Chapter 1:

author's Note

Lost Souls

I saw this comment on the video Gravity Falls: Twins Forever (Music) and a story idea popped into my head, so first here's the quote- I ask you to read it all the way through you will enjoy it. Bookmark here

This music seems to paint a story in my mind: two children, separated by galaxies but joined and intertwined whenever they dream, their names are unable to be spoken so each of them came up with their own name for the other, the boy called the girl "Midnight" for she gazed deeply upon the stars in the nighttime sky with wonder. And the girl called the boy "Silverlay" as he always felt gentle and soft, and was strong of both will and character. Each night the two of them would gather beneath a grove of trees surrounded on all sides by endless windswept fields, five moons gathered above in a sky perpetually frozen between the last rays of a sunset or the beginning glow of an oncoming sunrise to each side, neither side showing signs of where the day is supposed to begin nor end. At this tree, the pair would speak innocently of wonderful things in each of their worlds, and in turn wonder what it would be like to live in their other world as well. One day, "Silverlay" fell asleep later than usual, "Midnight" wondered what was on her friends' mind as he fell silent and only listened intently to his friend as she spoke. "Midnight" wanted to know why "Silverlay" wasn't talking much, and she received her answer, "Silverlay" was dying, and he would be trapped within this eternal dream forever, unable to wake up ever again. "Midnight" then made a vow, that no matter what would happen in her life, she would always return to him beneath the grove each night and promise to bring him over into her world that he so much wanted to see. The two children then spent the remainder of their dream, sitting in the grove and holding hands... by the time the farthest sun had come up, "Silverlay" was trapped within the dream... Bookmark here

This quote was by Ohvist Small. I think this song brings about the story of two lovers separated by the infinite confines of their parents rule. The lovers find themselves the reason for a war. and they flee only having what they could carry on their backs. The lovers had few options and they took the hardest one.Bookmark here

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