Chapter 1:


The Art of Falling in Love

“You’re infinity magic is...” drum rolls in suspense as I, the last child, was about to learn my magical specialty.Bookmark here

“My...what an odd infinity you have. The only magic you can preform is that of love rites,” Morgana, the head council witch, stated.Bookmark here

I blinked a couple of times.Bookmark here

“Excuse me, what?” I asked.Bookmark here

“You heard me. You have special exceptions in this world. We checked the database several times, but it does not change. You are in fact a useless witch,” she explained.Bookmark here

Alright I exaggerated the lead witches words but still I was stuck in a position that made me unreliable. I was a passive witch beyond repair. I couldn’t make medicine nor use attack abilities. I can only conjure up love for those who seek it.Bookmark here

“I’m a love guru Annalise. What will others think of me?” I whined as my head lay in the table.Bookmark here

“Embrace your calling! And think, you’ll never have to join in the war. Don’t you think that’s nice?” Annalise asked.Bookmark here

“No, my family is built with war heroes. They all had strong infinities, like to conjure up powerful beasts or call upon the elements, but here I am, a disappointment.” I cried.Bookmark here

“Now, now calm down. I’m sure you’re not giving yourself the credit that is due. Being a love guru isn’t a bad thing,” she explained.Bookmark here

“Another thing about that. Having an infinity with love based magic also means...I’ll never have a love of my own. This marks the end of a family,” I said looking down at the table.Bookmark here

“That’s just an old wives tale. You’ll fall in love yourself but for now just embrace your calling,” she said.Bookmark here

“Heh, says the one with a summoning infinity. You’re lucky,” I said with a sad smile.Bookmark here

“Do a great job love guru i might ask for your help in the future!” We both laughed.Bookmark here

That was two years ago and now here I am. At a store I rent from called the Love Guru where I help all kinds of people with their love lives. It’s not the work I feel called to but it is work that pays the bills.Bookmark here

I sighed and opened the door to start my day. I looked out to see a human sleeping in front of my door.Bookmark here

Yeah I think my adventures are just beginning.Bookmark here

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