Chapter 7:

Lina Glass


Emerson after talking with his mom on phone lay down on his bed, in his dorm. And started playing chess on his phone.

Emerson: Yes! I think today is my day. Those 2 matches I remember every move of that match. They are crystal clear in my mind. Yeahhhhh, chess is so much fun!

Wins even this match on the phone

Emerson: Yes! I think on a high note I will end my day and sleep, before that I will sleep. I need to check tomorrow’s matches and schedule. Let me take the evernue newspaper, I took one and kept it in my bag.

Gets up from his bed and goes to the corner of the room and takes the newspaper from his bag and comes back to his bed and starts reading it.

Emerson: Oh! I'm on the front page…I mean my game and name, But why did they keep the picture of me when I'm 8 years old, yeah they used the picture submitted to the form.

“After 40 years of this event, we saw smothered mate on the board” (Written in the newspaper)

Turns the page and sees the pairing for tomorrow.

8 people are left in this tournament and tomorrow we have the afternoon, After the remaining round 4 matches…My match is at 2 pm the 4th match. Then semi-finals and day-after-tomorrow finals. It won’t be that easy, I guess. Let’s see who my opponent is. Oh! It is a girl…who is lina glass. And she is from my grade...I never saw. Might be another section. I’m sleepy. *Yawns*

At the Mafia gang group’s place. (A group of 10 people sitting in a room and betting about the matches with the other 2 groups)

So how’s the betting going…

Butler: we miscalculated in round 1 about that new kid, But till now it's fine. As per our Intel, we might be left with 4 people by tomorrow’s round. And 2 for the Gangster queens and 2 for that The rich old man’s team.

Mafia gang’s leader: We need to get the jackpot, this is a golden opportunity.

See, this is how the betting goes…they are 2 betting

1. The player vs player betting

2. The grand group betting jackpot, This one is risky. But worth it, It just makes our value 20 times, and its happens only 1 time in 25 years. That’s why we took so many players under our wing…But this year, it’s very important, We need to get some chemicals and raw materials from foreign. And we need to auction it. If the product we are trying to make becomes a success, It would be a huge revolution.

And what the hell will those old men and the gangster queens will do, with this many just help the orphans and women empowerment. That bullshit, I…James Peterson! Going to make this world ups and downs.

At the Gangster queens place:

Leader of Gangster (Emily grey): So what if we lose in this round, We still have our big gun left, “Lina glass” is still there. She is our hope. Cheer up! And support her!

Now let’s have some food! Whatever you say, We had fun on day1.

At the rich old man's mansion:

The Mansion’s owner sitting with a peacock in his lap: This kid is winning for us…Emerson Halidiya! If you win, My dream of giving all the old people in this city a good life will be fulfilled…Because of greed, I lost so much till now…Hope we win!

All the old people sleeping with Stylish star-shaped glasses shouted

“Lets goooooo”

Chad sitting beside his mom in the hospital

Chad’s Mom: How did you get this money? You didn’t steal right…Even your dad’s not here to look after you…Study well.

Chad: “Mom! I wrote this exam and got this money, If I write more exams like this I might take you home.” *With a wide smile on his face.*

Chad’s Mom: You don’t worry about me. It’s fine, I will be cured. Your relatives will help

Chad: No….Its…bee’….6months no one has ever come to visit you! No one helps us! They were planning to take me to an orphanage. For them, 20 lakhs are more than you! It’s as if you’ve already died!

Anyways, Need to go to school tomorrow early morning for football practice…bye(actually for the newspaper work).

Emerson’s Mom and Dad.

Mom and dad sleeping in bed with lights off talking about random stuff. Suddenly Dad asks a question.

Dad: By the way, did you talk with Emerson and how’s his tournament going. It’s not like I concern, Just for information. (Actually, he knows that his son won 2 rounds)

Mom: Yeah…I spoke with him just a while ago, I asked what happened and hows stuff going. It seems he won both the rounds(with a subtle voice)

Dad: What were 2 rounds today? ( Come on Dad stop it, As if he doesn’t know)

Mom: That’s what he said.

Dad: That might be long…That’s what he said

Mom: Yeah! It might be long and hard…

Dad: Yeah… a long, hard, and stressful day I guess.

Emerson’s Friends in an Instagram group. A group of 4(Sohil Shaik, Joey Joseph, Meera Dhillon, Divya Kumari)

Joey: Mad won round 2( 10:39 pm seen)

Sohil: Yeah, He was so good! You guys missed

Divya: Oh…Even you didn’t watch the first match! Don’t act smart… “Shoe…hill”

Sohil: Ok… “Diva” Divya is such a Diva”

Divya: Shut up “S.o.i.l”

Meera: Joey I think they started again

Joey: Ohh…You came online…I was like the 3rd wheel till now.

Sohil: SHUT UP!

Divya: SHUT UP!

Joey: Anyways come you both come tomorrow! Mad is killing it! We need to cheer him up!

Sohil: Yeah!! I didn’t know chess would be this interesting.

Let's meet tomorrow…Bye

Next day!

Emerson: Shit I’m getting late to the match...Its already 12:23

Runs and gets a newspaper flier on his face…He takes the newspaper and starts reading it.

Emerson: So round two is done. And 8 players are left…Let me go and do the formalities of the match.

Goes and sits in his place.

Emerson: This stadium is fully packed and it's great to see everyone here…And again there are rose petals on the ground…might be a ceremony for day…This time the rose petals are really dense…People are excited I guess. Because I can hear their shouting like round 1, The glass is vibrating. All telecasting channels are present.

And suddenly sees a carpet rolling from the entrance. A fair girl comes from the door while her assistant is behind her….

Boss: I think match 4 of Round 3 will be exciting…It’s the match between EMERSON HALIDIYA AND

Ghoss: Lina GLASSSSS!!!

Boss: And the match begins now!

Ghoss: And the match begins now! (Both at the same time)

*Black screen*

Should I sacrifice my que……

To be continued…