Chapter 22:


Fantasy Life

The forest stood green and tall as though the fire had never happened. Kaida looked over and saw Rei still hanging on to Yun. Everyone looked around wondering what had happened. Before asking questions, Jun ran over to his brother, lifted him gently from Rei, and laid Yun on his back. Kei and Kaida came closer.

"Is he alright?" Kaida asked.

"He'll be fine but I would still like to get him to a doctor just in case." Jun stroked his brother's hair. Kaida had never seen Jun so careful or his expression so concerned.

"Is there even a doctor where we are?" Kei asked.

"What do you mean?"

"We got saved by the skin of our teeth because we were transported out of the forest. At first, I thought someone had teleported us, but if we had been teleported, then we would still be seeing the forest burn. Since the forest isn't on fire, that leads me to think we are in another location entirely."

"I can understand that thought," Kaida commented. "But I don't think we're in a different location. We were brought to the camp. All of our stuff is here."

"But then why isn't the forest burning?"

Rei was pointing at the forest when she spoke. "It is now."

Everyone turned to see the same smoke rise up from the trees in the distance. There was a sound coming from a little ways below them. Without a word, all the creatures and humans hid from who or whatever was coming. It was Jun. But hang on, he was hiding behind a tent. Kaida looked around and saw everyone was just as confused as she was. They all stood and watched, trying to grapple with what was going on.

The other Jun walked up a little way and began packing his things and pulling another tent down. It didn't take long for Yun to come and talk with the other Jun. "What are they saying?" Kei asked Jun who was hiding behind the tent next to her.

"How would I know?"

"Well, because it's you."

Jun decided not to respond but listened to what the other Jun and Yun were saying. "What do you think you're doing?" The other Yun said.

"Packing," Jun stated abruptly. "None of you want me or need me so Dallas and I are leaving."

"Sorry but no."

"What did you say?"

"I said no. You are going to come back with me to find Kaida and the others so we can apologize."

"I think, I think this is when Yun came to convince me to go and apologize to you guys," Jun told Kei. "Right before Yami came and got us." As if on cue, Yami came and flew around the campsite. "This is crazy. This is just like how it happened earlier today."

The other Yun and Jun finished speaking and got on a different Dallas before riding off into the forest. Everyone waited for them to be out of sight before coming out of their hiding places. Yun had moved a bit, starting to awaken. "Look, everyone!" Rei called out.

Yun felt groggy and his chest still hurt from the leftover smoke. "Where- where am I?"

Jun laid his brother back down. "Careful, you're still too ill to get up."

"But if you and he are here with us, who were those guys?" Kaida asked.

"What guys?" Yun said, a bit confused. "Someone came to save us from the fire?"

"No, I have a theory," Jun began. "I believe we went back in time."

"Back in time?" Rei was dumbfounded.

"The conversation that we heard is the exact same as when Yun spoke to me earlier. Yami came, us riding away on Dallas, all of it. In a few minutes, we should see the fire spreading from here, I'm sure of it."

"Now that you mention it," Kaida chimed. "Yami and Alba aren't here with us."

"However we jumped through time probably didn't happen to them because those two were flying above the fire."

"Ok, but how did we jump through time? We all nearly died in there!"

After a quick cough from Yun, he said, "It was Chiyo."

"What?" Kaida said.

"Before I passed out, Chiyo ran up and I saw a purple glow around her horn."

"A purple glow? I've only seen green."

"That's because you've only seen Chiyo use her earth magic, but unicorns can learn other kinds of magic as well."

"I know it sounds crazy Kaida but I think he's right," Rei added. "I remember seeing something purple around Chiyo before getting transported here. Maybe Chiyo already knows how to use time magic."

Kei spoke next. "That kind of magic is hard, even for some of the most experienced unicorns. it takes many years and I only ever heard of wild unicorns being able to use it, but that's because they are so old."

"I am with Kei," Kaida exclaimed. "Don't get me wrong, I am happy that Chiyo knows time magic, but I just don't see how that's possible when she is only a few years old."

There was a moment of silence before Jun spoke. "The whole situation seems odd. Let's keep this incident to ourselves for now. We should do some investigation on this later. For now, we know two things, first thing is that Chiyo can use time magic, and secondly that there is a fire that is about to spread. We should pack up while we can and head straight into town. I want to make sure we get Yun to a doctor. Sound good?"

Everyone nodded in agreement except Kei. "What about Yami and Alba? Shouldn't we find them?"

Kaida was the one to answer. "They'll be fine. Even though they weren't transported here with us, they are still in the area. I have no doubt that those two will be able to find us."

After the group packed up all their belongings, Rei helped Jun load a weak Yun on Dallas's back. Jun walked alongside Dallas the whole way, making sure his brother didn't fall. On the way to town, the group had wonderful talks about dreams and childhood as they watched the forest burn behind them. Even though their trip was cut short, Kaida took comfort in knowing that they succeeded in their mission. She could finally say she was proud to be on this team.