Chapter 1:

Arc 1: Ovidius --- Chapter 1: Departure

Finding Light (光を見つける)

I inhaled all the air around me, and then I breathed a sigh of relief. This was finally it. My whole body felt lighter than a feather, I could fly if I wanted. A large grin grew over my face as I lifted my chin up.

This is gonna be easy. I felt smoother than butter at that moment.

I briskly and effortlessly lowered my hood over my head. I felt large. I felt great. I was the greatest person in the entire world. I placed the two onigiris swiftly in my hoodie pocket.

The chains that restrained and confined me down and held me down were now free. I was free. I could move. I could run. The clouds which restrained and covered me were now gone. The sun was shinning brighter and brighter in my world. I was filled with warmth. I, with ease and smoothness, strolled to the main entrance of the convenient store.

"Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!" The alarms shouted in desperation as they cried for help.

My heart began to pound quicker and quicker. My spine rapidly releasing a strong and vigorous surge of energy through my body like a battery. My arms, my legs, my entire body felt light as air.

"There's a thief! There's a thief! There's a thief!" The cashier shrieked in intense anguish.

Using all this new found reservoir of energy, I jostled the door open.

My body began to move quicker and quicker in a running motion. I could not control my body as if a foreign flow of energy and another person began to control me. I dashed faster and faster. Looking up at the all-consuming night sky. My whole body was lifted off the ground as if I was floating faster and faster.

All of a sudden, the ground under me began to shake flagrantly. I quickly glanced behind me and saw three armed police officers using all their vigor to catch up to me. A knot began to form in my stomach. My legs and arms are feeling heavier and heavier moment by moment. My heart sank into my stomach.

I swiftly trotted in to an ally. The buildings obstructed my view of the devouring night sky as I glanced up.

Abruptly, all the energy in my spine was used up like an empty battery. I began to see doubles of all the buildings around me. I tried to cry for help with desperation, but all that came from my mouth was blood. There was a cloth rapped around my neck, and it was getting tighter by the moment.

My arms and legs began to feel heavier and heavier. I was shackled to the ground. All my limbs are feeling heavier moment by moment. The shackles began to get tighter and tighter until I plummeted to the ground.

The noises around me began to get muffled out. My vision began to deteriorate as the buildings around me turned into mere dust. I could not move. I could not see. I could not hear. I could not feel. I could not talk. I was paralyzed. My limbs were becoming heavier moment by moment, the shackles not letting me move. I became a mere empty vessel.