Chapter 8:

Alex Rose


A red carpet came rolling from the entrance of the tournament hall, and from there two girls start coming. One girl is tall and fair and the other girl looks quite younger than the first one. The girl with an over-confident look on her face. She was walking with her chin up and was looking down at people, She was Lina glass and the person behind her was her assistant “Alex rose”. She is 1 year younger than Lina glass. A loyal look on her face, with a book in her hand noting all the doings of lina glass

Alex rose starts narrating about her life, while Lina glass goes into the match ring.

“I Have severed the glass family for years, I’m more like a little sister to her…And I knew she was never passionate about chess…Ms. Lina was a fast learner but never passionate about chess…Even now she is just doing this cause her father made her play chess, In her perspective “A person who plays chess well is just wasting his time…That’s how she thinks her life was ruined.

Alex rose: Without any Interest in chess she won the first 2 rounds…

Alex rose to wave at lina and she slowly said, “All the best!”.

Emerson who was already in the ring, “ She was the girl who didn’t say sorry even after dashing me and chad before my round 2…So she is Lina Glass”

Lina and Emerson are already in the ring…Emerson with a very calm face and lina doesn’t care if she wins or loses. Between them, a chess board and the arbiter take the chess pieces for the toss.

Arbiter: Emerson Halidiya and Lina glass, the rules are the same both will have 45 minutes with no increment, If the first match draw, you will play a 45minutes match again and if even that’s a draw then match 3 will be a Armageddon. So Choose a hand.

*Lina touches the right hand but unfortunately it’s the wrong hand*

Arbiter: Lina gets the white pieces and Emerson gets the white pieces. And lina gets the Black pieces.

Generally in chess the person who gets Black pieces usually be sad, But she was not sad cause she is not racist.

Boss from the commentary table…with Ghoss.

Boss: Ghoss the match has started. *with a very exciting look on their faces*.

Ghoss: Yeah! Boss, Emerson with white and Lina with Black.

Lina and Emerson sitting in front of each other, about to start the match.

Lina: He is Emerson, whose name was written in the Evernue’s newspaper. After the 1st round was completed, people are talking about him being in the 2nd round newspaper but I didn’t see it…So we finally meet Emerson.

I think I saw you somewhere before. Anyways who cares…

Emerson plays His first move pawn to E4.

Boss: Emerson plays his first Move e4, It’s the same move he played in his first round against Cris

Ghoss: He might be an e4 player.

In the audience

With almost 100,000 people watching and an online audience…

Roses and rose petals on the round from the entrance gate to the ring.

In the audience, people supporting Emerson had increased…Sohail, Joey, Meera, and Divya are in the audience.

So you have come today…*Joey Asked Meera with a smug face…In a very sarcastic tone*

Meera: Yeah…we came, someone didn’t show up for the first round…Yeah someone was jealous about someone getting from our class getting into the tournament.

Joey: Past is past…Just leave that thing behind.

Chad selling burgers in the stadium…

Cris in disguise with just square-shaped sunglasses, Comes and sits with these people…cause no place that’s the only place left.

Calyden also comes and coincidently sits with these people.

These 6 people sit in this order each row has 7 seats, from right to left… Cris,joey,sohel,Divya,Meera,calyden.

Cris calls chad for a burger….

Chad: I guess I saw him somewhere…Mister, what's your name?

Cris: Yeah… it's cros…I'm cros..*His sunglasses fall*

Sohel: Guys isn’t that guy on our left cris...Who lost to Mad?

Divya: Yeah he is Cris –The prodigy kid right…

“CHAD! Once come here...” She screamed.

Chad: What do you want? Burger? Veg or non-veg.

Divya: That’s not what I want…Isn't that guy Cris-The prodigy kid?

Chad: No! His name is Cros.

Back to the match between lina and Emerson

Boss: Lina moves c4 playing the Sicilian…

Ghoss: Emerson plays Nf3…These all are simple moves

Boss: Lina plays pawn to d6…she looks very calm

Ghoss: Yeah both with players are playing pretty quickly ….Emerson plays pawn to d4

Boss: Lina plays cxd4 and takes the pawn back with the knight and Lina plays kf6 attacking the pawn on e4 Emerson protects it with kc3…

Ghoss: They are playing fastly!

Boss: Yeah…Not even 5 mins passed…Lina played a6, It was really fast.

Ghoss: Yeah and Emerson play bishop to g5 square!

Boss: And in plays e6 even though it looks like a pining the Knight but it’s a pretty good movie. Both the players had everything clear in here minds till now. They are playing pretty fast.

Ghoss: Yeah! Emerson plays f4 opening his kingside and supporting his bishop on g5

Boss: And we see be7 from lina…Removing the pin. Emerson plays queen to f3 preparing for the long castle, and Lina plays queen to c7…And Emerson long castles, This guy is just a full-on attacking mode today.

Ghoss: Yes Boss…Now lina just plays knight to d7…And Emerson plays bishop to e2 its not that bad move.

Boss: Best move played by Lina H6, Emerson quickly plays bishop to h4, B5 by lina.

Ghoss: E5 played Emerson attacking the Knight with the pawn…Let’s see what Lina’s gonna do.

Ghoss: “Lina attacked the Queen with the bishop…She plays Bishop to b7 and now for the first time in the match Emerson talks time to think.”

Lina sitting there while Emerson is thinking with no interest in the match…

Just let's get over with this shit” she whispered, In chess matches talking is forbidden.

Emerson gets a bit pissed because she called chess shit…

Should I show her the beauty of chess?

Should I show how good chess can be?

Should I sacrifice my Queen?

This is hurt her ego and arrogance for sure”

*Holds the locket which the old man gave and wipes his left hand, The hand on which he has a bandage.

Emerson plays a move with a scary smile on his face.

Boss: Wait! What…We are going to have a very interesting match from now on…”EMERSON PLAYS PAWN exf6 AND TAKES KNIGHT ON F6. We are going to have

Lina leans into the board and starts thinking …

In the audience…

“HAHAHAHA! Young boy you never fail to surprise me!” ... said calyden.

Joey asks calyden, “ Hey! Old man, what is going on? Why is he giving up the most powerful piece the queen of chess?”

WAIT AND WATCH…Something magnificent is going to happen on the board…A game of black and white pieces will now be the most colorful game. As the white light from the sun splits into a rainbow now on board those white pieces will form a rainbow.”

Sohel: I didn’t get a single word of what he said…

Joey: same here!

Black screen

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chad : yeah!"

To be continued