Chapter 15:

girl next door

love sick delinquent

i was completely confused on what's going on and still can't get over about the shit that had happened to me while ago and now this?

All of them were glaring at me.i shouldn't have said those things riggh?it was th campus princes were talking about

i covered my mouth realizing what i just said i want to keep my calm and act cool but for some reason my mouth doesn't cooperate''i don't have problem with cecilion wither to nicol who is probably better in playing violin than me but as long as we're here,were both students.equals''

well what you're saying isn't totally wrong but

anyways,we don't accept you being a participant along with nicol

''so don't get carried away you mature''the last word really got me

i know i'm not really good in playing violin,i don't even understand why im here in the concours but hearing that from someone i don't really know just made me mad

''dont''i said as i clenched my fist

What are you saying something?

Did I just hit a nail on your head so much that you can't say anything back?”she said mocking a me

don't talk to me like that!"without even thinking i stood up and yelled

id listen to whatever you say but listen,yeah i know I'm an amateur. I know I'm new but its not like I want to be with nicol because I wanted to okay?

i didn't ask anyone.if i could give this position away heck i would wrapp it up and put ribbon on the top and hand it over with a smile''i said sarcastically

i'm losing my temper with this music department students''nicols just mean rude,stubborn and cold''i said without even thinking

''well i'm sorry for being mean stubborn and cold''the words from behind felt like a knife.i slowly turned around..and standing there was nicol!

"ni nicol..."

fancy to see you here katarina honored"he had a smile on his face but his eyes were twitching with rage

oh my...he's definitely mad

we were just about to leave''one of the girls said and dash out of the room.nicol did not even pay attention to them and just blankly stared at me

i saw about to say something when he glared at ne''save the words you want to say about this concours''

''look its not what it looks -''

'' i don't know what reason you're talking about but hearing someone talk behind my back is the most laudable act”


Are you done?

glen wants to talk to you.he ask me to run errands for you like he always make me do” with that.he quietly left the room leaving me speechless

i felt guilty for what i didnt.i was wrong and i shouldbt hace say those words against nicol

after all he's not that bad.and he did nothing wrong


i leaned on the rails and look down on the ground.i was in the third floor of the music department building walking to the hallways alone

it's really beautiful out here.i thought as i saw marching band students below playing instruments cheerfully

``Someone like me who has not majored In Music has to compete huh?"

You supposed to be getting to know your fellow competitors, but the first stage of the competition is coming soon, and you barely has time to pick you music, let alone make new friends

Don't ask me!

No way!

"Why don't you just go straight to the person who dragged you into this?"

Drag me into this?”I whispered as I looked at him confusedly”what do you mean sir?

“Oh right,since the first selection theme has been announced.... You can choose what piece to perform”he said changing of the topi


"Well,it won't be too late to choose your song after they tell you the theme of the contest Or you can just ask other people who are entering the contest as will"


"Let them tell you how they practice, that would be helpful, right?"

"Why don't you go ask Carlton?you guys are in the same grade and he plays the violin too"

I imagined nicols face not while ago blank but angrily looking at me"a reason i don't know what reason you're talking about but hearing someone talk behind my back is the most laudiable avt''

That's impossible...definitely impossible I'm too afraid to ask him

Have you found an accompanist yet?


You need a piano accompanist. The concourse

"Ah why not let's go on a picnic?just somewhere near the lake.its sounds like a good idea don't you think?''


''Why don't you invite them?"she said with a wink"Its a perfect chance to get familiar with the other players right"


Music classroom

I hesitantly knocked on the door when someone opened i expected it was nicol-holding a violin on his hand.i guess he was practising alone


"I interrupted your practice"

"What's your business?"

'I didn't know you personal hobby was stalking"

"What ?!!No way!

" Stalking is a crime yah know and this is my territory... You can't just barge in

"Thank you for what happened"

"If you haven't showed up...I would've been in big trouble"

"Don't misunderstand"

"I only freak out because I couldn't stand it"he said in his normal tone”and i still havent forgot you backstab me now leave”

"He's such an annoying cold person!hmph"

"Shut up"he said on the other side of the door

He heard all that?!!i thought to myself as i marched down the hallway ignoring other students staring at me and that's when someone blocked my way

i looked to see who it was cobfuseldyl.looked at her

''I'm a music student from second year,shannon shion''

''Hmm this is that girl from the class next door to nicol?''

I'm sorry for springing this on you suddenly,I actually wanted to ask favor

''Yes what is it?''

I recognize this a really weird request but...please appoint me to be your accompanist''

If you haven't dividend on an accompanist yet would you please pick me


Yes I want to participate in the contours in some ways as well

This is great!I've decide on an accompanist

Sir Glenn!”i said as i barged in to sir glenns office

''Oh Katharina ,I'm glad you're in god spirit''he greeted me with a smile on his face as i saw him folding some table napkins and a picnic basket on the top og his table''but Please try not to break the door again''

Well,sort of I was embarrassed ,but in the end,it turned out to be a good thing!”I...I made my first ever accompanist in my life''i said proudly

''Wow that's great for you''a A Deep voice said i looked up and saw a familiar face looking at me

Its euphimia,the girl with the microphone while ago

“You made an accompanist .don't get ahead of yourself''sir glen boredly said as he stared at me with his usual bored eyes

''Ehh but''

“I'm just going to water this plant right here”

Wait..could it have been since then?but everything was going so well at time...that was real right?it wasn't another fantasy isn't it”i wonder if i will run to yahiro and get the chance to share my day to him”

''Don't tell me it was all.just a dream''i said and flattered when i drop the vase unpurposely “I'll get a broom from the staff room”i said in paic

''I'm sorry!oh no..I start thinking about yahiro.I won't be able to calm down.i thought as i began to panic as i felt eyes on me.i reached out my hands to pick up the shards when suddenly ,someone grab my hands before my fingers touch the broken glass

“Don't use your bare has its dangerous”sshe said in woreidly looking at me

“What's with those expressions?”Her hands was warm


This is no fantasy

Are you dating yahito?''she asked as i stared at me”Oh i'm sorry,i saw the two of you together yesterday and you seems to be on good terms

I shook my head”yahiro...was the first person to ever see me”i thought to myself.He was the first person to whom I wasn't invisible

“well,I still want to know more about the real yahiro” i responded to euphimia

“yahiro is an old friend of mine “my face lit up to what euphimia said

“How does he spends time outside of school or why did he quit piano?”i asked subsequently”do you like him?whats your ideal guy ?

''I'm not really good with boys...they're different somehow than I imagine..or should I say,none of them are really ideal.''euphimia said with a shrug.''but yahiro is different from what I imagine and he's far from idea''

Does…euphimia like yahiro??

Katarina!!”claudia dahed of as i saw her catching her breath as she was standing in front of the open door

“You're safe now!than goodness I was worried and cane looking for you”she said in a very serious voice

Euphimia saw claudia and stood up and walk away from me as she sat down back to the chair where she's sitting near window silently

You didn't do anything wrong Katarina.that guy know it himself''

''And so at that time ceclion ...he was so cool''i said to claudia

''Ah sorry I wasn't listening at all

''that I was approached by that weirdo.his eyes were ki da glaring at me

do you like cecilipn''

not at all''

''Well,anyway,you have many weak spot for people to attack you so that you don't get covered with some weird again so please look after yourself okay''

its not all the time ill be by your side to protect you

Claudia is worrying about me!''thank you!''

''Shut up''claudia whispered and shyly avertd her gaE

''But you know Claudia it was because I was rescued by ceclion that's why the feeling of fear flew away''

''It was unexpected for him to have rescued me in such was but the way he comforted me was more like himself and i got to see him mischievous side too”

Also,i found out that the girl from earleir ,euhimia was an old friend of yahiro,i wonder if yahiro likes her

claudia went silent of a moemnt as if shes thinking of sodeomthing deep"who would like a girl like her?shes this mysterious hot girl every boy wants to know and every girl envies

claudias last words struck me"what if..."