—[Defense: 360]—[Magic: 1,000]

Her magic far surpassed my own and she even learned a new Skill to boot. At least I was farther than her in attack now and slowly catching up in defense. The one other thing that was slightly interesting was that this "affliction" she had was now at stage two. I wonder where that would go, but it didn't affect me so it really doesn't matter. As long as it does not fully kill her, I would be golden. 

That reminds me, didn't I need to do 3 fucking deeds now? Fuck! As I thought that, I could see a small circle on the left corner of my scanner’s display. If I squinted I could make out what it said.

Daily good deeds ⅓. What the fuck! Did killing all those imp shitters and the two hoes only count for one? Come to think of it, I only killed the cows the day before….

It seems my attitude had become better, but only slightly due to my oversight and forgetfulness. I could not let this develop anymore. I won't!

“The Imp Lord will meet with you in the preperation room. Please follow me.”

Another tall imp was posted outside of the dark castle that towered above all the other homes in this city. It had a lot of points that stuck out towards the dark sky and not a single window  from what I could tell. 

“Well, please show us the way,” said the bat—or should I say—the imp with a polite smile. The simp-imp bowed in response and took us to a black-bricked road path on the left side of the castle.

It took us over five minutes to reach the special room and it wasn't really a room at all. A large black box stood in the middle of nowhere. It was probably the same size as the small palace we had fought in earlier, but seemed way more sketchy.

“So, he's in there?” I asked curtly while massaging my shoulders which had gotten rather sore from the extra load I was carrying. 

The tall imp nodded quickly. “Yes, the Imp Lord is awaiting the two of you in there. Please make haste.”

He bowed before slowly walking back the way we came. He was most definitely the least disgusting out of the imps so far, but that wasn't saying much.

The bat got directly into my line of vision. She clearly had something to say, but took a few deep breaths before saying it. “So, here's the plan. We get him to look at the body which is actually just pieces of the imp sisters and while he's distracted lets both attack him from either direction. The surprise factor should've come in big. He may be strong, but his Level isn't actually that high from what I have heard.”

“That is if that's true. He's one of the Lords of Terror or whatever, right? I think he has to be strong, so we should proceed with caution.”

The bat gave me a surprised look.“I didn't really think you would analyze him so seriously. You're not the type to proceed with caution. You just run in like a child who's racing to buy a new toy with his allowance.”

Shit. It seems I slipped up. 

I raised an eyebrow at her claim.“'Caution'? He's still weaker than me. I just wanted to let you know so you don't hold me back when I go all out.”

Good save! I internally patted myself on the back. 

“….” She went quiet after praising me. 

Well it doesn't matter. I was going to crush this fat shorty and take his XP for myself! There's no way killing something like him won’t fill out the other two deeds, as well.  Heh-heh-heh. This should be a breeze.

The bat gave a quick knock on the door. It was showtime.


Back to the present...

The Imp Lord's body was now three times the size of my own and three times as fat as well. He was like a giant eggman in a suit. I don't really care about other stats, but I needed to know if this would spell trouble for me. We both dispelled our disguises as I took a gander at his stats. 

[Name:Imp Lord Archevaz]—[Class: Imp King Brawler]—[Level: 50]

[Skills: Full Metal Body (MAX), Inflate (MAX), Cannonball Body (MAX), Flight (MAX), Compress (MAX), Dead Man’s Switch (MAX)]

[Status:Furious (Weak to the Elements)]—[Attack: 5,000]—[Defense: 10,000]—[Magic: 20,000]

Holy shit, he had so much more power in both attack and defense than me! I wanted to take a look at what some of those Skills did, but I didn't have time.

The bloated Imp Lord shrunk down to half my size and began to fly around the room like a bouncing ball.

“Shit! Stop moving!”

“We need to find cover!” Komoria yelled.

His ball-like frame smashed into every part of the room, wrecking the couches and table and sending splinters and ruined fabric everywhere. That must have been a combination of his [Compress] and [Cannonball Body] Skills. I started to hop around on my own, but I couldn't match his speed in the slightest and ended up getting nailed directly in the chest by his shrunken body.

“Raze!” Komoria screamed.

It was hard to hear her as I crashed into the wall, blood flying out of my path like a stream of water.

“Gaahk Ahhack!” I coughed up more blood.

I’m pretty sure some of my ribs had cracked, but I couldn't help but grin. My life was actually in danger for once. It was like a real challenge at last! This actually felt like a boss fight from a Souls game or something! 

I pulled myself to my feet and wiped the blood from my mouth like a badass. The imp fucker continued to bounce around the room like a loose pinball, faster than my eyes could follow.

If only there was a way to hit that slippery fuck!

Then it hit me. I still had three of those Skill-sealing balls left in my pocket. Though, at the speed he was going, there would be no way to ever snipe him with one. 

Suddenly, I felt a green light envelop my body, making me feel just as good as I felt at the start of the battle. The bat, Komoria, must have healed me. It felt good to have a sidekick that was finally useful.

 I looked over to her and couldn't believe my eyes.

“What the…," I muttered.

Her entire body encased within a blazing inferno, but she didn't scream out in pain. It was like someone had let loose a witch while they were burning at the stake. How was she okay? It had to be due to that new Skill she acquired, right? 

The stranger part was that the imp only tried to collide with me, not even trying to land anywhere near the bat. There had to be a reason for that.

"He is weak to elements like fire! If you can get to me, he shouldn't be able to attack us any longer!”

So she was my safe haven, huh? It was better then getting turned into a skid mark on the ground. I had to take it. 

He must have a rather weak resistance to fire and shit because of how strong his resistance to physical attacks were. It reminded me of the tentacle monster I fought a few days back. There seemed to always be a drawback for having such a strong skill, not for me though!

Komoria was on top of the couch that had been shattered into multiple pieces. They even started to burn just like her, causing smoke to manifest into the air. She wasn't too far from me, but it would be rather difficult to make it to her while the imp was zooming around the room. If only there was a way to make him easy to hit….

Well there was but it involved me really risking my life.

I ducked and dodged to narrowly avoid the bouncy imp’s onslaught while I pondered what to actually do. If I prepped a ball in my hand and received a slam directly from him, I could cancel out the Skills that he constantly had to recast.

 It meant if I survived and successfully detonated the ball, he would turn back into the skinny imp creep. There was still a problem though… His high physical resistance meant that I would deal next to no damage to him even if I could land an attack, be it with my feet or hands—even when I used [Wrath]. I would have to leave it up to her… Put all my money on the shitty bat. 

I looked over to the bat who still waited for me to join her on the burning couch  fragment. Could I really rely on her to be the Pyro I needed? Wait a sec… I got it!

“Bat—no—Komoria, use [Wrath] on your magic after you see the purple light. I will get as far away from you as I can!”

She gave me a surprised stare before jumping off the couch to move to the other side of the room. I'm glad she trusted me when I had next to no faith in her. However, my plan didn't need anything flimsy or pointless like 'faith'. I just needed to live.

I stopped running around, standing still, right next to the decimated table. The cracks in the ceiling revealed the peacefulness of the moon that basked this room in moonlight. I could hear the cracks expanding as the creaking in the room grew each and every time the ball missed me. 

“Stopping was your biggest mistake, Savior! Prepare to become one with my luxurious floor!”

He hurled himself from the ceiling right to where I stood. In my unarmored hand I retrieved a black ball from my pocket. I had two options as the cannonball of death hurled towards me with lighting speed. I could attempt to dodge him with my lesser speed and activate the ball while he flew by to avoid being killed or I could gamble that I would live and guarantee that the ball’s range would reach him no matter what. There was a chance that I would be killed in the process, though. 

However, even if the first one sounded like it would give me a good chance, I was no pussy. I took the latter option, using [Wrath] to double my Defense and put my hands in front of my chest to protect my vitals.


The ball rammed directly into my body sending me flying towards another wall. I felt my life flash before my eyes.

 My shitty birth to my debt infested parent. The schools I went to where I had never made a single friend. My worthless job that filled me with depression on a daily basis—yet I had no choice to work there or live on the streets before I was even 18. Nothing in my old life ever made me smile, not even once. Well maybe the moment it ended. I guess that made me truly happy. There was one person I kinda adored for some reason, but I couldn't really recall their face.

Then was until I was summoned to Heaven by that hipster god and given a second chance at life. I took it for a reason I didn't even remember, yet once again, I had no one that I could call a friend and lived in isolation. It couldn't really be called living, but I pushed through with a fraction of hope. A hope that I would one day make others look at me for who I was, not who I was born from or where I worked. Just me and my strength alone. I thought if I could beat enough people, they would finally give acknowledge me and give me a chance, but I was naive to think that way. I never had anyone in my corner and now I never would. A fitting end for a worthless scumbag like me, heh-heh-heh. 

Either way, the bat stuck with me for reasons I didn't even know and that made me somewhat happy. I couldn't remember the last time I smiled for real—maybe I never did. But if I could kill this imp bastard with my last breath, then that would be good enough for me. I could flex to that goddess when I unfortunately saw her again that I was capable. I had the ability, even though I was half in strength to my adversary. 


I clicked the black ball with my thumb, detonating a large purple blast around the two of us. The last thing I did was use [Envy] on Komoria. The image in my head was something I loved even from an early age. I just hoped I had enough life in me left to use it.


Blood flew out of my mouth again and lots of it this time. Every bone in my body rumbled and shook. It hurt like hell. I was still breathing, but it hurt so badly that I would rather just die at this point. However, another green light packed with mana enveloped me. It wasn't as strong as the one before it, but it made me feel slightly better. My horrid breathing got a little easier and so did the effort it took smell the toxic fire fumes that permeated through the area.

 My vision also cleared allowing me to see the lengthy imp on the ground in front of me. He pulled himself up, clearly angry from the new situation that had transpired. I looked past him to see Komoria or what she had become.

“W-why did you heal me! I need you to save all the mana you can to finish him off. Worry about me later!”

I never expected these words to ever be uttered from my lips, yet I said them and meant every word. The imp pulled himself up, still impaired from the magic sealing of the black ball. Since I still had [The Rabbit] active, I used a good amount of my remaining energy to run to the imp and leap over him. His eyes followed me as I jumped, clearly bewildered by the situation at hand. 

I landed right next to Komoria or at least what she had become. I picked her up with haste, knowing the imp would be on me soon. I steered my gaze back towards him. He was standing up fully now in his slightly dirty suit with a murderous glare in his eyes and bloodlust that could reach into my very soul.

Still, I didn't care. I allowed Komoria's words infiltrate my mind.

Raze! What did you do to me? What— What am I? I can't move at all.

Relax. I transformed you into something from my world. It's called a flame thrower and as long as you funnel your fire magic into it with [Wrath], we should be able to torch his ass!

I don’t have much mana left and what about your body?!

I’m fine. Even though I can't use any more of my Skills, I still have [The Rabbit] active and you can still use your spell Skills.

A-Are you sure this is okay? To rely on me like this? It doesn't sound like you at all!

It seemed she lacked confidence because of the difference in our skills. This was a one-time team up so it should be okay to even let her take up the spotlight.

Yup. I have faith in you.Komoria.

O-oh. You actually used my name again! Wow! That makes me soooo happy!

Flames started to spurt out of her maw. It was time to slay this imp once and for all. Speaking of imp, he had fully recovered now. While we still had at least 40 second left until he could use his Skills. Still…his strength far surpassed my own in every way.

“Even with that strange object in hand, you stand no chance against my power. Say your prayers, Savior. It's over now!”

He rushed at me with blinding speed, the air becoming even more scorched than from Komoria's flames. It wasn't as quick as when he was bouncing around the room like a ball, but I would still be dead pretty easily from a punch or two. 

I'm counting on you, Komoria.

I squeezed the trigger of the flame thrower. Red hot flames—most likely less compressed versions of Komoria’s fireballs—gushed out all at once. The room already felt exceptionally warmer and hazy, but I didn't care about that right now. 

The real scene was what was right in front of me. The Inferno of Komoria just kept on coming, torching the entire body of the Imp Lord.

“GRAAAAAH! FIIIIIIIIIIRE!!!! WHY WHY WHY! WHY IS THERE FIRE COMING FROM T-THAAAAT!” he screamed in pain before collapsing on the ground. He rolled around, trying to rid himself of the agonizing flames.

Squirm fatty. Squirm like the worm you are! HA-HA-HA!

Man, now that  can hear your thoughts, you're even crueler than when you speak, huh?

Can it! This is my—our—moment! LET HIM BUUUUURN!

His body was still in rather good condition, but the real benefit of this weakness was that he couldn't focus on us while he tried to douse the flames while rolling all over the durable carpet. I took this chance to put the remainder of my mana to good use. I focused on a small part of my scanner before speaking the activation phrase.

A slightly bigger laser than my previous attack pierced his chest, while he was writhing on the ground with pain.


Even though he was double my level, the divine object that was given to me from that ugly goddess was enough to make a dent in his thick ass skin. And so I focused on using the rest of Komoria’s mana to finish him off.

It took some time, but Komoria did really have a surplus of mana due to her spell Skills being so low costed. It allowed me to rain hellfire on the pathetic Imp Lord. He could have used his Skills now, but the pain that sunk deep into the core of his body must have been too much for him to handle.

“K-Kill me, pleeeease. Kill MEEEEE!” he wailed with every fiber of his being.

“I can’t kill you with that amount of defense. Sorry, bud but this is gonna take a while.”

Good old torture. This was really fun!

“AAAAAHGGGG!” He stood up and faced me, his body still in a relatively good condition.

I think I might be in some deep shit.

You think?!

Instead of walking any closer to me he remained rooted in place. Then he stuck both hands in the small hole I made his chest and pried it open. It looked beyond painful, but he somehow managed to open the wound to the point where it covered nearly half his chest. 

Even with the gaping hole in his chest and still being on fire, he was very much alive, but not for long.

“Finish me off pleaaaase! The PAIN! THE BURNS! MAKE IT STOP!”

I said nothing to him. I just silently used Komoria to burn him to death. He was too beneath me to even speak to now. 

It took quite a while, but after some time and right before Komoria’s magic came out, I managed to kill him.

All that remained was his charred corpse, still on fire. His clothes and everything else on him was gone.

“So we won, right?”

At this point Komoria had transformed back to her normal self and walked over to get a look at the body with her own eyes. I put a hand out in front of her before she could pass me.

“Hold on a sec. He's still on fire and we have no real way to put it out right?”

“Uh...yeah, I guess? This whole place is on fire. You have something in mind?” she asked, not knowing where I was going with this.

“Well, I have a plan to put it out.”

"...Plan?" She tilted her head and stared directly into my eyes. “How do you plan to do that when our water is still outside of Imp City?”

I waved my finger in the air like some guy in a movie that knew more than anyone else in the room. “Well you see, my dear Komoria. As a man, I am able to do things that a women, like yourself, cannot. Now, stand aside and watch the master work.”

"Um, sure." She crossed her arms, clearly puzzled. “I don’t really get what you are saying, but go ahead.” 

She was pouting for some reason now. Oh well, she won't be for long. 

If I was into a girl like her, I would have found that kinda cute. But as a man as strong as myself, I couldn't falter by just the expression by some woman. So I stayed vigilant, undid my buckle and unzipped my pants.

Watch this and be amazed!

I could see Komoria’s face grow very tense as she saw me reach into the void within me. 

Before I could get any further, she turned away and distanced herself from me. It was better this way. Probably.

“Gross.” She muttered under her breath, but I didn't care. I had been holding it in for too long and I didnt take my chances when I was transformed as a woman. Besides, there was no bathroom here and we needed to put the fire out. It was like killing two birds with one stone and so I let out the vapors flow out of me and onto the burning corpse of the Imp Lord. I had also gotten a good amount of XP, enough to push me to level 30 as well as a new Skill ,but I was busy now so I did not dwell on shit like that.

Ahhhh. This feels so great! It really takes a load off of me, so blissful….. It does smell though, so we should get going...

Like a rainbow reaching across the meadow, my spray rained down upon his corpse with only a tiny bit of splash. I had a lot to let go of so it shouldn't be too much of a challenge to get rid of this fire.

Thirty seconds had gone by and I was still going strong. A good minute passed before I finished business and man, did it feel great after I was done! My mind felt totally clear. I was zen. It felt great to be alive. 

With a large smile across my face and a subliminal feeling of satisfaction, I zipped up my pants.

“Ahhhhhh. I feel like I've been reborn.” I put my hands above my head in a relaxed position. That was when Komoria gave me another "I can't believe you" look. Her face warped soon after, however. All it took was one look at my smoking-hot—

“When did you get that?” She pointed to right under my neck where the clasps that held my cape together resided.

“What do ya mean?” I said before looking down.

“Oh…” Between the metal that hold my cape together stood a firm black metallic jaw. Another piece of the [Seven Deadly Sins] Set, I had to guess.

“Yes I did just gain a new Skill, lemme see…”

But before I looked at my status, an interesting thought invaded my mind. I don’t think I would ever have conceived it before this fight, but I think even someone like me grew a little closer with the bat known as Komoria. Where would I be if she didn't come to my aid? The imp guy clearly had been prepared to fight someone that relied on offense more than magic and that was exactly what I was going to do before I saw his weakness. 

I would never admit it aloud, but maybe that bat isn't that bad to keep around after all. Only to help me finish this stupid quest though! After that, we would be done and I can return to being a top dog that never loses to anyone and she can go back to her shitty village as a hero or whatever. I nodded as if to reaffirm myself when Komoria tapped me on my shoulder.

“Umm, Raze. Is he supposed to be glowing like that?”


I look back to his smelly burnt corpse and just as she had said, there was a red aura radiating from his deceased body like a heart beat. It kept getting bigger and bigger.

“Theres no fucking way he has a second life or any of that boss shit, right?”

Komoria nodded without hesitation, “Yeah, I looked at his stats when we first fought and he had nothing like that...but...”

She went quiet after that to confirm her thoughts, but I didn't have time for that shit.

“But what? Spit it out?”

She started fidgeting with her hands, was she really that nervous?

“Well, he had a skill called [Dead Man’s Switch], right? There is a good chance his body might be hiding a…….

“A what?”

Her cheeks were flushed like she was wrestling with something internally. It was really getting on my nerves. She took one glance back at the body and looked back at mer with a serious glint in her eyes.

“It's going to explode.”

I took a few steps back. Not because of what she said but how close she got to me when she said it. Still….that was some pretty shitty news.

I decided to state the obvious. “Well, we need to get the fuck out!”

“Yes, of course. But we don’t know how big the radius is. It's already growing as we speak. We probably only have a minute left before it explodes.”

Am I really going to die here? No, even though I'm half-dead already, I gotta survive. I'll do it by any means necessary. 

So, like any man would, I hid under the broken table.

Oh there's a bunch of broken booze bottles in this little fridge, oooooh.

“Raze? What the hell are you doing? We need to leave now!”

I agreed with her and yet I didn't want to leave. Then my hand touched something that was completely made of metal.

What the fuck is th— Oh, oooooooh!

I stuck my head out from under the table, “Bit—no—ba—no, Komoria! Come quick. Look what I found!”

I push away the remnants of the broken table and the wrecked mini-fridge to show her a metal circle with weird symbols engraved on it. We had seen these twice before, these were the smallest I had seen for sure.

Komoria’s eyes almost popped out of her head. She jumped in the air with the excitement of a little girl.

“A teleportation circle! It must have been a fail safe for the Imp Lord. Well let's get out of here!”

“I couldn't agree more, heh.” I stood in the circle and she followed right after. A blue light enveloped the two of us, overriding the large red aura that had taken up the majority of the room. Then it detonated, consuming everything in its path in black flames, but before it could reach us we vanished into the night.