Chapter 3:

Arc 1: Ovidius --- Chapter 3: Escapade & Antic

Finding Light (光を見つける)

As I walked into the city, I could feel the fresh cold breeze embrace. This was it. Finally, I could be someone. I thought to myself as I looked up at the sky with a smile. The cold breeze calmed my mind and body which was ignited with a burning, all consuming curiosity.

I walked and gandered at the buildings. Majority of which were designed in the same medieval style of architecture made from a white and brown wood of sorts. The streets, made from gray stone tiles. The people, dressed in strange, idiosyncratic medieval clothing.

Whilst I was walked further down the road and took a right into another section of the city. I saw an event which was horrifying.

Two individuals, dressed in long black cloaks with hoods, both holding whips and knives in a sheath diagonally left tied around their torsos. The hoods, doing an extremely good job of hiding their faces. The long length and width of the cloaks hid their body types and true height. The length of the cloaks nearly touched the ground. Both of them, striking and hitting someone or something. 

A crowd of 15 to 20 people began to form around them cheering both of them in what they were doing. I walked further through the small crowd, glanced and I found a creature crying and yelling. She was only dressed in dirty brown shorts, and an old white short-sleeved shirt. She had Fair-skin and brown hair, however, her arms were all covered in bruises and her face had lots of dust and dirt on it. Nonetheless, what made her the most peculiar was her long, pointy ears.

“Worthless, disgusting elf!!! Die!!!” One of them screeched as they hit her harder and harder.

“Ahhhh!!!!! Ahhhh!!! Somebody help me!!!” The creature squealed and cried in a high pitch voice as the men began to hit her even harder with their whips.

I could feel what the man was feeling. He was burning. He was fuming on the inside, and he had to let all this fume go out on something or someone. It happened to be her.

All of sudden, my heart began to ache. Someone or something was stabbing and lacerating my heart inside. It was being stabbed and cut more and more as I saw this poor creature being tortured. My heart was crying. It was screaming. It was burning. It was being stabbed repeatedly.

Immediately, I felt an uncontrollable burning fire grow inside of me. Why the hell are you so weak?!! You worthless scum!! Stop feeling this! It's disgusting and weak!! Go and die already!! I glanced over at her again, all I saw was a worthless, pathetic and disgusting being getting what she deserved. I walked past the crowd, never looking back. I began my adventure in the city, not even knowing its name.

I walked through different sections of the city. Viewing all its marvelous architecture. Near the center of the city around the castle, there were tall buildings made from stones with balconies that overlooked the ocean. I tried to enter them and I got yelled at and nearly beaten by a very strong, muscular man who was a servant. Apparently, they all belonged to large noble families.

There were sections of the cities made specifically contrived for demi humans, elves and other species of humans even though they looked like normal parts of the city. Normal humans were not allowed to enter them. Furthermore, the city had its own currency. I even got yelled at by a shopkeeper for giving him Japanese Yen. The whole structure and design of the city was also unique. It was built on a large, smooth slope. The view of the ocean from the beach coast was marvelous, nothing I had ever seen before. Lastly, the city was designed masterfully. All the houses were on the left side of the castle, whilst all other buildings were on the right side of the castle.

As I was roaming through the large shopping area of the city packed with people of all types, I felt great. My mind was being comforted by the smell of new, exotic smells which I never even knew existed before. A large gust of fresh and cold wind flowed through my body as I looked at the large, all-consuming purple sky. The sun, nesting behind the buildings and the ocean as it was about to set. All of a sudden, I heard someone.

“Hey! Hello!!” Yelped a feminine voice.

I quickly glanced around. My legs, stuck and grounded on the ground. A paralyzing shock went through my whole back.

“Yes, You! The one with brown hair!” She shouted.

I swiftly glanced behind me with a strong electric shock being sent through my entire spine. I saw her.

She was quite average height (5 foot 4) and built, other than the fact that she was slightly curvier than average. She had fair skin, long rose gold hair down to her upper back, with bangs down to the middle of her forehead, and large light pink eyes to balance out the fact that her other facial features were quite small. However, what was the most peculiar about her was her clothing. Her dress was short sleeved, long enough to touch the ground and also hide her feet. Also, the dress was white at the top and became pinker and pinker the closer it was to her feet, like a white to pink color gradient. Lastly, She also wore a slightly transparent cape and a slightly transparent head scarf which were the same color pattern as her dress, long enough to touch her legs and they both covered parts of her arm as well.

“Ummm… How may I help you??” I remarked.