Chapter 6:

|My Sister might be the devil (part 1)

That time I got reincarnated in the middle of a royal wedding..

Freedom at last. Finally, this is the only time that I remember being away from her, apart from the time with that Albert geezer but this time, I really wanted to be away from her for a while. I said I’ll go for a walk but I hope I don’t get lost. Perhaps I would simply ask someone to accompany me. It’s not the walk itself that is refreshing but the fact that I can lower my guard a little….Or so I thought…The castle is filled with servants at every corner. Though, I don’t need to focus on putting up an act in front of them, I’m still not alone. As I walked through the hallway, all the servants stopped what they were doing and bowed their heads, maids and knights alike(much appreciated by the way). I stopped and pointed to one of the maids, an orange haired beauty and gestured her to come closer.


“Y-Yes, your highness??”

“I’m going for a walk. You’ll be accompanying me.Got it?”


“Let’s go.”

Things were way easier in this world with the servants. They could obey my every order, even those that have to do with risque activities.. Basically anything, that’s what it meant to be a servant. I tried my hardest not to get consumed by these thoughts as we finally reached the end of the hallway. We came across a massive, spiral stairway that could make one's eyes hurt by staring at them for too long. As all this was happening, she remained silent and simply followed me from behind like a lost child. I felt that it was quite unnecessary, so I gestured her forward once again.

“Hey, keep this a secret, okay?”

“Your highness?”

“Today, just for today, treat me like a guest. I want you to be something like a tour guide. That would not be too difficult, I hope.”

“I shall fulfil this task to the best of my abilities.”

“Good, you also don’t have to be so quiet. Talk as much as you want.”

“You mean it?”

“Of course..”

“I’m extremely grateful for this temporary indulgence, your highness.”

Why do they have to speak like this for fuck’s sake?? Even if I ask her to be informal with me, I doubt it will be any better . I just have to get used to this, by all means. She is quite beautiful if I take a good look. Her springy, short hair looks so good on her. The costume, too. Well, it would be an insult to say that she was born to wear a maid costume. However, it does make her beauty more radiant. Even if she were a princess, I’ll make sure she puts on a maid costume anytime we want to do something naughty. It’s not my fault my taste is exquisite.

“But uhh.. A bit of privacy if you know what I mean..”


She turned to the side, cleared her throat and clapped her hands about two times.

“His highness wishes for some privacy, so leave for now and inform the others up ahead. He wishes to see no known around here.”

They all bowed their heads and went away. She took a deep breath and turned to me.

“S-So, your highness, where would you like to see first?”

“Depends on you, you’re my tour guide right now.”

“You’re absolutely right.”

She slapped her face so hard that I felt the pain just by looking at her. I scrunched my nose unknowingly. No doubt, her strength was not normal.

“You don’t have to hit yourself so hard.”


She had a colossal nose bleed. They weren’t in drops, no, no. It seemed like water racing out of a broken pipe, and of all people, she was the least surprised by this. Did she give herself nose bleeds like this all the time? Was she used to it??


She looked at the blood spewing from her nose then looked again.



“Your highness, forgive me for this appalling display, forgive me.. Now I know why they say I have no insight. They are wrong, I lack even common sense, too. I have made you lose your appetite and I’ve filled the air with my germs. The germs of a commoner. Absolutely disgusting. I wish to disappear from this world. That is how embarrassed and remorseful I truly am.”

What the hell is she talking about?? This is just the fourth person that I’m having a conversation with. Is this the standard I should set for all of them??

“Umm, I’m not bothered. I was not even that hungry to begin with.You could go and take care of it. I’ll follow you.”

“I couldn’t possibly take that much of your precious time, your highness. You’re dealing with a ---”

“I know who I’m dealing with..”

“My apologies. I didn’t mean it that way.”

“It’s what I want, so let’s go.”


Well, we went all the way to her room which was far, but not too far from where we originally left from. I stayed outside as she fixed up her nose and changed clothes. What a gentleman I am. As I stared at the glass window, a random thought set in. Now that I think back, maybe I should have chosen to inspect my own room instead of playing prince charming……Anyway,she came out, just as dazzling as she initially looked. It was time to continue the tour.

“Once again, forgive me for taking so long.”

“You didn’t take long at all. Don’t be so hard on yourself.. Anyway, what is your main role here?”

“Umm, I am the main nutritionist of this castle. When I’m free, I spend the rest of my time cleaning.”

“I see.”

“I apologize if I cut the tour short.”

“It’s fine, it’s fine. Quit apologizing all the time.”

“Your highness..”

She looked at me in shock, then blushed lightly.. I felt like patting her on the head but that would have been problematic. I was tempted, maybe because I was a huge fan of head pats. My mum gave me head pats and in turn, I gave my sister head pats just as much if not more, it was something I was already used to.

“Now, let’s continue our tour.”


“Wait a minute!!!!!!”

There was a door by the side that went flying. It was barged open and an unfamiliar figure faced us, well, faced me. I don’t remember seeing her face. I don’t think I have seen her before. I might have seen her, but maybe not spoken to her. She had beautiful long eye lashes, dark blue hair that was incredibly long, her dress was elegant but looked like it was worn in a hurry and her scent smelled like the inside of a perfume shop. She gazed at me for a while which left me slightly confused. I was supposed to know her but I didn’t. Would it be fair to assume she’s family with the tone she has? Or the fact she also lives in the main part of the castle??

“Big brother. It feels like I haven’t seen you in forever. Even though, I saw you just yesterday. Where’s big sis??”

“Big sis?”

Without bothering to answer, she shifted both her gaze and her tone as she focused on the maid beside me.

“I heard your voice and thought you were with Rumi but it’s just this useless commoner? Who are you and why are you talking in the midst of Royalty?? I believe you servants were given proper training so what’s the big idea?? Weren’t you taught how to act??”

This little….She’s being way too aggressive with this topic..Normally, I wouldn’t push this hard but she seems strict so I can’t leave her. Besides, I’ll feel bad for the maid.

“Ahhhh..Calm down. I was just--”

“Don’t worry, big brother. Leave this to me.”


“Your highness, I was---”

“Enough with the excuses. Your ugly voice is shattering my eardrums.”

Just from the look on her face, one could tell that she was enraged. What was her reason??. Right in front of me, I watched as the servant that was supposed to be beside me was on the ground behind me, rubbing her swollen cheek. She was hit by this woman and was sent straight to the ground.. Although it was just a couple of minutes that I had spent with her, I felt something burning within me… Haaa..Yes, I was also enraged…

This was no hero complex..Nothing related to justice.. Far from it..I was simply irritated..By the creature standing in front of me..Yes, she’s just a creature to me now. First impression matters, after all. I don’t care what era this is or who she is..Doing something this outrageous in my presence will certainly provoke a response from me.

“What was that for?”

“Forget her, brother. I was just teaching her a lesson. She’s just another untrained peasant that needs punishment.”

So you’re Viesta..The name fits you perfectly. Both (the name and the person) are clearly irrational. So many things I could say if I wasn’t in this idiot’s body. How could he live with such an annoying bitch for more than a week?? I would certainly flip and strangle her to death (in the most extreme case, that is).. But really, does she have any right to talk about discipline?? Just now, she looked so pretty but now that I’ve seen her true nature, she looks exactly like a goblin in my eyes..Immediately she opened her pretty mouth, ugliness poured out and enveloped that beauty..I’ll hate to imagine who would have the misfortune of falling for you.

“That didn’t answer my question.”


“Your highness, please.”

“Really.. What the hell was that for??”

“Voyan, why are you yelling at me in front of this filth?? She’s the reason for---”

“Shut it…Just shut it…She did nothing. I simply asked her to accompany me on a walk…a walk… Why would such an innocent thought warrant such violence?”

“If you wanted to go on one, I would have accompanied you. We always go on walks, after all.”

“Did you know?? Hitting this ‘filth’ for no justifiable reason is not only disrespectful to her as a human being but to me as your older brother.”

“What are you talking about?”

She’s right… What the hell am I talking about??? I know two things right now. I might be doing something uncharacteristic of the one with this body but also, I’m enraged. Perhaps it was because my father was a strict man, that direct, earnest attitude was subconsciously imbedded in me and my sister. We were playful, sure, but we never took disrespect from anyone lightly. To us or anyone close to us. It definitely came with all pros and no cons. It got me out of unnecessary situations and naturally blocked me off from bullying. Some people hated me for it, though.I might have gotten more friends if I didn’t have this quality, but I honestly didn’t care back then and I still don’t.

Back to the blue-haired demon in front of me, she stared at me in disbelief. Every look she gave me felt like she was rejecting my words. She just couldn’t believe that her big brother was scolding her. I let out a smirk even as my anger poured out. It’s weird because at that point in time, the situation became funnier and funnier thanks to her reaction. It felt like I ran a blade through her chest from behind. If I had a camera, you bet I would have taken a picture and hidden it somewhere so I would not get tired of it. Then when my depression comes knocking, I would have this special memento to rely on. Certain things cure depression and this is certainly one of them. She fought back her tears, such bravery. Unfortunately I wouldn’t be praising you for that. I tend to think and think and even overthink sometimes.. But then again, my mind is already made up.

“Tch..Forget it.”


“No girl as irrational as you deserves to be called my sister."

Finally, the tears came rushing in like a broken dam. I almost felt bad, almost. At least I didn’t feel good about it, right?? Ever since the time I cut her off, she refused to speak. Staring into my eyes, begging me to say it’s a joke. The maid beside me got up and was left torn. On one hand, she was planning on convincing me to apologize to her but on the other, her position didn’t allow her to do much, even in a conflict between royalty. I was wrong. With caution, with the greatest of caution, she gently held one end of my garment and pleaded with a soft voice.

“Your highness, please stop. I promise you, I’m fine. Nothing is wrong. So please.”

“What do you mean by ‘stop’?? You have to deal with this all the time? Is this what it means to be a servant?”

“Your highness…”

“It’s just morning and my mood is already ruined. I hope you’re happy.”

She bit her lips and held her dress tightly, she was this close to ripping them apart. How could someone so cute be so hysterical? With her head lowered, she said these words.

“Orange hair.. Slim….Medium height…. Small lips…Almond shaped eyes..I’ve marked you. If you leave here, right now. I swear it..I swear, I will make you….no…..the rest of you and your family’s lives miserable.”

She stood still upon hearing the threat coming from behind her. The moment the words “family” left her lips, the servant was paralyzed. As much as I persuaded her to follow me, she shook her head with tears rolling down her cheeks. She would rather listen to her than me?? Well, that menacing look that bitch had on could scare anyone. I wasn’t too surprised, if I were her, I’ll do about the same thing, I think.

“Unbelievable. Do anything to her and I’m not going to forgive you. Make sure you know that.”

I grabbed her hands and walked away together with her, she attempted withdrawing but stopped. I gave her an assuring smile and she then followed me without hesitation. It filled me with joy, that smile of hers.

“Don’t worry about her, okay? I’ll protect you.”

“Y-You are too kind……. your highness.”

Too kind?? I personally don’t think so. I just couldn’t stand the load of bull I was witnessing, it’s as simple as that. That bitch really drives me nuts. Why was she so angry?? There were no people present so it surely couldn't spread around as a rumour by anyone (other than the servant beside me) but really, there was no need to be that pressed over something that is not your concern. 

Voyan sure has a lot of mysteries that I need to patch up, unfortunately for me, it is impossible because no matter the number of questions I ask, I won’t be able to cover the crucial details that make up his character. It’s like an iceberg, what you see on the surface and what is actually there, immersed in the water are two different things. I can’t believe I’m stuck with that animal that I have to address as “sister” in the near future. I wonder how strong she is compared to Voyan.

“I forgot to ask for your name.”

“Your highness, my name is as useless as the carpet laid on the ground.”

“It’s not. It’s something your parents took the time to give you. It’s certainly special. It is something used to address you, whether servant or master, your name is not irrelevant, okay?”

Saying that, I nearly laughed as I remembered a couple of names that were ‘special’, ironically…

“If you say so, your highness.”

“You better believe it, too… Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.”

“My name is Veronica. Veronica Anton.”

“Hmm. You look like someone bearing ‘Maria’ or something.”

“Oh no, your highness. That’s not me. I’m sure you must have met her earlier today. She was in charge of taking your bath.”

I took a firm pause, my heart was screaming “timeout”. This just couldn’t be a coincidence, could it?? The traumatic event that transpired in the bathroom kicked in and as detailed as it was,to my displeasure, I kept remembering just one thing.

“A… A girl with green hair??”


So the name of that devil was Maria. What a waste of a perfectly adorable name…

“Eh. I’ll call you Rona from now on.”

She nodded a few times in excitement. That’s sad, people addressing you as “you”, “maid” or “peasant”. It makes me flip thinking of how everyone else will be treated by my family. I don’t even know them yet. I hope they aren’t that terrible. That demon cut our tour short and now I’m not even in the mood. I just want to punch something, anything.



I turned back and the wife I left in our room was right in front of us. Her eyes quickly shifted to the hands, the hands I had locked in with Rona. She didn’t show any disappointment, though, but I wonder what she was thinking at that moment. Was she jealous?? Was she secretly disappointed in me?? Was she worried that I took too long??

“Rumi. I know I said I will be quick but I went around the castle just for some fresh air. Oh and this…”

I pointed to our arms that were STILL LOCKED IN.. I tried to release my hands but Rona kept them tight and made an innocent smile. Now, we were just staring at each other, like an awkward triangle with our heads as varying points. I thought she was a shy maid that hated displeasing her superiors. Why the hell is she doing this?

I was simply waiting for Rumi to say something. I’m not going to drop any dumb quotes like “women are complex creatures” or something but I really couldn’t tell anything that she was thinking because her reactions and words didn’t even line up at times, her thoughts were obviously a different ballgame entirely and I just wasn’t used to any of them yet.

“Voyan, I know it’s not been long but when you called me Rumi, I felt so happy.”

That was it?????

“I’m happy that you’re happy.”



“If that’s the case….Then, why do you look so sad?”