Chapter 3:

The Time Has Come

Unconsciously [SHORT]

Today is the day Kyashii plans to start making headway toward her goal. And on this particular morning, she even arrived at school earlier than usual so that she could talk to Yuyo, but...

Is there any particular reason Shibasaki-san keeps getting mobbed by others just before I arrive?! What else could they be talking about so early in the morning? Grr! I can’t seem to get my time right to go to her. Argh!

“Isn’t it amazing how other people manage to make friends without much effort?” A girl with a pair of pigtails on her camel hair asked while keeping a weather eye on Yuyo’s direction.


“Uhh… Y-Yeah, I think so too.” Kyashii hesitantly replied as she struggled to recall the name of this girl sitting behind her.

In the twinkling of an eye, the girl turned to her and smiled. “Good morning to you. I’m Hana Nazumi. It’s nice to meet you.”

“Ah… Good morning. I’m Kyashii Mikami. It’s also nice to meet you, Nazumi-san.”

“Are you interested in making friends with Shibasaki-san over there, Mikami-san?” Hana’s eyes once again shifted to Yuyo.

“Have you met her, Nazumi-san?”

“Not at all. It was only during the introduction of the class. There’s just something about her that stands out to me. Um... Let’s say, Shibasaki-san attracts students even when she isn’t putting on a friendly face. She doesn’t seem interested in other people and rarely smiles, so I wonder why others keep approaching her.” She said with a smile. “On that note, can you handle serious people like her, Mikami-san?” Her stern eyes returned to Kyashii.

Hana’s expression stirs a nervous smile on Kyashii’s face.

This Nazumi-san seems friendly but also weird.

“Uhh... Yeah, I suppose so, Nazumi-san. And besides, I just talked to her yesterday, so I guess I can...”

“Really? As far as one can see, you’re a bit of a wallflower. Could my observation be wrong? Hmm......” Hana narrowed her eyes, as if trying to figure out Kyashii’s character.

Err… She is really weird! What’s the deal with that look?

“Aha-ha... Y-You are not completely wrong in that regard. It’s a struggle for me to overcome shyness. I hardly ever make friends. But I was hoping to be friends with Shibasaki-san, so... Errmm...”

Hana put on a friendly smile again when she noticed Kyashii was starting to feel a little uncomfortable around her.

“I see... We are similar in certain ways, Mikami-san. Being somewhat introverted, I find it difficult to build friendships. I simply enjoy being alone and observing what is going on around me. I just happened to feel like we were on the same wavelength, so I tried to talk to you.”

“Oh… You haven’t made any friends yet?”

“None yet… I have trouble fitting in with the people around me. For that reason, I’ve been keeping tabs on Shibasaki-san since yesterday. I thought she was like me because she didn’t move from her seat during break and tried to eat lunch alone. She wasn’t even actively trying to make friends like the rest of us freshmen would do on the first day of school, yet our classmates constantly approached her. I’m amazed that she’s already popular despite her reserved nature. Some people are born charmers, yeah?” Hana mused.

So someone else in this class is more diffident than I am? In a way, I could say I already have a friend in Hoshino-san. And, of course, I’m planning to bother Shibasaki-san about becoming my friend.

“But it wasn’t until the lunch break that I noticed her. Umm... Yeah, I think she’s charismatic too, though.” Kyashii said, turning to look at Yuyo with undisguised admiration.

“Mikami-san, I take it you are seriously interested in Shibasaki-san, yeah?” A cunning smile crossed Hana’s face.

“Huh? ...W-Well, I suppose you could say that. I really want to be friends with her, even though she’s a dummy!” Kyashii made a passing comment as her reaction soured.


“Eh?! Ahh… No, it’s nothing. Ha-ha!”

“Why don’t you try to get her to join you on lunch break? It seems like a great opportunity to get to know her better and maybe even become friends.”

“Oh! Yeah… That’s something I must do. Umm… I just need the perfect timing to talk to her.”

Hmph! From time to time, someone approaches her. How come these people keep making their way back to her when she isn’t even a customer service personnel?! What in the world are they discussing with her?

“Mmm... Then best of luck, Mikami-san. I hope you can make friends with Shibasaki-san.” Hana said with an encouraging smile.

“Yeah… I certainly hope so. Thank you, Nazumi-san.”

She’s a nice person. I wonder why she doesn’t have any friends yet. Is she really that shy?

Hmm.. Ohh!

Right! I can be her friend, then!

“Say, Nazumi-san... Do you want to be friends with me?” Kyashii extends a warm smile to Hana.

“Eh…? W-Well... If you’re fine with it, Mikami-san.”

“What do you mean if I’m fine with you? Of course, I am! You seem nice, so let’s be friends. Shy friends?” In some ways, Kyashii’s starting to feel at ease in her presence.

Hana let out a tiny giggle. “Of course, we are two shy friends. Then I’ll be in your care, Mikami-san.” She brightly smiled as she bent her head slightly towards Kyashii. Now that she has a new friend in class, Hana’s joy knows no bounds. She made a significant difference by having the courage to speak with Kyashii. 

“Same here, Nazumi-san. Please take care of me.” Kyashii cheerfully smiled at Hana. She’s just as happy as Hana to have made another new friend today.

Now, let’s go back to my main target. Shibasaki-san, the next person to become my friend is you!

Kyashii’s gaze went to Yuyo. At the moment, Yuyo is no longer talking to anyone and has sagged over to her desk, facing the windows.

Hmm? Is she out of energy? She looks worn out.

Uuh… Maybe I’ll just ask her during the break?

“. . . .”

Yeah! I’ll absolutely invite her to eat lunch with me!

When will be the perfect time for me to invite her?! Gaah! What's with all the people talking to her? I'm not getting my chance at all! Urgh! This is so annoying! Kyashii is screaming in her head at the restroom.

Lunch break had just begun, but she had yet to say a word with Yuyo. The distance between their seats made it hard to talk to her during their break. It's all thanks to the other seated near Yuyo, who will reach her before she does.

And things being what they are, she's still in the same predicament. Her visit to the restroom was an attempt to vent her frustration.

At this rate, I'll never be able to be friends with her. What became of my plan to bother her?

Haaah... This is really pathetic of me, isn't it?

A shy girl like me is trying hard and obsessing over making friends with someone as popular as Shibasaki-san. 

Kyashii felt a weight settle on her shoulders as she became increasingly aware of how different she and Yuyo really were from one another.

Maybe I should just give up on chasing Shibasaki-san. It doesn't seem like she wants to be friends with me anyway. She heaved an exhausted sigh as she left the restroom and stormed to the cafeteria to grab her lunch.


When push comes to shove, the omamori charm seemed to come into play once again when she unexpectedly bumped into Yuyo as she headed up the stairs leading to their classroom.

However, a girl whose amethyst hair has a single pigtail on the upper right side is descending the stairs with Yuyo. She’s carrying a lunch box, and Yuyo’s holding a paper bag that is likely to be her lunch.

They’re going to eat lunch outside, aren’t they?

Eh? ...Hold on!

It might be possible for me to tag along with them, right?

Kyashii stole a glance at the other single pig-tailed hair girl, trying to figure out her personality. She also gives off an air of shyness. I suppose I can deal with her presence?

“Ah!” Yuyo seemed a little surprised when she saw Kyashii.

Ohh! I guess she really remembers me now, huh? Hmph!

I think this is it! It’s either now or never. If I still can’t land this one right, I’m done trying to chase after Shibasaki-san!

“Are you going to eat outside, Shibasaki-san?” Kyashii mustered a quick smile for Yuyo.

In point of fact, I don’t know where all my shyness has gone when I’m around Shibasaki-san. Whenever I talk to her, I feel like my confidence is growing.

“Yeah,” Yuyo replied curtly.

Gaahh! She’s extremely cold to me. Does she hate me now after what I did yesterday?

Hmmph! Whatever!

I’ll just try to bother her one more time! It’s worth a try, at least!

Kyashii turned to face the girl with a pigtail whose gaze was silently flitting between them.

“Oh... Hello, my name is Kyashii Mikami, and I’m in class 1-B. You are?”

“Ahh… I’m Minori Kamiwaki. From class B as well.” The girl answered in a hushed tone, looking all bashful.

Wow… She sounds like an angel. She has such a sweet voice.

“I’m glad to meet you, Kamiwaki-san. Would it be alright if I tag along?” Kyashii beams a smile at Minori.

“Haah??” Kyashii could hear Yuyo’s displeased reaction, but she ignored it and kept asking Minori instead.

“Do you mind, Kamiwaki-san?” Kyashii smiled sweetly at Minori, who seemed flustered at such a stunning girl smiling at her.

The way Kyashii sees it, if she just gets Kamiwaki-san to side with her, at least that will let her bother Shibasaki-san once and for all.

“We-Well... That’s fine with me, Mikami-san. B-But I’m not sure Shibasaki-san is okay with that.” Minori replied. She gets the feeling something isn’t right between these two the moment Yuyo’s eyebrows knit together when Kyashii tries to tag along.

“How about it, Shibasaki-san? Kamiwaki-san’s cool with me tagging along. Is that all right?” Kyashii smirked when she turned to Yuyo.

But Yuyo is staring at her in an offbeat manner that she can’t make heads or tails of it.

Waahh! Her stare is quite unsettling. Was she about to kick me out? Scary... Yuyo’s icy expression sent shivers down Kyashii’s spine.

“I don’t mind,” Yuyo replied as she turned her eyes away from Kyashii.

“Really?!” Kyashii’s eyes brightened up with delight.

“Yeah... I’m cool with it. Besides, Kamiwaki-san said she’s fine with you tagging along. Let’s go.” Yuyo continued to make her way down the stairs.

At last! Thanks, goodness. The time has come for me! A blissful bright smile was fixed on Kyashii’s face, which also spilled over into her eyes. 

Minori stared at her classmates with fascination as she started walking behind the two. She struggled not to smile while trying to figure out the mysterious atmosphere between Kyashii and Yuyo. It was hard for her to tell whether they were friends or not. 

At the same time, Minori catches the feeling they’re already pretty close, even though she’s not sure if those two are aware of it. And that’s exactly what she finds intriguing, given that Yuyo and Kyashii are basically strangers to each other.