Chapter 36:

who are you really?

love sick delinquent

''hey katarina,can i get a minute before you leave?yahiro quietly whispered ti new hat is it sorry for dragging you out like this

yahiro had taken me down to the detention chamber

''we going to see rindou?''

thats right..i think gabriel went harsh to him last night...''maybe if i wasn't there.messing things..maybe rindou won't get caught and reiji and nicol won't be in trouble''i said as i looked down

''you haven't done anything wrong katarina..and besides it was gabriel's job as the president to keep peace at the academy''

''byt rindou us your friend and gabriel ia your friend as well''

''that's why wanted to pay him visit before we set off and i didn't want to see him alone

why ?i asked

''so that you could trust me I've got to everything if i want to win your trust back

you're right

right now...i cant completely trust you and if i hid that you'd see right through me wouldnt you probably can't trust you now hut that's what i feel weak

''ill do my best to win over your trust again ''yahirp clutched my hand simply nod quitly we held deeper into the detention chamber

''ribdou you're back in the detention chamber?''yahiro asked

''duh can't you tell i did ''

the schopl wabt to i.terogate me regarding the stolen hewelry

''you caught after that ramoageshutuo.

''dont bothering step a little while. he glared at me


''hey no need to be so mean,and i don't think its good to be mad at a lady....she was worried about that you'd gotten captured for saving us''

''and i told you i wasn't thing to save you either I was smashing stuff in my own and got caught in my own nothing to do with you're mind your own business!''

''please don't take him seriously katarina''

looks from yahiro to me in turn keeping sikenyas if noticing something,rinou leanes back against his cell ans crossed his arms finally,right then ,sariek unfolded his arms and looked at us.a darkness overtook his expression

'' this lady right here still believes in you even tho you're nothing but a delinquent in filthy alleys who cost trouble among your fellow competitors ?

i went quiet after what rindou said

rindou is right...if i didn't trust yahiro then i shouldn't be here

i realized that i want to believe him again ...because i like him

rindou was leaning.his back against a wall,ass usual,staring off to space

with that tahiro took my hand and start walking and saw claudia waving at us not far away..thats right,i asked come along with me but decided to give ua privacy

katarina''claudia called out and run towards me.i smiled and waved back at her when suddenly i stopped my track when i noticed a guy in a cell wearing a general department uniform

even tho he.was wearing a glasses it wont hide his beautiful eyes and beautiful face and he looked younger than us he shouldn't be here

''oum''the boy was sitting with his back against the wall with awful posture

claudia noticed where i was looking at and immediately smiled at him like she saw a cute little puppy'' aren't you you sariel did you gdot hete?did you get caight after a rampage

?you shouldn't be here sariel''claudia said worriedly.sariel however shyly smiled at hee.maybe because he didn't thought claudia will call him by his first name

plus....claudias smile is like a radiant sun

''i told big brother cecilion that ill be okay if i stay here and brother agreed

brother?oh so he is prince cicilion brother

but cecilion is well known right?and this cute little peanut was a reize?i remembered the mean girls from cecilion fanclub that cecilion came from a wealthy and famous family and sariel seems different from him

i looked carefully at him and realized he does have the same facial feature like cecilion the only difference is that he seems shy and have a messy brown hair-those type of student you would often see at the library and would never get into trouble

but if he was that good if a student..then why is he at the detention chamber?Did gabriel put him in here?But I don't think so..Gabriel is so nice to do such a thing to this cute little boy right?

''are you okay being alone here?''claudia asked with a sweet smile on her face as she sat down to have a level.looked at him

i noticed blood rushing down on sariel cheeks and his face looking nervous and shy

why this kid look so cute and adorable.i could take him home

it was obvious that she were charmed by his beautiful innocent face

''im claudia.claudia clementine''with that.clementine glancss at me.waiting for me to introduce myself

i was staring at his face completely lost by his beautiful eyes...he looks exactly like a prince

i startled when he caught me staring at him and my heart skip a beat when our eyes meet

ackk hes so cute...i would love to have a little brother like him

he looked at me carefully as he slightly tilted his head ''you are katarina campbell right?one of the participants at a music competition.

he lready know my name''you're the one big brother always talk about and everyobe in the academy so ive heard a lot about you''he said like a kid talking about batman''i just want to tell you that melty deserves the humiliation as well as liam.''

''nobody cares but you will always be a hero figure to me''

right because i kick liam's butt and gabriel punished me for that

thehehe but gabriel is so cute for saving me.that's right...maybe i was drawn to sariel because he reminds me of gabriel

''claudia katarina...lets go''yahiro said as he starting to walk away

''yes coming''claudia cheerfully said and follow yahiro waving sweetly at sariel

''are you okay here sariel?here you can take this''i said as i took a water bottle from my bag''oh and this''i added as i handed him my lunch mom made me

he silently glanced my lunch i handed to him and stared at it''but students are.not allowed to give-''i cut him off by.inserting my hand in the cell and ruffling his hair

akk its so a puppy

oh sorry''you were so a puppy''i said and gasped coving my mouth

''no..i mean,you are cute but you dont look like puppy'' i smiled awkwardly

he just looked at me confused so i stood up-march a bit

and run away leaving sariel confusedly