Chapter 15:

A Song for You

Real Villain, Desu Wa!

“Bunnyyy, let’s go!” Elma led the way again to the outside world. Damian followed Elma in small steps.

However, they noticed a garbage truck that time on their way to D4BT.

Ah, they are loading those trucks with imperfect, dead people again, Damian thought.

Elma stopped. Damian also saw that there was a child with a purple hair ribbon and a familiar school bag among the bodies.


When Elma was going to run to the truck, Damian tackled Elma so she fell and hit the sidewalk.

“Calm down. If you interrupt their work, you might be considered as troublesome and killed too, Ms. Elma.”

“But, Bunny! That child, that child…” Elma wiped her tears and crawled to the truck. Damian jumped on Elma’s back and pushed her down so she wouldn’t run.

“She must be at school at this hour, right? That one is probably another unfortunate child.”

We both know that people are also going to end up in that truck if they fail in their education. That child probably didn’t have enough time to study. That ribbon and school bag are also very familiar to us, so it isn’t likely that Ms. Elma is wrong, but I have to lie. I have to lie and convince Ms. Elma so she won’t do anything stupid.

“Bunny, let’s go to the landfill tonight,” Elma said.

Why? Damian had been confused, but in the night, he followed Elma to a hole in the city’s wall. The hole was behind a dumpster so Elma had to push it aside before she could get out of the city through the hole with Damian. Elma then pulled back the dumpster from the outside.

Ah, so this was how she could sneak out of the city that night. A perfect adult is supposed to sleep at this hour if they aren’t working. It was a good decision that I didn’t enter this city through the city’s gate that night to avoid suspicion.

After some minutes, Damian and Elma arrived at the landfill. This is so nostalgic, Damian thought.

“Bunny, I’m going to sing a song here,” Elma said, but her bright tone was gone.

“Why? They cannot hear you,” Damian said.

Elma just smiled and said: “People are weird. There was one historical figure who wished to be buried under a big tree with a beautiful landscape. His family tried to fulfill his wish, although he probably couldn’t see his burial site because he went to the afterlife.

But! Love, or attachment, in this case, is the one who ties people and pushes them to do something that will please their loved ones. No matter how stupid that something is. If I cannot be on their side in their last hours, at least I want to give them a nice parting gift while I pray for them. Stupid? I don’t care.”

Damian had a seat on the sand and said, “Go ahead, Ms. Elma.”

Elma began to sing a song about a bright future, a future that someone could spend more time with their loved ones, albeit it was trivial, albeit it was nothing more than being on their side, albeit it was stupid.

Love, huh? Yeah, as someone who ever got NTRed and became violent because of it, I despise it. Love makes people dumb, scientists agree with this because that testosterone, dopamine, or oxytocin messes up our critical thinking, our kenja taimu.

No wonder Ms. Elma does this, and I became a peace-loving teenager. But, if Ms. Hikari lives in a peaceful world, then there is a reason for me to stand and fight again, so I won’t disappoint her, and I can be with her.

I’m a simple man. I see a cute girl, and she loves me, then I love her, and I will fight for her. That’s the reason for my life, other than anime and some fap materials.

Elma finished her song and got down on her knees. She cried.

Damian touched Elma’s right arm and said, “If there is a chance, do you want to change this nation, Ms. Elma?”

Elma wiped her tears and glared at Damian. She said, “Bunny, let’s kill that fucking Gabriel or dipshit Xerxes.”

Right. She was the one who gave me her middle finger. She must be like this at some point.

“That’s probably hard to do, but we can change some policies to prevent this kind of massacre,” Damian replied. “Let me call that DILF.”

Damian pushed a button on his stomach to call Easton. When Easton picked up the call, Damian asked him, “Why the fuck did you kill that child? Aren’t you a crafty bastard, Dr. Easton?”

Easton laughed. “Damian, I have no idea about the child that you are talking about. The child may have been killed by my men or that general’s men from OC-IPA, but I wouldn’t ever kill a child even if a watchdog reported to me that the child was imperfect. I have a daughter, you know.”

“Really, Dr. Easton? Anyway, count me in. I need some components, could you prepare them for me? Assuming that there is enough time.”

“Just ask. You know, a foreign prime minister will visit us here in two weeks to symbolize our nation's partnership. Could you prepare everything before that?”

Only two weeks? Are you kidding me? Damian thought. “I’m going to drag that Takeshi guy, so probably I can.”

“Let’s talk about everything you need at that braided ponytail girl’s campus tomorrow, I’m going to visit her campus anyway. There is no time to mourn.”

“Alright.” Damian closed the call and looked at Elma. “Ms. Elma, did you listen to our conversation? That DILF is the Commander of OC-IPA, and he is going to help us.”

“I don’t understand what are you and that DILF going to do, but if I can fuck up those bastards’ ass, then count me in, Bunny,” Elma said.

Language, Ms. Elma? Damian said, “Ask Ms. Rose to join too, and I’m going to ask Hacker-X for help tonight.”

“Hooo, you know that hacker, Bunny?”

Well, that’s me. Damian held Elma right’s hand and looked at the sky. “Yeah, I know him. Now, let’s gaze at the sky and utter that famous line, Ms. Elma.”

Elma nodded and looked at the sky too.

Damian and Elma then said, “Watashi wa shinjiteru, watashi tachi no mirai wa yatte kuru! (I believe, there will be a future for us!)

Then there was a shooting star in the sky!
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