Chapter 16:

A Warning before the Riot

Real Villain, Desu Wa!

After they went back to the city, Damian parted with Elma and went to his house. When Damian arrived at an intersection near his house, he saw a woman in her 20s blocking his way in the middle of the street.

The woman was short. It went without saying that she probably had small boobs. The woman wore a black gothic dress with long sleeves, she held the left hand of a bear doll that was big as a backpack in her right hand, and she held a black harmonica with her left hand.

The woman walked slowly and gracefully toward Damian, while she was looking down at the asphalt. Then she stopped when she was about 3 meters from Damian who was frozen with a dumb face.

“Number Ten, aren’t you?” the woman asked.

“Who-who are you? A stalker?” Damian replied with a question!

The woman lifted her chin and glared at Damian. A wind blew a chunk of her black hair that is red-colored and her hair near her knees. Then she asked, “Do you think I’m a stalker, Spunky?”


She breathed in on the low notes of her harmonica to indicate disagreement.

“No? Then who are you?” Damian asked.

“Descartes, but my friends call me Monipa,” she replied.

Where the hell does “Monipa” come from?!

“So, what do you want, Ms. Descartes?” Damian asked.


Descartes breathed out on the low notes of her harmonica to indicate agreement, and she said, “Do not escalate things, Number Ten. People are going to die.”

Damian replied: “It’s a trolley problem, let five persons die or one person dies. It’s a dilemma because both are correct. But in this case, I’ll let that one person dies because that one person represents that general and his cronies. Humans give priority to those dear to them after themselves and before strangers, and I want to be a human. God didn’t create robots to build a society.”

“Do you need a spank, Spunky? What I meant was those dear to you were going to die. That general doesn’t give a shit about strangers, and he rules with an iron fist. You can wait, the election isn’t far.”

“Ha. Do you think the election won’t be rigged by that crafty general? I’m sure he will put his armed force outside the party congress’ building, and the soldiers will pressure the party members to choose favorable candidates for that general. So, this is our only chance.”

“You can just leave this nation with your dear ones. It’s not forbidden.”


“Your mind is clouded by revenge. Aren’t you a rational person, not an emotional one, Number Ten?”

Damian raised his hands and shouted, “I’m an existentialist in the morning, a Kantian in the afternoon, an ACTIVIST in the night, and Jesus when I sleep!”

“Those aren’t different.”

“What do you mean those are not different?! Anyway, I won’t change my mind,” Damian said and walked past Descartes. He then stopped and asked without looking at Descartes, “A cyborg?”

“Number Six,” Descartes replied. “You are the real villain, the source of all evil and disorder. Thus I have to eliminate you. Don’t say I never warned you.” She then walked away from Damian, closed her eyes, and played her harmonica.

How the f*ck do people know about me, but I don’t know about them?! Dent, Ms. Hikari, Dr. Easton, and now this Descartes woman. Of course, because I have amnesia!

When Damian arrived in front of his house, he pushed a button on his stomach, and keys were thrown out of his mouth. He opened the gate with the key and went to his living room.

Damian saw Anastasia who crossed her legs and sat on the sofa in the living room. She held a glass of grape juice in her right hand and smiled at Damian. “Welcome home, Goshujin-sama,” she said.

Who the f*ck is your goshujin?! Damian asked, “What are you doing here with that outfit, woman?! This is my house!”

Anastasia traced her boobs with her left index finger and kept her smile at Damian. She wore a sexy black nightgown so her cleavage could be seen.

This damn witch!

“You were my boyfriend, and you taught me about robotics engineering. That was why I could copy your original mind into that body and send you to see the outside world, to learn about our society under Xerxes’ grasp, so you could have the spirit to rebel. I guess it was successful because you came here.”

Wait, when did we ever go on a date?! Damian asked, “Where is my original body?”

“In the basement, he becomes NEET,” Anastasia replied.

Damian laughed and walked past Anastasia. “Lock the gate and the door, Ms. Girlfriend. I’m also grateful to you for vouching for me.”

“Sometimes, Lexi is tailing you. Be careful, My Dear.”

“That damn loli! Alright, thank you, Ms. Ana.”

“I’m leaving tonight. I’m going to run in the next election as a vice president. Dr. Easton will run for president and be my partner. No need to be jealous, I’m still yours, and please forget Hikari,” Anastasia said, drank her juice, and put her glass on a table.

Holy sh*t, I have two women who fight over me! I become a protagonist, aren’t I? However, although Anastasia is so hot, Ms. Hikari is not scary. I mean, Ms. Hikari never messed up with my body without my permission. Anastasia is indeed a witch!

When Damian arrived at his basement, he saw another Damian who sat on a big armchair, and that Damian was watching a magical girl anime on a TV. There was a pile of rubbish on the floor near the chair.

“Don’t you become pathetic, Damian Ford?” Damian asked.

Another Damian turned off the TV and said, “Pathetic? My girlfriend gives me money and occasionally plays my Excalibur, and I can just watch anime every day. Isn’t that a dream comes true? Oh, the flash drive that we found in the landfill kept some good anime and games. You should watch and play some.”

“We share one mind. I know you hate yourself when you become a useless person! So get over here and take my memory! We need to fight!”

“It seems that I don’t become a flat person although I don’t have a human brain.”

“Bunny has great machine learning, so he can answer any question or behave like a human. Bunny is the invention of the Super Creator after all. You were just so tired that time so you forgot this fact.

Damian Ford, please, don’t disappoint Ms. Hikari.”

Another Damian stood up, turned around, and walked to Damian. “I’m the Mad Scientist Damian! I won’t disappoint my lab members!”

Damian put himself into sleep mode, and another Damian began to mess up Damian’s body and take Damian’s memory. They became one. Damian got back his original body and reminisced about what he observed with Elma.

He then opened his eyes and thought, It’s time to start the riot.

Two weeks had passed. It was the time for RIOT!