Chapter 5:

|Excalibur rose without my consent

That time I got reincarnated in the middle of a royal wedding..


‘That’s it’, I thought. ‘It’s finally over’.

I’ve had shameful moments in my life, that much is true. However, I’ve been reaching new lows in just two days. This is ‘different era, different problem’ gone too far. Nobody should find themselves in situations like these. But wait… My voice was never that high to begin with. I, along with the three maids who were on me turned to the voice that rang out from the left. I blinked several times. I was happy, yet again I was experiencing many emotions at the moment,due to obvious reasons.

The truth is, I actually did moan but in the face of the other sound coming from my wife, it was nothing. I saw my wife being washed in the same manner as I was and in her case, she couldn’t help it. I mean, who could blame her. The poor girl just woke up and was being touched everywhere in uncharted areas. No one anticipated this girl on girl action. Therefore, her scream shouldn’t have come as a surprise. Luckily, mine wasn’t heard. She looked at the water and saw her flustered state in the reflection. I turned my face and focused on my surroundings. With the smug smirk I had on, I couldn’t take myself seriously so I was going to feign ignorance. But then, I also had my own “assailant” to face.

I wonder why I moaned after being stroked in places I will rather not specify. All I knew was that this sick comedy was far from over…She grabbed it with no intention of letting go. My confusion was painted on my face. I was too embarrassed to look anyone in the eye, especially the maid whose hands were deep in the water. She stared into my soul with a rather menacing look. Her full intentions were also unknown to me. She whispered in my ear.

“Are you okay, your highness?”

“Of course.”

“I see.”

It sounded like she was thinking of new ways to humiliate me. However, before she had the time to think. The heated conversation on the other side managed to pull me in.


After giving me a stare, she turned to her “assailants” and continued chewing them out. She even let her accent slip out.

“Your highness, we are just washing your body. We have to make your body as clean and sparkly as possible. Please be patient.”

“As I said, this is insanity. What is the point of washing another person’s body? Is it more effective??”

“Your highness.”

“Do not touch me. I do not need anyone touching my body without permission.”

“We are incredibly sorry, your highness.”

“Yes, your highness. It was never our intention to do anything that will bring displeasure.”

Jeez, I just couldn’t stand back and let her continue. I mean, who wouldn't feel bad for them??

“You better be. Hey, Voyan, is this what you do every day??”

“I do…Well, not every day but that’s besides the point. Try not to take out your anger on them, okay?”


At that point in time, I was relaxed. Relaxed enough to believe the conversation was done and inevitably let my guard down. I even gestured for my wife to enjoy the cool water that went all the way to our necks if we soaked in. Unfortunately, my very own “assailant” who stood in front of me had other plans.

“Your highness, pardon my rudeness but if this makes you feel any better, Prince Voyan himself failed to-----”

With hands as swift as lightning, I silenced her. However, that didn’t stop this green haired devil. Her hands were basically stuck there and now she stroked as quick as possible. It was as though she was milking a cow. I looked down in shock at the sheer size of the holy sword and I had no defence for this move of hers. I couldn’t even speak properly like this. I chose silence and decided to stand up, my lower half was still in the water (luckily) and reached for her ears, pleading for her to let go. This was one battle I definitely wasn’t winning.


She smirked and then stopped stroking, barely holding it. It was like I was freed from a partially- horrific curse. I could swear that she was into bdsm just from this alone. Quite audacious, using this opportunity to let out your urges on your prince. If this continued everyday, I’ll surely break.

“Ha ha. Dear,seems like even I failed to anticipate your reaction. Well, I slightly agree with you. Maybe this sort of thing in the morning is a bad idea?”


I was bluffing my way out of this one. No way could I deal with the shame… No way in hell. With that, my dignity was spared and my wife’s feelings too were put into consideration.

I was talking so casually about preparing myself for the day, but then I didn’t know what exactly he used to do that. As far as I’m concerned, I learned (from the bath) that they had soap, though it looked pretty much like a brick(the maids took care of all that). That and the special oil that they applied on the two of us. It’s said to capture a certain fragrance and make you smell like that for 3 days or more. Which means, they probably didn’t need to shower daily. After that, I brushed my teeth with a wooden toothbrush, but at least it was carved really nicely and the bristles were not that hard so it was a bit delightful. I had a strong resentment for his shampoo due to the smell. It smelled like that of a baby. Well,as a prince, he must have a plethora of accessories so that shouldn’t be that bothersome. 

I examined his bathroom while I was brushing and came out with a towel over my head. Of course, I had one on my lower half. She stared at me with her eyes full of curiosity..Perhaps she was wondering why I spent so long in there. I walked over to the dressing table and examined it, the labels certainly helped me locate everything I needed. I never even knew how to write because it certainly didn’t seem familiar to me, yet after a couple of glances they felt natural, like I always knew them but decided to forget for a single moment…Strange…

Now that my wedding was over, it was time to adapt to everyday life in the castle. This should be a cinch, I believe. Adapting isn’t my specialty but I always find a way to come out of a difficult situation, no matter how difficult. Once I get used to it, that is when I will allow the questions that I have caged up in my mind out. Right now, it will just get in the way. I really am glad I got sufficient rest. At least my mind is settled to a certain degree, I believe.



“Umm, how do I put this..”

An unexpected development, what does she want??? Is she planning on telling me a secret?? Or is she planning on seeking comfort instead?? I would prefer the latter but we can’t just stay in bed all day..It’s definitely not good for the body. Besides, I’m sure he has his own responsibilities that he needs to attend to…. right, Voyan??

“My hair and some other parts..”

What is she trying to say??

“Your hair? What do you mean?”

“Umm, I usually had someone take care of my hair while I got dressed, along with my dress and…”

“I get what you mean..Sorry for cutting you short. So, what do you want? You could summon any maid to help you get dressed, I don’t mind.”

“Are you sure?”

“Of course. Although..”

I can help you with that myself..


“Nothing. I will go for a short walk and return, then we can eat breakfast together.”

“No problem.”

“Oh yeah……”

I didn’t know if the timing was appropriate but my curiosity could not care less. I had to ask this question right here, right now…


“I know this is a bit random but….ever heard of Sleeping beauty???”

“Sleeping beauty??”

She paused, took a look at the bed and turned back to me.

“Is that something I’m supposed to know??”

“No, never mind. I’ve gotten my answer.”

“Well, enjoy yourself.”

“I will.”

In my mind, I heard a voice murmuring the word “safe”………