Chapter 19:


Fantasy Life

Yun told his story of an event that changed his and Jun's lives forever.

"A few years ago, Jun and I lived with our mother. She was firm in her raising method but kind. Being a single mother with two boys wasn't easy on her. Our mother's name was Abe Kita and she had a dragon, just like Yami only in a brass color instead of black, named Saiki."

"Mom and Saiki cared for us and raised us the best they could. Despite the hard times, it was also a peaceful time. However, mom was trying to cover a debt our father incurred but it was a debt she couldn't pay back no matter how many jobs she took. Losing hope, she took a job as a drug smuggler. She took it knowing how dangerous it was, and Saiki helped her.

"Now, mom did her best to keep this job a secret from us. But one day, we decided to follow her to work. In part, because we were nosy brats, but also because we noticed something different about her coming home from this job. She lost an unhealthy amount of weight and cried every time she came home after she thought we were asleep."

"I think a normal day on the job of a drug smuggler would scar any child, but that fateful day we got more than we bargained for. That day, mom was caught with the loot and... Jun covered my eyes but what I heard next was a gunshot and a body hitting the floor. That should be the climax. I mean, what could be worse than witnessing your mother's murder?"

"The story of how mythical creatures come into this world is that God takes a part of a child's soul and creates an egg with a mythical creature inside. This also means that the mythical creature is a part of you and you are a part of them. From what I understand, if either the human or creature dies of a natural cause, be it illness or old age, the other retains its sanity and will continue living its life. The human will continue to live his or her life as if nothing happened and the creature will be free to roam wild, like the harpy we saw. However, if one dies from something like murder, then the other goes mad before dropping dead."

"It wasn't long after the shot that Saiki's eyes hardened. He roared and lashed around, trampling over and biting anyone and anything in his way. He knocked down our hiding place. I'm sure he would have killed us if he hadn't died right then and there. After that incident, Jun never wanted to speak of our mother or Saiki again. The two who raised us, one killed and the other turned killer was more than what anyone should have had to witness."

Yun paused and looked up to see Kei crying. "I'm so sorry. I should have never dug up such bad memories. Please forgive me."

"No, no, it's not your fault. I think this is something that needed to be said anyway." Yun clenched his fist. "And something that Jun has to come to terms with." He took off running back to camp.

"Where are you going?"

"Jun can not continue to take his fear and anger out on Kaida just because she has a dragon. Please, go find Kaida and Rei. Bring them back to camp. I'll go slap some sense into that brother of mine no matter what." He saw Kei nod and run off with Matsume, Asa, and Chiyo before running back to camp with Alba. "I'll make you face your fear, brother. And then we can apologize together."