Chapter 9:


(Discontinued) Kazuki X Sayuri: Koibito Tero

(While the heat was dying down for the Golden Gate Mafia, the Golden Pyramid was permanently closed until further notice to the public but was open for the mafia family. Meanwhile, Kazuki was working at the nearby convivence store as a cashier with a different yet positive attitude towards customers.)
"Kazuki: Thank you sir, do come again!"
(As the final customer leaves the store, Arai applauded for Kazuki's fabulous work.)
"Arai: I may have underestimated your talents! You are excellent cashier and I am very pleased to even have you in my store, the popularity is increasing after all thanks to you!"
"Kazuki: Thank you, Mr. Nikko. I was just doing the best I could like everyday."
(As Arai then gave Kazuki his paycheck, he patted his back with a smile.)
"Arai: I've added a little extra zeros in there for you to enjoy, see you Monday!"
"Kazuki: Thanks again! I'll see you on Monday, Mr. Nikko!"

(Kazuki then clocks out of work and begins to go back to the Golden Pyramid while being secretly followed by a black van with the Japanese CIA logo on the side. As Kazuki was about to enter the building, the van pulled over and the doors slid open which Kazuki noticed and quickly pulled out his handgun to protect himself.)

"HEY! Who the fuck are you people?"
"Iori: Iori Harumi, CIA. This is my associate, Isobe Rinji."
"Kazuki: What fucking thing does the CIA even want from me?"
"Iori: We will explain everything to you. But we need you to trust us, this is not a trap."
"Kazuki: .... You promise? Because if this really is a trap..-"
"Rinji: We swear to you, we just wish to talk Kazuki. Its time you knew what's going on."
(Kazuki then sheathed his gun and got into the van with the two CIA agents.)
"Iori: Drive around the neighborhood three times."
(The driver then understood as he then did so as Kazuki's guard was still up.)
"Kazuki: Okay.. So what's going on now? Aren't you two suppose to be part of one of the biggest forces in catching criminals like me?"
"Rinji: This may sound crazy to you Kazuki but we're actually against that."
"Iori: You see, the three of us may work for the Japanese CIA but we're from a different organization in America."
"Kazuki: Different organization?"
"Rinji: Yes. There are seven crime organizations known worldwide in seven different countries. In Japan, there's the Yakuza Organization. But the one we're from in America is the Paradox Organization which is also one of the big three in crime organizations."
"Iori: But its time we explained what's going on recently, especially with these different gang coming after you."
(Kazuki listened in as the van continued to drive through the neighborhood.)

"Mr. Takabe, are you familiar with a gruesome murdering incident in an alleyway in the year 2005 in Downtown Tokyo at two o'clock at night?"
"Kazuki: ..... Yes."
"Iori: Are you familiar with this weapon which was used to murder the three victims?"
(Kazuki looked down at the bagged and blood-dried knife and remembered it.)
"Kazuki: Yes."
"Iori: We know and understand you're the killer Kazuki and we believe you fought out of self-defense.. But you need to understand what kind of fire you've stepped into."
"Kazuki: ...."
"Iori: Out of the three victims you've killed, you've actually murdered the Prime Minister's grandson in that very same alley."
(Kazuki then clenched his hands as he realized he deeply fucked up.)

"Rinji: Knowing that to be the case, the Prime Minister decided to have your family pay the price. The Yakuza Organization accepted the order and killed the Takabe family. You was not able to be found for a year so the heat died out. Unfortunately, when you allied yourself with the Kabukicho Devils, your face was recognized. The Yakuza Organization has strict orders from the Prime Minister to kill you on sight if you're caught."

"Kazuki: Answer me this question. What affiliation does the Prime Minister have with the Yakuza Organization..?"
"Iori: The Prime Minister created the Yakuza Organization eight years ago as a secret crime syndicate organization. The Yakuza Organization is infested with drug rings, carjackers, robbers, muggers, terrorists and even devious human beings."
"Rinji: On top of that, whatever order the Prime Minister gives them, the Yakuza's see it complete without fail. This is the kind of fire you've stepped into Kazuki."
"Kazuki: Tch... So what now..?"
"Iori: As we speak, the Prime Minister not only placed you as number one on the hitlist, he increased your bounty to ten million yen. Low-seed gangs however are terrified to enter Golden Gate territory, but that doesn't mean the ten gangs wouldn't try anything. But there's a way."
(Iori then places a silencer pistol on the table of the van which Kazuki was ready to draw.)
"Rinji: Relax please Kazuki, let him explain.."
"Iori: I need you to listen carefully... (Original Voice): You cannot hide anymore shit from me."

(Rinji, Kazuki along with the driver was in shock as Iori quick draws and shoots Rinji point blank in the face which caused blood to leak all over the van's floor. The driver quickly swerved left and right to unbalance Iori until he was then knocked out. Iori purposely then drops a cinderblock on the gas pedal as the CIA van was driving directly towards an abandoned area of rubble then grabs Kazuki and rams through the backdoors before the van collided with the tree and exploded. After all of that, Kazuki looked at Iori as it was revealed to be Tulliano wearing his face as a mask then smoked a cigarette to calm down.)

"Kazuki: T-TULLIANO..!"
"Tulliano: That's my name kid, don't mention it."
"Kazuki: How did you-"
"Tulliano: I'll explain it to you later, for now the evidence needs to be gone. MEN!"
(Several members of the Golden Gate Mafia went through the fire in protective suits to get chunks and bits of cinderblock out of the fire along with the two deceased bodies out of the crash. As Tulliano finished the cigarette he then heard sirens nearby.)
"We need to wrap this up fast, are the chunks and bits gone?"
"GGM Member: All gone boss!"
"Tulliano: Everyone, spread out and regroup at the residence in two hours!"
(As they all scattered, Tulliano and Kazuki left together and went to another territory which was controlled by him. Kazuki looked around at the Italian-like scenery of the luxury home as Tulliano then finished his cigarette while looking out the window.)
"Kazuki: How long."
"Tulliano: ...."
"Kazuki: How long have you known...?"
"Tulliano: Ever since I saved you, kid. I had my men do background checks and researches on you. I even knew about the mysterious phone calls too."
(Kazuki then said nothing as he awaited his punishment.)

"Kazuki, you know I should kill you right now. But I can't, because I'm disappointed in you... Instead of that caller, how could not inform me of these issues? We're a family Kazuki, I'll always have the mafia's back and yours."
(Tears began flowing from Kazuki's face as he was completely broken down by how fucked up his life was because of his actions.)
"Kazuki (Voice Breaking): What.. t-the FUCK... None of this.. wouldn't be happening if I didn't kill them five years ago... My family is dead... I lost.. my.. my first best friend... I joined a fucking crime gang.. I'm so fucking pathetic.. I'm a joke..."
(Kazuki then slammed his fist into the ground as he was emotionally unstable.)
"Tulliano: Kazuki. Its alright kid."
(Tulliano then sat on the ground to talk to him face to face then patted Kazuki's head to ease him down from crying too much.)

"Listen closely. My life was pretty fucked up too. Once you die, you die. Resurrection and reincarnation isn't a thing in the real world. Your actions will forever haunt you, depending on what they are. But to tell the truth kid, I didn't give two shits about this world and the logics of life. If you want to fight for what you believe is true, then you have to man up, wipe the tears away and kill. In a gang, you're disposable trash, easily replaced. In an organization, you can be forgotten and abandoned like a commoner and finally.. In a mafia, family always stick together, even if things seem hopeless, the Golden Gate Mafia will never surrender. We put all the blood to fight into our veins, our tears of sorrow away and the sweat of hard work... We keep it as a sign of manly strength. Kazuki, I swore to a promise I'd help you defeat the Yakuza Organization. Even if its you and me against the world kid, you got Tulliano Takamori at your side as family. Understand?"

(Kazuki lifted his head as he then wiped his tears away and was more relaxed.)
"Kazuki (Normal Voice): I understand..."
(As Tulliano helped Kazuki up on his feet, the mafia members who fled arrived at Tulliano's home residence. One of the members took off their cloaks and saw Kazuki which was Amelie who then quickly ran towards him to give him a hug as the rest of the executives then Tulliano gave a serious look on his face as he looked outside the window at Downtown Tokyo.)
"Tulliano: Everyone, it seems we've come to our last option of plans. Its time to activate... Plan G0H47-X."
(Everyone in the room was shocked at Tulliano's order was Kazuki was confused.)
"Kazuki: Tulliano.. What is this plan..?"
(Tulliano then was silent for a full minute then spoke again.)
"Tulliano: Plan G0H47-X is a Territorial Bombing on the Yakuza Organization."
"Kazuki: A... bombing...?"
"Tulliano: That's right. To be rid of the Yakuza organization, we'll strategize and sabotage one by one before the bombing can commence. For now, everyone choose a guest room and get some sleep, we meet with a client tomorrow morning."
(As they all did so, Amelie wanted to talk to Kazuki for a moment so they went to her assigned guest room as she then closed the door behind them and was silent.)

"Kazuki: What's wrong..?"
"Amelie: Kazuki. If I told you something very important, would you hear me out?"
"Kazuki: I would."
"Amelie: You really would?"
"Kazuki: I really would."
"Amelie: ...I... I know this isn't the right time to say this at all but, I need you to not tell anyone no matter what! Please... Will you promise me that...?"
"Kazuki: I will promise it to you, what is it?"
"Amelie: Its... W-Well umm.. I... I want you.. to be my f-first..."
"Kazuki: ....?"
"Amelie: In short... I... I want... I want to you a-ask you out on a d-date...!"
(As silence was in the room between them, Kazuki needed to process what she wanted him to do and was surprised with shock.)
"Kazuki: HUH?!"
"Amelie: I've been hiding it in for too long, even if time has gone by fast... Kazuki, you're what I truly see in a man and I've been hiding this question back for a while... So.. c-can you.. go on a date.. with me... s-someday..?"
"Kazuki: .... Of course."
(He'd walk to Amelie and hugs her boldly.)

"Kazuki: I don't mind us going out as friends, its what they do right..?"
"Amelie: Y-Yeah... Also.. one more t-thing..."
"Kazuki: Hm?"
"Amelie: C-Could you.. kiss me..?"
"Kazuki: .... U-Um.."
(Kazuki then kissed her head and started to leave but she then gripped his arm and pulled him back as she then held his cheeks.)
"Amelie: That was weak... Heh.. Guess I'll have to show you a real kiss."

(Amelie then boldly and aggressively French kisses Kazuki without a second thought holding her back and pins him to the wall while showing passion into the kiss. Kazuki's mind was blank for a moment as he then was snapped back to reality and watched her kiss him as she then separated from Kazuki's lips and licked hers.)

"That's... a kiss. Try and top it if you can."
"Kazuki: Is that a challenge Amelie..?
"Amelie: Why not lose all that pent up stress...?"
(She then placed her hand on Kazuki's crotch and began to squeeze it.)
"Kazuki: You know I'm a virgin damn it.."
"Amelie: Just let me take care of it after all, we'll need to be at one hundred percent before our operation begins... What do you say..?"
"Kazuki: ... Try me."
(Amelie then smirked as her and Kazuki then spends the night together and Amelie "removes Kazuki's stress" from his soul.)

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