Chapter 1:

Morning Brew


A short, young woman is seen pacing around what seems to be a company’s break room. She nervously fumbles with a strand of her light brown hair while repeatedly mumbling something to herself. Her cat ears are folded flat against her head, easily letting us know she’s really anxious about something; and, who wouldn't be? Landing a job in a prestigious company while being fresh out of college is something that only happens in movies, and having to present during the most important marketing meeting of the company just three days after being hired, no less! Bookmark here

[PHSSSSS!]Bookmark here

“Eeeek!” Ava squeaks when she hears the loud steam sound coming from the coffee machine, signaling that it’s out of milk. She looks around the machine trying to find out how to make it stop, but despite her efforts and constant tapping around it, the machine shuts down on its own.Bookmark here

“Great. Guess black will have to do.” She let out an audible sigh before sipping on the hot, black coffee she prepared. Her long tail fluffs up slightly as she tastes the bitterness of the brew, but she continues forcing herself to drink it while walking out of the room. At the same time, entering the room are three coworkers who while chatting amongst themselves don’t notice her walking out the door. [THUMP!] One of the men brushes his arm a little too hard against her shoulder, but not hard enough for him to worry about it, so without caring to look, he whispers a casual “Sorry.” before going back to talk to his colleagues. Bookmark here

Some laughter is heard inside the break room while Ava looks at her attire in shock. Her brand new, buttoned white shirt is now ruined by the largest black coffee stain she has ever seen on anyone’s clothes. Her frustration is clearly noticeable on her more than generously sized chest, as she takes short but deep breaths to conceal her anger and desire to scream from both what just happened and the heat of the coffee. After snapping out of the shock, she desperately runs back to her cubicle before anyone can see her. Bookmark here

She burrows her face into her hands in disbelief while quietly grunting to herself. The only thing she can think about is “My career… It’s over before it started… I'll become the laughing stock of the company if I present like this! Should I just leave now and preserve my dignity? Should I make a joke and pretend like it’s just a fashion trend… No… Maybe if I...” Bookmark here

Ava tries to force her dark grey blazer to close, but it was no use… In times like these, she wishes she had a small chest, heck, even a “regular” sized one would have done the trick right now. She softly bangs her head on her desk and mopes a little… Yes, attempting to clean it is all that she could try to do.Bookmark here

“In about an hour, everyone should have had clocked in, right? I’ll try to fix this by then when no one is in the break room… This will probably wash out well with dish soap if I scrub hard enough… Right?” She thought in efforts to convince herself.Bookmark here

But, as the minutes pass, she starts getting consumed by overthinking the situation, she is visibly anxious again, more than ever. Her skin looks a bit shinier as she begins to sweat, and, for some reason, even when the coffee on her shirt is starting to dry up, her chest feels hotter, to the point she just has to undo the first two buttons of her shirt to fan herself. Ava obsessively looks at her desktop’s clock. It’s almost time to put her plan in motion. Bookmark here

[TICK!]Bookmark here

Not a second passes before she stands from her chair and crouches out of her cubicle. Perfect, not a person in sight from her end to the break room, without a moment to waste, she hurries to the room. Once there, the situation couldn’t be more perfect, as expected, the room is empty. Closing the door behind her she leans against it and lets out a sigh of relief. Ava hurries over to the sink where she pours a little too much dish soap on a sponge before starting to rub her shirt with it. As she begins to wipe her chest, she quickly notices the mistake of pouring extra dish soap on the sponge; her shirt was now adorned by brown and blue stains.Bookmark here

“Oh no, no, no!” She starts panicking and rubbing her chest faster, building up enough motion to make the dish soap start to foam. In desperation, she rinses off the sponge with lots of water and goes back to rub the stains with a dripping sponge. This got rid of the soap for sure, but now, Ava is left with a completely wet, almost see-through shirt and an ever lingering coffee stain. Bookmark here

She starts pacing around the room again, this time looking like she is about to cry. Her panicking didn't let her notice at first the amount of water she soaked her shirt with, but she soon starts feeling a cold stream of water run down her abdomen. The sensation makes her squirm, she seems to enjoy it for a second but it wasn't the time to think about that! She must act fast before her skirt also gets wet. Without thinking, she takes off her blazer letting it fall to the floor, then, quickly unbuttons her shirt to dry herself off with it before it’s too late. Bookmark here

It was already too late to save her red lace bra from getting wet, but what about the skirt!? She drops the shirt to reveal the condition of her lower garment; the very top of it got wet… “But just a bit... If I fold it in, it should…” Ava murmured to herself, completely ignoring the fact that she was half-naked during the middle of her shift.Bookmark here

That’s when she looks up to take a quick glance at the door where there’s a man standing with his back against the door, a coffee mug at hand and his fox ears perked up straight while looking at her body in total awe.Bookmark here

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Naked and Compiled
Leanne Ormus
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