Chapter 11:

This isn’t training ( part 3: EMP doesn't work on me! )

The Dusk of Revenge

   I stood up and walked toward the commander’s tent then, just before entering, I realized that I was about to take the worst possible action then anyone can take in a situation like this one.

I walked away toward the nearest gate that leads outside of the dome. Luckily, we were camping near one. I shouldn’t waste time informing the commander. That wasn’t my job to begin with. Asahi, who was waiting for me to say something, understood that I decided to act immediately so he asked me to give him temporary orders until he contacts the commander and takes orders from him.

“… For the time being, try contacting the commander and inform the other members of our squad. When you talk to Mr. Kazama, ask him to keep the message we received from Rin, a secret from the other squads. Try contacting Rin to Find out What’s happening right now. Also, can you send me the exact location from which she sent the message?”

“…Roger that! What are you going to do now?” He asked.

“We don’t have time to wait for anyone. I will go ahead to help Rin.”

“But… You can’t charge solo against the whole enemy team.”

I stopped for a second looking at the closed gate before me guarded by two soldiers. “…I am not that stupid to act recklessly. I will try buying sometime so ask all our team to come to the rescue asap… Ai! can you open the gate of the dome and tell me if there is any car nearby that I can use immediately.”

“Let me take care of the gate. Ai will search for any means of transport nearby.”

Immediately after that, Ai notified me that she found what I needed. “…The nearest option you have now is a hoverbike. Shall I drive it to your location? It’s a military property so it is 1.5 times stronger than normal ones. About 700 Km/h.”

“…That will do it. Bring it to the gate. I am about 30 seconds away from the gate.”

“…I will take charge of the driving since the assisted pilot system will set the speed below 350.” Since Ai will be driving the bike, we can easily reach a speed of 500 Km/h which will help me reach Rin’s location in about 1 minute.

Before reaching the gate, the doors started to open slowly. Simultaneously, the hoverbike arrived at the designated location just seconds before I arrived. I jumped onto the bike without any second thought.

“… Prepare yourself, master. Hold on tightly to the bike and make sure not to create any air resistance with your body while we’re on the way since the pressure will be unbearable. We can go in any moment you want” I crouched down low on my bike to reduce the air resistance and put on a streamlined helmet that had a special, smooth shape that allows the air to flow over the cyclist more easily. Immediately after that I departed toward the abandoned area in south Meguro…

50 meters away from Rin’s location, I stopped the bike and started moving carefully searching for her. This area used to be a residential area before domes were established in Japan. 15 years without any maintenance had quite the effect on the buildings.

I was trying my best to hide my presence and move from a building to another while constantly looking in my surroundings for any human presence. In this area I can surely say that any human except for Rin for the time being is my enemy.

After a minute from careful roaming in the area I found Rin. It looks like she was still hiding but that won’t last for longer. I can easily spot 15, no 20 or more members of the Red Claws looking for her. One of them, who looked to be one of their leaders, screamed loudly: “… I know you’re here. Whoever you’re, we received information that one of the special forces members is here scouting the area. We just want to pay you for discovering our hideout!”

I deduced that they don’t know who exactly they are looking for. This means that the one who gave them the information didn’t know the identity of the agent sent here. I contacted Asahi while keeping an eye on the situation: “… Asahi, do you hear me? You’re the one who informed the other squad that one of our agents has found the enemy’s location?”

“That’s correct!” He answered

“And you didn’t mention the name of the agent?”


“Is there any possibility for the message you sent to be intercepted by the enemy?”

“I verified our security before and after sending the information to the other squads.”

“Then this means someone leaked the information to the enemy on purpose. Have you contacted the commander and the rest of the team?”

“I was talking with the commander a moment ago and he ordered me to keep this rescue mission a secret from all the other squads. He’s still in the meeting with the other squad leaders so he won’t be coming for the time being. In one minute, the rest are going to leave the camp. If you can buy sometime until they arrive, then everything is going to be alright.”

While Asahi was talking, I saw one of the terrorists approaching the building in which Rin was hiding…

“…I can’t contact Rin even though she is 15 meters away from me.” I muttered. “Asahi, can you send her a message in which you tell her not to move from her location no matter what?”

“I can do it… What are you going to do?”

I ignored his question as I took a few steps toward the enemy. The moment I became visible to them, they started screaming: “… There he is, catch him!”. Asahi on the other hand started screaming at me: “… What have you done? You should’ve stayed hidden until help arrived.” I smiled as I watched the enemy running towards me and answered him with a cold tone: “… If I didn’t move, they would’ve caught her.”

I stood still waiting for them to arrive. I knew that I had to lure them away, but I couldn’t run any further or else they may think that I am acting strangely and continue checking that building. I thought that I could just fight them with my blade when they arrived, but I discovered, when I moved my hand to my back where I usually keep the sword, that I forgot to bring it with me when I jumped quickly to come and save Rin.

[ It looks like this isn’t my lucky day]

I pulled an EMP gun and a dagger from my jacket and looked at them as they surrounded me from all directions. They were acting carefully although this was a 15 versus 1 fight. Taking one step at a time towards me, I knew they intended to catch me instead of killing me.

So, and with a crazy smile on my face, I decided to taunt them so they act recklessly, and I can escape this dire situation.

“… I am flattered, 15 against me?! You guys surely have an insane amount of courage. Let me guess. You’re trying to catch me unharmed? How cute!”

Those words were enough to make one of them charge at me blindly while screaming that he doesn’t care about the orders anymore and he’s going to tear me apart.

As the distance between us became closer I shot his legs with my EMP gun, so he fell down next to me. Before he could even react to the previous attack, I knocked him down with a hit on the back of his neck using the gun grip.

“… Well now, we have a situation of 14 vs 1. If I was in your position, I would’ve thought of rescuing this idiot who jumped blindly at me. He won’t be able to use those mechanical legs he has, and he received a critical hit on the back of his head. I think they called it “traumatic brain injury”. If he stays out for more than a few minutes, he might not ever wake up.” I smiled as I continued talking, trying to push another one to commit a mistake. “… You’re going to keep your comrade laying on the ground like that?”

Another one took a few cautious steps toward the body of his friend. I let him get close as much as possible and in the moment, he switched his sight toward the body in the ground, he received a similar hit to the one that knocked the first idiot seconds ago…

I laughed out loud as I looked down on them while keeping the same strategy: “… Who told you that you can go help him. Aah this is bad… I shouldn’t laugh at you guys and yet I can’t help it. 13 vs 1… Shall we keep this game? I will be happy to take you all at once.”

This time, instead of waiting for anyone to take the initiative, I looked around to spot the closest enemy to my position. I started walking slowly towards him. “… Keep on watching me from a safe distance and you will regret it.” The man, out of panic, pulled his gun and started shooting me randomly. I laughed as I kept walking without sustaining any injury: “… EMP gun? Those toys have no effect on me! Try a bit harder!”

Others started to have some courage, pulled their guns, and took position to fire. I stood still for a second to verify if anyone was using a classic gun with iron bullets then continued walking as if nothing happened. To that arrogant attitude I showed at that moment one of them yelled at them as loud as he could: “… Fire!”

“… I told you already!! EMP guns don't have any effect on me. I am an ordinary human!” At that time, I felt overpowered compared to them. After all, I was their natural enemy. When I reached my target, he decided to fight me bare handed which worked better for me than I thought. I evaded his punch and made him unconscious like the other two. These people were totally relying on the EMP weapons they had and didn’t expect that they’re going to fight someone like me. As a result, they ignored training and focused only on learning how to use powerful equipment.

Asahi, who was listening to what was happening in the scene, notified me that reinforcements would arrive in two or three minutes. I felt a bit reassured when I heard him. I thought that I could keep up at this rate for hours. But that assumption was mistaken since I forgot an important matter…

“… That’s quite the show you’ve done there!” I turned my head towards the source of the sound to see the man that was screaming earlier when I arrived in this spot. He continued talking with an arrogant voice as he walked slowly towards me with three men behind him. “… Too bad this is the end of the road for you.” I wasn’t aware that the situation had completely changed at that time, so I ignored him.

“…Are you sure about that?” A large maniac smile appeared on his face as he asked: “Didn’t you forget an important thing, Mr. gentleman?”

That was the moment when I realized that I messed up…

When I first arrived, I spotted more than 20 men in this area and only 15 of them came after me… I totally forgot about the rest of them. That mistake cost me the failure of the whole plan. They captured Rin…

The man pointed his finger toward me then laughed. “I know what you’re thinking right now! How were they able to capture her? Am I correct?”

I threw my gun and dagger on the ground without saying anything. The situation didn’t need any explanation. From the moment I saw one a gun pointed at Rin’s head I understood everything.

“So, you had a classic gun with you after all…”

“…Did you think that we didn’t expect someone like you or her to appear?” He looked behind him to verify that Rin won’t be able to escape then continued: “How naïve!”

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