Chapter 2:

Arc 1: Ovidius --- Chapter 2: Arrival

Finding Light (光を見つける)

Slowly, but surely, I ascended from my sleep.

As my eyes began to open, my mind was hit with a lightning shock that went through my whole spine.

I hastily stood up and opened my eyes. I saw a place I had never been in or known.

The ground, covered with baby blue grass. The devouring purple azure which consumed the entire sky. Trees with blue and orange leaves took over the land around me.

My heart began to beat quicker and quicker as it sank to the bottom of my stomach. A tightness began to form around my chest, and it began to get tighter moment by moment.

Where am I? What is this place? How do I get back home? A burning curiosity began to grow within me. A desire which grew and burned more and more. Intensifying moment by moment.

All of a sudden, an ardor of hope washed over me. It soon began to drown me. My life in the real world is already ruined, I might start a new life. I thought to myself.

As I walked through the forest of blue trees, I finally found a trail made of solid yellow dirt which led to an entire city. The city was dominated by one massive castle with 4 pillars that had blue tops. The walls of the castle seemed to be made from a white marble of sorts.

I began to scurry down a hill, following the path as best as I was able to. I slowly came to a pathway which led straight to the city. The sides of the trail were covered in blue-leaf trees. However, near the city and around the city there seemed to be no trees present at all.

I trekked slower and slower along the track.

My whole body was lifted into the sky. A large simper broke all over my face as I lifted my chin up. The whole mystery of starting my life again in this world intrigued me. I felt my knees becoming weaker and heavier at times due to the very thought of it.

I stood on top of a hill. I could see slightly over the wall. The whole city was consumed by buildings and buildings all resembling a medieval style of architecture. There was even a coast to the ocean on the other side of the city.

My mind cracked open like a coconut filled with sweet, pure water. This is a new world! A world filled with potential! I could finally forget about my past! I can finally be something!  I thought to myself as I darted down the hill with the largest smile flashing all over my face. All the new possibilities in this world made me float off the ground. I was free! I was not shackled or caged anymore. I could do anything!

I arrived at the entrance of the city. There appeared to be a large, beige brick wall about 10 meters tall protecting the city, with gates and fences surrounding the entire wall, guarded by knights, protecting the entire city.

“What is your name?! And what matters are you here for?!” declared a knight in a commanding and robotic voice.

Through his armor I could not see anything. Not even his face. He was carrying a large sword in a sheath around his waist. He was definitely very tall, even for this world he towered and overshadowed the knights I saw guarding the city.

A knot began to form in my throat and stomach. My heart was pounding quicker minute by minute. My palms and head were covered in sweat.

I swallowed to clear my throat.

“I am Hiroto Kimura.” I uttered with all energy left in my dry throat.

“And?!” The knight asserted.

“And what sir?”

“What exactly are you here for?!”

My mind was devoured in clouds and fog. I could not see the sunshine. I could not feel the sun again. 

“I-I-I’m here for t-t-traveling p-p-p-purposes?” I muttered as I felt a shock go down my spine paralyzing all my limbs and my mind.

The knight let out a breathy and overpowering sigh.

“Let him into the city!” He howled at the 2 other guards protecting the entrance with him.