Chapter 2:

Store's Closed

Lost Souls

"Run away with me. Please."

I woke up in my dad's 17 room house. He's a gang boss so he needed room for his crew and me. By the way, my name's Byran Miller. I normally don't have these types of dreams, but this one was bothering me. A girl with short dirty-blond hair, was running toward me. Her eyes were tearing up and she had her hand over her side. My head spins when I notice the blood on her side. She falls and I run to her. She looks up at me and says something quietly. "Run away with me." And then I wake up.

My eyes are always wet with tears when I wake up and I don't know why, but after that I mostly just go for a run. But today, I decided on going to the store. I go and brush my teeth take my morning shower and ask my dad what I should get. "Son, get whatever the hell you want I really don't care just make sure to be back by five! got it!" He yelled. "Yea whatever Dad." I walked out of the house and looked around. I put on the tail coat I normally wear and started walking to the store. My knife was tucked snugly in my chest pocket.

The walk to the store was filled with looks of awe from the girls fawning over my butler like appearance. The inside of the store was almost the same, except for one shorter dirty-blonde hair . My heart skipped a beat as she turned around and I saw her green eyes. My heart also stopped when I saw the emblem on her shirt. The emblem of Las devious, a rival gang that almost wiped us out in the last war. My hand went to the knife in my pocket. She saw me and her hand went to her hand, She drew her pistol and pulled the trigger, my training showed me that the bullet would fly toward my legs so my knife went there. The bullet sliced in half, clean, I ran forward and my knife went to her throat as her gun- still hot from the last shot- to my stomach. We both flinched, and after a second we both noticed each other's appearance. We let our weapons fall and looked into each other's eyes, the eyes that were in our dreams and eyes that held love for the other.

We walked out after we gathered the weapons we dropped, and I said sorry to her, "Hey, ya' know I don't actually know your name." " It's Cali, Cali Robinsons, and you?"

"It's Byran, Byran Miller."

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