Chapter 37:

spread of rumors

love sick delinquent

''ill do my best to win over your trust again"those words yahiro told me earlier suddenly replayed in my head

I don't know what yahiro really means but hearing him saying that made me really happy

'you became friends with reijamin and gabriel from music department.right?and they are the student council president and vice president''cladia asked

they're not my friends...i mean its like something that gabriel and reiji shared bonds with right?''

''i wouldn't go far as calling them my friends and rather saying i like them....i love them i really ..always there for me to protect me they're so nice to me and their smile somehow comforts me ''

'have you heard?''i heard whispers so i walk to the group of girls to see whats going on

'''our vice president from music department is a gay?''

''you mean reijamin li?''

''ehh?it can't be''

''yeah it is...she is a he ''

''hes been decieving everyone and made them think hes a woman to get herself out of trouble and is a gay''

''eh but she was very beautiful.and elegant...why is that''

''you mean that beautiful girl is a guy?but why is he dressed up like a woman?''

''isn't the school.very strict when it comes to dress code?

''i heard that she was practically uncontrollable during middle school and made teachers cey and punched all the guys in his class''

''a delinquent perhaps''

''i've done far worse than that yah know''reiji proudly said as her adms cross to her chest''i humiliate a teacher i even bully a hundred nerds to do my homework for me and i even knock an old man on street and made him bleed''reiji said proudly with a smirk on her face

''thats not true''i couldbt help but to shout..and now all eyes are on me

''what is a general department student doing here?whats her business with the vice president?''i heard whispers and all the girls flee when they saw reijis cold eyes..i never saw her like this before and everyone went back to their respective classrooms leaving me and reiji alone in the huge hallway

reiji stared at me as if waiting for me to say something...a saddened look came across his face

''its been said thats there been rumors around about you,so i came here to check on you''

''so you did out out of feeling obligate?you even went out of your way to visit i supposed to be touched?''she said sarcastically as she returned her cold gaze


reeji slowly shook his head,his eyes hooting a side glance at me''you betrayed me katarina?''he asked

i looked.down

''did you know gamble every night at casino to make money despite me being a highschool student?''he said as he put his hand on my head with a smile

i looked down on the ground refuse to say anything

why is he forcing himself to smile?why is he telling me this?there must be something going on here

''and oh...did you hear me?''reji said as he finally let go of me ad cross his arm'' i am a delinquent who makes money for financial power''



''and i'm actually a guy who dress up as a girl''he added as he pointed himself

''youre so cool reiji''

''what the heck are you saying?didnt you heard me?''

''i guess theres is so many things i still dont know about you''i said with a smile''i would love to know more about you''

his eyes widened as he stared at eyes...his gray eyes sure is beautiful

his lips moved a bit as if he wants to say something but he just looked away and smile

''thanks for worrying about ne katarina''last.thing he said and starting to walk away

i was so confused so i walked away confusedly and went back to the general department building where i saw claudia leaning her back on the post waving at me

i run towards her direction when i noticed all eyes were on me...perhaps they are staring at us

the hallway filled with gossips and uneasy students looking at me

''dont you think shes horrible?'sone of the student said as she glanced at me and passed me

i got shock and stop my track.claudia.reached out her hands to me and give it a squeeze which somehow help to comfort me

whats going on?''i asked to claudia worriedly but she starts to drag me away from the ground

''i cant believe shes start a humor like that...''

''how could she?!''someone added and give me a despise look on their face

i feel like people are ceb more frightened of me this days..whats going on

claudia we.need to talk to you

''i've been hearing a lot of rumors about you lately''

Is that so?

yeah and these rumors are getting worse by the day,too''

''and cladia..they were saying you work as a prostitute''

''why the hell would i do that?''

Obviously we don't believe any of it but we heard the one whos spending the humor is...


i gasped and step back''thats impossible''

i just got worried why these rumors were spring up out of nowhere

i suddenly remembered how reiji looked at me before when i came to see if he terrible.pain

Am I the one to blame?What's going on?who would do such things

after that fateful incident happened yesterday...

i bit my lips

but who would speak about him being a crossdresser?because of me

reiji greeted me with kindness and even forced himself

im such a horrible human