Chapter 17:


Real Villain, Desu Wa!

Anarchy and pressure. Those are the keys to this operation.

Damian took a black rod with ruby on one of its tips, and he thought, The briefing is done. Let’s do this.

At 07:30, one thousand university students and 500 poor civilians made a long march to the Wolfman Presidential Palace in Kievan. They brought their university’s flag and banners about their demands.

Damian, Elma, and Takeshi stood on the bed of a truck. The truck was surrounded by those demonstrators, and it was moving slowly with the demonstrators. There was also a sound system on the bed.

Another truck, the second truck, was a bit far behind Damian’s truck, and it was also moving slowly with the demonstrators. On that truck, there was a band that played Verdandi’s national anthem. Although entertainment was generally banned, any educational entertainment was permitted.

There are also other marches in other places. One is marching to that foreigner’s shopping center, Ms. Rose leads it, one is marching to Gabriel Foodstuff Trading office, Bunny leads it, and another one is marching to OC-IPA’s headquarters. So, we have thousands of people. That's sufficient, Damian thought.

There are some thugs in their 30s among the civilians. Dr. Easton paid some of them, and they hide a baseball bat or other weapon in their backpack. This is going to be fun.

The band on the second truck stopped playing and let Takeshi give his instructions.

“Those in the rear, can you hear me?!!” Takeshi shouted through his microphone.

The demonstrators in the rear raised their right hand and shouted, “Yeah!!”

“Do you know why we are here today?!!”

“YEAH!” the demonstrators replied to Takeshi.

Takeshi raised his left hand and gave the march a thumb. He and some demonstrators wore the black anime character shirt that Takeshi wore on the subway train.

This guy hesitated to help, but with some naked photos of retired idols, he agreed to help. What an idiot, Damian thought, and then he looked at the character on Takeshi’s shirt. Doesn’t that character look like Ms. Descartes? Is Ms. Descartes a cosplayer?!

“Then, let’s lift our spirit!!” Takeshi shouted again.


Takeshi waved his left hand, raised his voice, and said, “LONG LIVE, MONIPA!”

“MIPAAA!!!” The demonstrators shouted, clenched their fists, and raised their right hand.



Who the f*ck is Monipa?! Is she that character on his shirt?!

“Monipa, our cute protagonist!! Do you remember the first preview of Monipa’s Journey?!!”


“While she held her harmonica, she was glancing and glancing at the camera. Then for the first time, she took off her harmonica from her lips, and she was giggling and giggling. Wasn’t she cute?!!”


“Then out of nowhere, out of nowhere!! She gave a ‘chu’ for us!!!”


THE F*CK. These guys are a bunch of simps!! Why do I have to accompany this march?! I prefer to be with Ms. Rose’s march because there are so many girls in that march!

“That’s why we love Monipa, and that’s why Dent’s law breaks our hearts!!”


A tall demonstrator shouted, “Monipa is meanie!! I hate her!!”

The march suddenly stopped. The other demonstrators turned their heads to the tall demonstrator. Takeshi shouted, “Brothers!! Give a divine punishment to that slanderer!!!”

“YEAAAAH!” The demonstrators shouted, and some demonstrators turned around and beat that tall demonstrator. Then the march was moving again.

Ja, let’s shout out one of our demands!!!” Takeshi then clapped in a rhythm and said, “One, cute, anime!”

The demonstrators also clapped in a rhythm, and they shouted, ”FOR, OUR, LIFE!”

“One, cute, anime!”


Elma interrupted and shouted through her microphone, “WAAAAAA-”

Then, one thousand students from famous, respectable universities shouted, “SEEEEEEEEX!”

Damian put his right palm on his face. Oh, God…

At 08:00, Damian’s march arrived in front of the gate of the presidential palace. At the gate, there were also some police officers, soldiers, food sellers, and reporters. Takeshi gave some instructions to the demonstrators, “Don’t block the street! Those in the rear, move there!!”

Then Takeshi began his speech: “We gather here to shout out our four demands!! First, we demand that the government stop foreign investments because they damage our domestic industries and make us suffer!

Second, we demand that the government lift the entertainment ban! Entertainment gives people jobs, and we already have good censorship!

Third, we demand that the government isn't too strict on the implementation of Perfect Adult, especially for children!!

Fourth, stop nepotism and hang those corrupt people!!”


The demonstrators shouted and repeated their demands and slogans over and over.

Damian jumped from the truck and took his flip smartphone in his jacket. “Dr. Easton, is this the time?” Damian asked Easton through a call.

“Yes,” Easton replied and closed the call.

Some robotic mosquitos flew and bit the soldiers in front of the palace door after the palace front yard. Then Damian made eye contact with a thug among the demonstrators and waved his right index and middle fingers. The thug nodded and signaled the other thugs.

Those thugs took out their weapons and walked to cars with foreign brands that parked near the gate.

Crash! Crash!

Some thugs broke the window of the cars.


Other thugs burned the cars or threw a bomb at the cars.

The food sellers screamed and ran away from the gate. The soldiers in front of the gate just stood and watched. Those soldiers were Easton’s men.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The explosions from other marches could also be heard.


Damian broke the gate, and the demonstrators entered the front yard. The soldiers near the palace door lifted their rifles and aimed at the demonstrators. Those soldiers were Xerxes’ men.

Minaaaaaa! Let’s start the performance!” Elma shouted.

The mosquitos already bit the soldiers, so just like when I fought Ms. Hikari, I can protect the demonstrators if they perform something, Damian thought.

Suddenly, the men among the demonstrators, except Damian and Takeshi, took off their shirts and made a square formation.

Hm? What the hell are they doing?

The band played a faint BGM and Elma shouted, “Pero pero, pero pero ('pero pero' is 'licking' in Japanese).”

While Elma shouted it, the men bent their knees and took one step. Then they put their hands in front of their chest, waved their hands, stuck out their tongue, and moved their tongue left and right.

After Elma shouted it, the men stopped their hands and tongue and said, “Desu, desuu.”

Elma then shouted again, “Pero pero, pero pero,” and the men took another step and repeated their hand and tongue movements. After Elma shouted that same line, the men, again, replied with the same reply, “Desu, desuu.

Pero pero, pero pero.

Desu, desuu.

When Elma shouted for the fourth time, she shouted the same line in a faster tempo and low pitch, “Pero pero, pero pero.

Desu, desu, WA!” The men showed their palms, opened their mouths, glared at the soldiers, and raised their voices when they shouted “WA!” The band then played their drum.

WHAT THE F*CK IS THAT SONG AND CHOREOGRAPHY?! They should have played Chiki Chiki Jan Jan instead! Why the f*ck did Ms. Elma choose this song?!

The soldiers shot the demonstrators but they missed! They looked so confused and horrified because one thousand half-naked men were approaching them with disgusting expressions! It was a nightmare!

Damian smirked. Anarchy, success.

Suddenly, a penguin-shaped robot jumped from the palace door, landed, and shouted, “I, Tricia Ojou-sama’s butler, demand you to stop! My name is TIGRE KOVALSKI!”

AREN’T YOU A PENGUIN?! Damn it, I should have brought Bunny here! It would be an epic encounter!

Some bipedal and headless robots also came out from the palace door. Those robots’ hands were replaced with machine guns.

Is that a new model? P4 model? Damn it, the mosquitos won't work on robots. Damian raised his right hand and shouted, “Brothers!!! STOP YOUR ADVANCE! RETREAT!”

The demonstrators stopped their performance, and the men retreated behind Damian.

“Hah! That’s true! Stop this anarchy and go home!” Tigre shouted.

Takeshi jumped from the truck and approached Damian. “Mr. Damian, what should we do now?”

If we stop here, then we cannot give the government enough pressure, so we won’t change anything. We have to, at least, make the foreign prime minister afraid and run away. Damn it. Damian held harder his rod and muddled his mind to find an idea.

Takeshi noticed Damian’s rod and said, “Mr. Damian, let me use that rod to destroy those robots. In the briefing, you said it is a bomb, right?”

“Yeah, a hydrogen bomb, but I set it to have a small area of an explosion,” Damian replied.

Takeshi held Damian’s rod. “Let me do it,” Takeshi said.

“No, you don’t have to. Let me do it myself.”

“Mr. Damian, you are our think tank. We might need you in the future.”

If I use this, I probably will be too tired and have GLD symptoms. Should I let him sacrifice himself?

Takeshi took a syringe from his coat and injected himself. “Dr. Easton gave me this. I won’t feel pain for a while. Mr. Damian, let me be the martyr. I cannot live without hentai and Monipa!!!”

Damian chuckled and nodded. “You choose this, Takeshi,” he said and gave his rod to Takeshi.

Takeshi turned around, raised Damian’s rod, and shouted, “I SIMP FOR MONIPA!! I love her small body, her thoughts, her voice, her temperament, and everything else!! I want the second season of Monipa’s Journey!! Brothers!! Let’s welcome our bright future!!”

“TAKESHIIIII!” the demonstrators shouted, and Damian gave a signal for the demonstrators to move backward.

Takeshi turned around and walked toward the robots.

“Hey! I’m gonna shoot you! Stop!” Tigre warned.

Takeshi walked slowly and recited Monipa’s chant:

“I walk around.

I jump around.

La, la, la, la, la.”

Bang! Bang!

The robots shot Takeshi.

“TAKESHIII!!” the demonstrators shouted.

Takeshi continued the chant:

“To another world.

Reading book.

La, la, la, la, la.”

Bang! Bang! Bang!


Takeshi got down on his knees. His clothes were soaked with blood, and he coughed up blood. Takeshi just smirked and pushed a button on his rod. He then raised his rod and shouted his final remark, “Super Syntax: Magical Beam FIREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”


Hungry Sheep