Chapter 10:


(Discontinued) Kazuki X Sayuri: Koibito Tero

(The next morning, Kazuki was awake and notices an empty spot on the bed as he was then remembering last night. Kazuki then gets out of bed and dresses himself up. As Kazuki went outside for fresh air, he'd then notice a 1971 black Camaro z28 pulling up to Tulliano's driveway. As the car stopped, Tulliano was then cleaning his car off as he then sees Kazuki sitting on the front porch of Tulliano's house.)

"Tulliano: Young Kazuki! Good morning to you!"
"Kazuki: Morning, Mr. T. Where did you go?"
"Tulliano: Ah, just went to go and get this beauty. It was a shipment from overseas!"
"Kazuki: Its a pretty nice car really."
"Tulliano: Glad you think so!"
(As Tulliano and Kazuki spoke more, Kazuki asks Tulliano about the plan.)
"Kazuki: So how is the plan going to go?"
"Tulliano: Like this, there are over thirty areas in Japan that the Yakuza Organization has control over, their most controlled territory is Northwest Tokyo and that is what we're going to strike last. For now, we focus on bombing their less controlled territories."
"Kazuki: So.. where do I fit in this?"
"Tulliano: Simple. You're gonna lead the charge kid."
"Kazuki: Is that so..?"
"Tulliano: Think you're up for it?"
"Kazuki: I'll murder them all in cold, revenge-filled blood... Also, have you seen Amelie?"
"Tulliano: No I have not, I was actually out getting my car, did you try calling her?"
"Kazuki: I'll try, she wasn't in her room. I'm actually gonna go for a walk, I'll be back in a bit."
"Tulliano: Be careful!"
(As Kazuki then walked onto the abandoned highway which leads to Tokyo, Kazuki was standing on a pathway and looking at the mesmerizing view of the city as he then tries to call Amelie.)

"Amelie(Voicemail): Hi this is Amelie, I'm either studying for a test right now or unable to come to the phone, please leave a message and I will call back."
(Kazuki then hung up as he then awakens ARS on his phone.)
"Kazuki: Strange.. ARS, are you there?"
(ARS then wakes up with a view of a log cabin and a crystal clear blue creek and smiles after hearing Kazuki's voice.)
"ARS: Good morning, Kazuki!"
"Kazuki: Good morning to you too ARS, I have a question. Do you think you can track Amelie?"
"ARS: Amelie... Amelie... Got her! It says her.. location is unknown..? K-Kazuki..?! My s-signal- IS.. S-SHUTTI-ING D-DOW..."
(Suddenly Kazuki's phone then sparked as ARS's avatar was revealed to be unconscious which then began to scare him. After so, Kazuki's screen then turned black with only an audio message being played with a unfamiliar logo placed on his screen.)
"???: Well well.. We've finally managed to reach you, Kazuki Takabe."
"Kazuki: WHO IS THIS..?"
"???: That's for you to know later on. If you're wondering where your little whore is.. she's busy "signing autographs" if you understand."
(Kazuki then overhears clapping along with Amelie's moans of anguish and her begging her attackers to stop. Kazuki was then in disbelief over what he's hearing as he then clenches his left fist and cuts his nails through his palm.)
"???: That's for you to know later on as I've said. Now, if you really care about this little stripping, college bitch, you'll find her in an abandoned post office hangar. Until later on, Takabe."

(As the message ended, Kazuki then sits down on his leg as he was then vigorously biting his thumb out of pure anger. Blood began to leak out of Kazuki's mouth as he broke through the skin of his thumb then got up and loads his Colt 1911 with another magazine as he tries to awaken ARS to see if she's okay.)

"Kazuki: ARS! ARS! Are you there..?! ARS!"
(As she was unresponsive, Kazuki scoffed loudly out of frustration then notices a motorcycle shop at the end of the highway then runs down towards it but pauses as he looked back at Tulliano's residence and thought about the right action to do.)
"FUCK..! If I go to save her myself.. Tulliano's gonna kill me. If I don't, I'm risking hell for the mafia..."
(As Kazuki then took another few moments to think about it, he was then in the speeding Camaro with Tulliano who Kazuki told everything and was then irate.)
"Tulliano: When you fuck with the golden, you fucked up our family gates! NO one steals my family during my absence!"
(The two then speeds across Tokyo's abandoned areas to the post office hangar. As they both arrived, Kazuki cuts open the lock to the gate and sees Amelie's naked, beaten, fucked and abused body lying on the cold ground while bleeding from between her legs, across her body and her head as Tulliano stopped him from going any further.)
"Tulliano: Wait..!"

(Tulliano raised his phone for a scanner which then deactivated every last hidden laser and trap in the hangar as Kazuki then runs towards Amelie's unresponsive body and was then hyperventilating out of fear for the condition she's in. As Tulliano took one look at Amelie's body, he then turned around to smoke away his anger and hide his visible veins of hatred as Kazuki began breaking down as he held her hand.)

"Kazuki: Amelie... Please.. answer me... Amelie... We have t-to.. go to college together... Amelie... Come on.. o-open your eyes... We're here..."
(Tulliano then exhaled deeply as he then kneeled to Amelie and felt for a pulse. After moments of silence, Tulliano then excessively inhales the remaining of his cigar and exhaled again as he hesitated for a moment to tell the truth.)
"Tulliano: Kazuki. Lets go."
"Kazuki: I can't.. do that... She's gone.. isn't she..?"
(Tulliano then said nothing as he then was walking back to the Camaro. Kazuki then tightened his grip on Amelie's hand as his tears continued to flow out of pure despair.)
"Tulliano: She was a daughter to me, Amelie... I promise you, your death won't be in vain."
"Kazuki: Tulliano."
(Tulliano then stopped and turned around as Kazuki's entire presence was then changing.)
"Tulliano: I know what you're going to ask and you're not going to act on your own-"
"Tulliano: You know I can't let you Kazuki, you're in too much hot water. Plus, you'll die."
"Kazuki: Its a fucking risk.. I'm willing to take..."
(As Kazuki then stood on his feet and was about to draw against Tulliano, they both had their guns pointing to their head as Kazuki's tears was continuing to flow.)

"Tulliano: The fuck are you doing?"
"Kazuki: Let me.."
"Tulliano: I'm not letting that happen Kazuki, I'm sorry. But I just cannot."
"Kazuki: TULLIANO...!!!"
(As Kazuki pulled the trigger, Tulliano dodges the bullet with only a scratch across his head then traps Kazuki in a headlock and chops his neck pulse which instantly placed him on the ground.)
"Tulliano: You're still family Kazuki.. But for your safety and everyone else's, you cannot go back into the city until the heat dies. Just wait, we will avenge Amelie.."
(Tulliano then places the unconscious Kazuki in his Camaro then called one golden SUV which was four members of the Golden Gate Mafia to clean and carry Amelie's deceased body out of the hangar then cleans up any evidence of blood. Kazuki's slanted eyes then looked around and notices Amelie's corpse being carried out of the hanger as he then reached his hand out for her but then finally losses consciousness.)

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