Chapter 20:


The Demon Saint is Missing, so I Ran to Another World Vol. 13

***The city of the Saint’s Tower***

One of the goals of the Biorno forces was the ‘return’ of the Conclave, which was to them was the ‘inheritance’ of the Lady Cassandra David to their clan. When the allied goblin-orc-Usarved forces retreated—along with the students, the mostly-ruined demon school went under their control once again. And after that, only one of their objectives remained.

The assassin of their master…

The Tambara student was along the ones evacuated when the allied army defenses became untenable, and so, the Lord Sargdhenerri sent a regiment of Biorno soldiers to surround and capture the lycanthropes’ column before they reached the city of Fangborough. However, in an upset, the Lord Greg—commanding the ragtag band of soldiers protecting the students—ambushed those forces, prodding the Biorno vassal to switch to his strategy of ‘prudence’.

The Lord Greg is a formidable enemy, just like what the others are telling him.


And so, the Biorno army followed his recommendations that led to a series of raids, meant to disrupt the communications of the clans allied against him. It was also to ‘test’ the defenses and the resolve of the defenders of each city, and if the opportunity presents itself, go on a full attack to knock out one of the Biorno foes from the conflict.


Much to his chagrin though, the cities of Orcdwelt, Helfan and Fangborough were fiercely defended. And it was an impossibility to cross the desert of the Sea of Sand just to raid the city of Golbinhom. His skirmishes resulted only in casualties for his side, and negligible information for where he would focus his attack. At the end, the Lord Sargdhenerri realized that he couldn’t afford to lose more soldiers, so he opted to fortify his positions around the city of the Saint’s Tower, and just wait for the inevitable allied offensive against him.

After all, with the Conclave in their hands, they can consider the ‘blood’ of their master avenged.

And then, one day…

“Milord,” one of the Lord Sargdhenerri’s retainers burst in his tent. “There is an envoy from the enemy side approaching the gates of the city!”

The Biorno vassal exchanged glances with his other generals. The conflict, and the blockade of the clans were ruining the economy of the Saint’s Tower. Not to mention, the populace was getting tired of the fighting and sending their family members to fight a war of ‘vengeance’. For many of the Biorno common folk, the recapture of the Conclave satisfied their ‘demand’ of ‘avenging’ their slain master, and the continuing battles were just their ‘lords’ problem’.

So, the arrival of the emissaries from their enemies was a welcome event. Not only would they have a chance to resume negotiations, the Biorno leaders would never ‘lose face’, as it was their foes who sent a delegation, and not them.

The Lord Sardhenerri immediately ended the war council of his generals, and went to the city gates. There, under a flag of truce, was the Lord Benedetto Gracchio, escorted by the allied soldiers, approaching their positions.

“Greetings, Lord Sargdhenerri!” the demon head scholar called out to him. “It’s been a good fortune to see you alive and well, even after all those battles that raged recently.”

“All the same, Lord Gracchio!” the Biorno vassal replied. “Have you come to offer us something that would benefits our clan in the future?”

“I was sent here by the allied clans’ council, which I now represent, to negotiate with you. Would you be willing to listen to our proposals?”

At that moment, the Biorno vassal ordered the gates opened, and allowed the emissary in, along with his armed escorts.


The Lord Gracchio was the envoy chosen by the ‘Allied Clan Council’ because he was an incubus, and also a former lord of his own clan (which was a vassal under the Biornos). The negotiations were reconsidered because of the new developments, particularly the re-emergence of the Lord Haya’s faction, the ‘Knights of Cassandra David‘, which—for many demons—was far more dangerous than a belligerent clan of incubi and succubi.

“I’m sure you have already heard the news,” the Lord Gracchio began once they settled at the negotiation table. “The Lord Haya of House Usarved has returned, and his supporters are coming out of hiding.”

“Yes, Lord Gracchio, I’m aware,” the Biorno vassal nodded. “That’s why, we are preparing for the worst. We don’t like fighting two fronts at once, after all.”

“Then that’s good to hear. The allied clans have the same wish as well, milord.

“What do you have in mind then, Lord Gracchio?”

“Would you consider laying down your arms against us, and bearing it against the ‘Knights’ instead?”

“What are the conditions?” the Lord Sargdhenerri was quick to ask.

“We would never ask you, and your master’s clan, to return the control of the Conclave to us,” the Lord Gracchio listed the offers of the allied council. “You’ll also be designated as the custodians of that school for as long as our treaty—if you signed it—stands. And finally, you and your people won’t be persecuted after the conflict ended. Everything will return to normal, as it once was.”

Hmm…such generous proposals! It sounds good, milord,” the Biorno vassal pointed out. “In fact, too good to be true. I know there are more conditions to that.”

“You’re right, milord. The council wants assurance from you that once the conflict ends, you would disband your clan’s armies and recognize the overlordship of House Usarved.”

“!!!” At that moment, the Lord Sargdhenerri’s retainers were quick to pull out their swords, ready to strike the Lord Gracchio. However, the Biorno vassal told them to stand down.

“Lord Gracchio, you are an intelligent demon. As your colleague, I even look up to your wisdom before,” the Lord Sargdhenerri began. “And I believe, someone like you would never agree to such a preposterous condition if you never saw the merit from it. Please, we allow you to tell us why we should agree to that, otherwise, this war will continue and you will not get out of this camp alive.”

“Thank you for the magnanimity, Lord Sargdhenerri,” the demon head scholar was careful to pick his words, as—just like the Lord Greg had predicted—this was the crucial part of the negotiation. It was good that the Lord Sargdhenerri kept an open mind to listen. “As I’m saying, we would like you to disband the Biorno armies and submit to the House Usarved ruler. However, this applies not only to you, but to the other clans as well: goblins, orcs, Tambaras and Usarveds.”

Huh? All the demon clans of Cherflammen without an army?”

“Yes, milord. In turn, a united military would be formed, and its soldiers drawn from all the demon clans, officers included. It would fall under the authority of the demon lord, whose responsibility is to uphold our rights and protecting our people. If you deem the ruler ineffective, or they are not doing their duties, a mechanism would be placed to ensure that we can remove them anytime, and install a better leader.”

A few moments of silence echoes throughout the tent, as the Lord Sargdhenerri and his retainers pondered on the offer of the allied emissary.

“Milord,” the Lord Gracchio added. “I believe you won’t have to answer now. However, I’d like you to consider our proposals. Think of it; a Cherflammen united under one banner, working to restore our people’s glory and prosperity after our repeated defeats before. And our children—our heirs, living in peace and studying for the better future of this land. Isn’t that what we strive for?”