Chapter 16:

shards from present and past

love sick delinquent

i was a fine morning.claudia and i went too early at school so we decided to go to the mini park at school to kill time and decided to walked around as we noticed a swing

''if you're really curious about that,why don't you go asked yahiro directly?''cladia sat down on a swing.i give her a gentle.push as we watched the sun started getting to rise.

''shouldn't it be weird?yahiro and i aren't that close tho...''i mumbled

''do you want to go shopping with me afterschool katarina''she asied despreading what i said as she glanced at her watch''its 6 oclock already?'''she yelled in surprise.

i sigh and sat down on the other extra swing beside claudia and swing my feet to the ground to give a a push''''i would love to go but sir glen said that we will a picnic do you want to come along claudia?''i glanced at her

claudia shook her head''i still have a to study for the upcoming quiz should go ahead katarina''

i dispointely look down and sigh but claudia looked at me with a cheerful look on her face''i'm sure everything will be alright''she said and swing hard

''remember that time were we used to swing at the park together?before we talked to each other i used to watch you from afar with a boy you used to play with''she said with a cheerful smile as if she reminiscing the memories with her

i looked at her confusedly''did i?''

''yes you do,the first time i ever saw you you were walking at the beach back then crying .i was curiously watching you and suddenly there's a boy around our age yelled at you for steeping the music he wrote on the sand''

the more the listen to cladia,the more i got confused

''i...i don't remember anything''i whispered as i felt my eyes heat up...why did i suddenly felt there's something missing...i.i immediately rub my eyes and claudia didn't seems to notice as she was busy admiring the beautiful sun which about to set

''but then the moment you began to seems like everything around me starting to take sang beautifully katarina and as the boy play violin and his music came together as one,it was the most beautiful performance i ever saw''

i did not say anything...i was speechless.i don't know what to say

how can i forgot that?i just cant remember.i slowly but my lips

''and thats when i decided you to be my always go to that beach every wednesday so i would sneak into our house to see you however one day for the first time i heard that boy was raining hard that time and i got scholded by my mom so i wasn't been able to go back the next week.but for the next next weren't there''cladia said she nodded''that's right...ever since that day you never went back to that beach but luckily i found out that we went to the same school and the rest is history''she added as she glanced at me and flasheted a kind smile to her face

''it was beautiful''i calmly smiled as the memory of me and claudia meet each other for the first time played in my mind

why did I suddenly felt emptiness after hearing what claudia said....aside from sayuri,I have another friend whom I forgot?how could it be possible?i badly wabt to ask her

''um cl-''

''are you going to the picnic wearing our uniform?''she asked cutting me off

why she saying off topic

''oh yeah i have to get nicol''i said as i remembered about the picnic and stiod up from the swing

''i better get going,thank you claudia''i said and claudia waved goodbye at me leaving her in the swing

i marched down to the music department building with hesitation.i thibk bicol and i had a huge misunderstanding,he wont listen to whatever i say but i got to try

i need to get information from her regarding this competition and hes the only one who play violin like i do

argh qhy is he like that

I guess I have no choice,I have to go back and ask him again''i whispered as i noticed a empty classroom qith a half open door

''I told you my strategy the best'' I hear a man's voice coming from an empty classroom. Is someone there?I creep up and peered through the door trying not to make any noise

'' strategies that are not even worth mentioning for''i heard someone responded as i felt a weird thing in my stomach

it was yahiros voice!i looked around the room carefully and notice yahito talking with an unfamiliar man

''You gotta be joking yahiro!''said the boy wearing a different uniform sitting at the window still in the classroom as his hair gently swayed by the wind synchronizing with the curtains as the sunset illuminates the area

''the fact that you just made the situation worst rindou!!''

''but as you can see...i'm.not dead''i got surprised.and accidentally twisted the knib and created a noice which caight their attention

''Who's that?''''Yahiro walked into my direction

the guy i believed name ribdou became alerted and went off from the window and glanced at my direction

before i knew it,yahiro was already standing in front of me and grabbed my hands pulling me inside the classroom amd locked the door and looked at me with a confused and concerned looked on his face

''umh?''i said as i averted my gaze

''are you going back to the music room katarina?''

'' check Nicole Sir Glenn asked me to do so''i cheerfully responded

''so hows your preparation going?

''I'm doing my best but...''i said and looked down.i dobt know what to say anynore

''There's no use worrying about it all you can do is try harder practice and practice''

''youre right i've got to try harder''i soad encouraging myself and yahiro smiled at me but i cant help but noticed the man standing near the window still

the moment our eyes meet.our eyes widened in disbelief as i remembered my first ever encountered with delinquents

it was him who saved me from robbers but turned out to be a robber himself and he knew yahiro?

What's going on?

i noticed him gritted his teeth and glared at me before he jumped off the window yahiro run after rindou and lean ob the window when suddenly the door barhed opened as the person behind me covered my mouth

Ugh!" it started pulling me away and then dragged me into an empty classroom