Chapter 0:


White Parasol

At Wilcox's herb shop and detective agency, four people are now discussing what to be done with Mikita Baranov's life after rescuing him from an Australian outback.

"Now that, we are all here. Let's start our discussion, shall we? I have a night shift today."

Doctor Antonina Fedorowiczowa, Age: 41, Race: Notsnitsa, Occupation: Psychiatrist.

"Of course, doctor. Then what should we do with Mikita? Should we find him a place to live?"

Ruby Wilcox, Age: 24, Race: Human-Nymphs, Occupation: Private investigator, Herbalist, Owner of Wilcox's herb&investigation.

"Can't he live here? He's your friend, isn't he, Rub? Bel's flat's over there. He'll be just fine here."

Nyx De La Bédoyère, Age:150, Race: Vampire, Occupation: Part-time detective, Hotelier.

"Have you forgotten? Belgrade's got ankle injury. He can't even budge. Might take months to be fully recovered." contradicted, Antonina.


"He could live with us. There's plenty of room back at the hotel. Baekyong's also there. He could take care of him."

Rosamund De La Bédoyère, Age: 314, Race: Human-born vampire, Occupation: Zoologist.

"Mom, please! Baekyong?!? Taking care of Mikita?!! You're having a laugh, aren't you? He's like the dullest knife in the drawer. It took me Millenniums to teach him how to be a damn receptionist." Seriously opposed, Nyx.

"you're overexaggerating." Said, Rosamund.

"Besides that, None of us was home all day. You rarely stay. I sometimes got to work far far away. Morgan and Konane, well, you know how police and firefighter are. They are like 24/7 at work. No way, this will work out."

"Right. So, what now? Sending him to a mad asylum, with premium security and 24/7 care? Worth a shot, don't you think?"

"Mom, that's cruel."

"How so? just a mad asylum."

"Why don't you just ask the professional who is literally in front of us right now?"

"No commentaries." refused, Antonina.

"Hey Doc, why's that? Whatever I just have an idea where to keep him! How about........" 

"The White Parasol" interrupted, Ruby.

"Yeah, Rub, I was thinking the same thing."

"Wait! wait-wait! White what?"

"That pub? Mmm, that's a good idea. Not too crowded, fairly standard. No one would've thought he was hiding in such place. Well, psychologically." Commented, Antonina.

"3 to 1, White Parasol it is." concluded, Ruby.