Fantasy Life

Imagine a world where mythical is the norm, where creatures that have never been seen by humankind are in abundance. Every time a baby is born god takes part of that child's soul and creates an egg that will become that person's mythical creature to care for and nurture. Before graduation, many high school students dream of showing off their newly hatched creatures at the Fantasy Life League which happens every three years. This is the story of second-year Kaida Fujihara and her friends as they prep for the 75th Fantasy Life League set to be hosted in Tokyo, Japan. However, Fujihara and her team are in for a surprise when her egg finally hatches. What mythical beasts will hatch before her only chance at the tournament?

I enjoy researching mythology as a pastime that inspired this story. This is an idea I've had in my head for a while to express my enjoyment of mythology and also help others learn about all the fascinating stories and legends there are in the world. Now it is time for me to begin working on this story.

I enjoy researching mythology as a pastime that inspired this story. This is an idea I've had in my head for a while to express my enjoyment of mythology and also help others learn about all the fascinating stories and legends there are in the world. Now it is time f...

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Chapter 0: Your Egg is Hatching!
Jun 06, 2022icon-views 504icon-reaction-124
Chapter 1: First Day
Jun 08, 2022icon-views 222icon-reaction-122
Chapter 2: Sparring
Jun 13, 2022icon-views 265icon-reaction-123
Chapter 3: Racing
Jun 16, 2022icon-views 173icon-reaction-123
Chapter 4: Forgiveness
Jun 20, 2022icon-views 197icon-reaction-121
Chapter 5: Preparation
Jun 26, 2022icon-views 149icon-reaction-120
Chapter 6: The Rules
Jun 29, 2022icon-views 160icon-reaction-120
Chapter 7: First Lance
Jun 30, 2022icon-views 127icon-reaction-120
Chapter 8: Shattered
Jul 03, 2022icon-views 149icon-reaction-120
Chapter 9: Revised Plan
Jul 05, 2022icon-views 146icon-reaction-119
Chapter 10: Second Lance
Jul 07, 2022icon-views 154icon-reaction-119
Chapter 11: Teammates
Jul 09, 2022icon-views 133icon-reaction-119
Chapter 12: Tension
Jul 12, 2022icon-views 114icon-reaction-119
Chapter 13: First Practice
Jul 13, 2022icon-views 108icon-reaction-119
Chapter 14: Blind Man's Bluff
Jul 15, 2022icon-views 140icon-reaction-119
Chapter 15: Camping
Jul 18, 2022icon-views 121icon-reaction-117
Chapter 16: Nikko National Park
Jul 18, 2022icon-views 139icon-reaction-117
Chapter 17: Into the Woods
Jul 21, 2022icon-views 102icon-reaction-117
Chapter 18: Harpy
Jul 21, 2022icon-views 75icon-reaction-117
Chapter 19: Wild
Jul 22, 2022icon-views 108icon-reaction-117
Chapter 20: Fire
Jul 23, 2022icon-views 131icon-reaction-117
Chapter 21: Rescue
Jul 27, 2022icon-views 121icon-reaction-117
Chapter 22: Time
Jul 28, 2022icon-views 105icon-reaction-116
Chapter 23: Return to School
Jul 29, 2022icon-views 141icon-reaction-116
Chapter 24: Nationals
Jul 31, 2022icon-views 113icon-reaction-116
Chapter 25: Jack-o-Lanterns
Jul 31, 2022icon-views 104icon-reaction-115
Chapter 26: Chariots
Aug 01, 2022icon-views 147icon-reaction-115
Chapter 27: Sapporo
Aug 01, 2022icon-views 101icon-reaction-115
Chapter 28: Rock Climbing
Aug 02, 2022icon-views 98icon-reaction-115
Chapter 29: Questions
Aug 02, 2022icon-views 89icon-reaction-115
Chapter 30: Naha
Aug 03, 2022icon-views 134icon-reaction-115
Chapter 31: Suspicions
Aug 03, 2022icon-views 92icon-reaction-115
Chapter 32: Paintball
Aug 04, 2022icon-views 95icon-reaction-114
Chapter 33: Commander Yun
Aug 04, 2022icon-views 81icon-reaction-113
Chapter 34: Tokyo
Aug 04, 2022icon-views 104icon-reaction-115
Chapter 35: Jun's Warning
Aug 05, 2022icon-views 114icon-reaction-115
Chapter 36: Captured
Aug 05, 2022icon-views 99icon-reaction-114
Chapter 37: Face Off
Aug 05, 2022icon-views 92icon-reaction-114
Chapter 38: More Than A Team
Aug 06, 2022icon-views 102icon-reaction-115
Chapter 39: Sleepover
Aug 07, 2022icon-views 87icon-reaction-116
Chapter 40: Black Wolf Gang
Aug 08, 2022icon-views 123icon-reaction-114
Chapter 41: Himari Akiko
Aug 10, 2022icon-views 86icon-reaction-114
Chapter 42: Magic
Aug 10, 2022icon-views 69icon-reaction-114
Chapter 43: Grave
Aug 11, 2022icon-views 73icon-reaction-114
Chapter 44: Final Day
Aug 12, 2022icon-views 73icon-reaction-114
Chapter 45: Scavenger Hunt
Aug 14, 2022icon-views 90icon-reaction-114
Chapter 46: Mount Tanzawa
Aug 16, 2022icon-views 100icon-reaction-115
Chapter 47: Okuri-Inu
Aug 17, 2022icon-views 69icon-reaction-115
Chapter 48: Clue
Aug 18, 2022icon-views 91icon-reaction-114
Chapter 49: Cabin
Aug 20, 2022icon-views 92icon-reaction-115
Chapter 50: Arbiter
Aug 21, 2022icon-views 83icon-reaction-113
Chapter 51: Peryton
Aug 22, 2022icon-views 65icon-reaction-111
Chapter 52: Nemean Lion
Aug 23, 2022icon-views 59icon-reaction-111
Chapter 53: Suruga Bay
Aug 25, 2022icon-views 68icon-reaction-111
Chapter 54: Clash
Aug 26, 2022icon-views 61icon-reaction-111
Chapter 55: Selkie
Aug 28, 2022icon-views 95icon-reaction-112
Chapter 56: Rendezvous
Aug 28, 2022icon-views 79icon-reaction-112
Chapter 57: Allies
Aug 28, 2022icon-views 66icon-reaction-111
Chapter 58: Old Friends and New Foes
Aug 29, 2022icon-views 60icon-reaction-111
Chapter 59: Final Stand
Aug 30, 2022icon-views 66icon-reaction-111
Chapter 60: Treasure Chest
Aug 30, 2022icon-views 55icon-reaction-111
Chapter 61: A Fond Farewell
UpdatedApr 18, 2023
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Word Count71,629
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