Chapter 22:

Put In Awkward Situation

Unconsciously Interested



“Students, please confirm your room assignments with your class representatives or the school trip committee.” Kuroda-sensei made the announcement as soon as we arrived at our lodgings.

I’m crossing my fingers that I’m in the same room as Minori. In the meantime, I wandered around the hostel as I awaited Minori’s confirmation of my room assignment.

Hmm... We’ve got a calm, quiet atmosphere around here that lends itself well to a soothing environment. And there are ginkgo trees scattered throughout the area. I then noticed there was a slew of bicycles parked nearby. It appears they also rent those, huh? Oh! It might be a good idea to give it a try. It’s been a while since I’ve ridden one. I’m not sure if I’m still good at it or if I’ve lost my touch.

My eyes turned to the hostel. It has a stylish mix of Japanese tradition and modern design, and they also offer terraced rooms.

Heeh... Our school sure did pick a great location for this trip, huh? This is undoubtedly a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. 

“Yuyo! Come on, let’s go.” Minori got me out of my thoughts.

“So, which room am I assigned? Will we be staying in the same room?” I asked right away.

“Of course~! Thanks to my connections, we’re able to stay together.” She grinned.

“Yatta! Minori, you did a great job there!” I breathed a sigh of relief. “That eliminates the need for me to interact with students from different classes.” 

“Ohh... Unfortunately, we had to share a room with another two girls from class D.”

“Ehh?!” What a drag. Just when I thought it would all be class B in a room. “Hmm... Well, that’s fine. That’s what you’d expect anyway. I don’t mind as long as you’re in there.”

Minori shook her head and smiled. “Do you really have no desire to make new friends, Yuyo?”

“I’ll pass on that. I’m comfortable with my social circle right now.”

“Ahaha... There is no doubt in my mind that you will say that. Come on. We still have to unpack and take a little break.” 

“Okay. Hmm... Wait, how about Tomoka? Are we not sharing the same room with her?” There is no sign of her in sight. Perhaps she has entered into her Congeniality-san mode again.

“Umm... She’s also with us.”

“Oh... That’s great. So I guess I’m in good company then.” I just hope I can put up with her antics now that we’ll be in the same room.

It appeared that the others had not yet arrived in our room, so I took a look around right away.

Woah! Quite a treat. This room is a terraced one!

“But hmmm… Don’t you think this room is too big for five people, Minori?”

“Ohh! Oh yeah, that’s right. It’s because there aren’t five of us here but eight, Yuyo.”

“Haah?!” That many?!

I feel a little uneasy about this. I’m not used to having to share a room. Of course, I understand that this is part of the school trip, but the thought of spending three days and two nights in this room with more people other than Minori and Tomoka is quite uncomfortable to me.

“W-Well… You hang in there, neeh, Yuyo?” Minori gives me an uneasy smile. 

I simply groaned and puffed up my cheeks. “It’s not like I have a choice, though. I just hope those five students don’t make too much noise. I’ve already got Tomoka on the brain.”

“Yeah, I’m hoping so as well.”

We then heard two more girls enter the room as soon as I stepped out onto the terrace.

Hmm... These must be the girls from class D. They both bowed and smiled politely at me, and I just quietly smiled back before closing the terrace door.

My gaze swept over the view as I stood outside.


How blissful it is to be surrounded by such a serene environment! Trees dominate most areas here, with birds fluttering in a gentle breeze. There’s definitely a country feel to this place.


Uhh... Though it’s only midday, the scenery is so soothing I wish I could sleep right away.

“Where’s my wife?! Yu-chin~?!” I could hear a sudden annoying noise from inside, ripping me away from my moment of peace. With immediate effect, Tomoka’s voice put an end to my drowsiness.

Tch! Having that girl in the same room as me will be quite the challenge. Guh…. I need all the luck I can get.


I decided to go back inside and finish unpacking.

“Yu-chin~! There you are!” Tomoka’s cheerful voice welcomed me as soon as I opened the terrace door.

“Jeez! Tomoka, you’re being too loud agai—” I interrupted myself when I realized our roommates had already arrived.

Huh?! What?!

It came as a complete shock to me when I saw that the other three girls were Kyashii, Nazumi-san, and that irritating mean gyaru from class A!

W-Wha… What the heck is going on?! Why are they here?!

With no grasp of what was happening, I stared at Minori in disbelief while she gave me her anxious smile.

“I’m just happy to be sharing a room with my wife now!” Tomoka holds on to my arm, distracting me from the situation.

“Y-Yeah… Get off me. I have some things to unpack.” I replied in a whisper while locking my eyes on Minori. I find it strange because she’s undoubtedly aware of this since she’s on the committee, yet she didn’t say anything to me, huh?


Jeez! That’s it! Let me just ask her. All these room designations are making me quite deeply uncomfortable! What a pain!

“Minori, I need a word on the terrace, please,” I uttered in a frigid tone.

It didn’t matter to me if Kyashii and the others heard me. I really can’t stand this situation any longer. It’s too much for me! And why didn’t Minori mention anything to me earlier?

I made my way back to the terrace as soon as Tomoka let go of me. Minori slowly followed behind me.

“Please let me switch rooms, Minori,” I said in a dead voice.

“What?! Why?”

“You’re not really asking me that, are you?” My eyes gleamed coldly at her. “You definitely knew about it, yet you didn’t even bother telling me.”

“Ahh... I’m very sorry, Yuyo. I was... Umm. No... I’m sorry.”

“It would have been nice if you had at least informed me of this. There’s Kyashii, and then that annoying gyaru! If things keep going like this, my entire school trip will be a downer. I would appreciate some breathing space here, Minori. If it’s possible, I’d like to swap places with a classmate in another room.”

“Yuyo, I’m really, really sorry. But I don’t think it’s possible to change rooms. I only requested Kyashii and Nazumi-san to stay with us. I have no say over that gyaru joini—”

“Wait… What?! You made arrangements for Kyashii to stay in the same room with us?!”

“Ahm… Y- Yeah… I just wanted you to make up already. Both of you are my friends, and seeing you like that bothers me. I sincerely apologize if I’ve gone too far.”

I sighed in frustration. While I don’t like what Minori did, I understand she was just trying to help and that she had no malice behind it.


And again…. I have the impression that sometimes my actions cause trouble for others. It is clear from Minori’s actions since she has made such significant efforts.

But why, though? Is my approach concerning my personal matters different from what is expected of me?

“Haah... Yeah, rigghhtt…I get why you made that call. Haah... I guess I don’t have much of choice after all. I’m just beating a dead horse here anyway.”

“I’m really sorry, Yuyo.” Minori looked so guilty.

“No… It’s all right, Minori. I’m aware of your good intentions. Don’t worry. I’ll handle it just fine.” I forced a smile.

“Uhh… Are you sure?”

“Yep... Now then, let’s head back inside.”


“Would you like some ice cream, Yu-chin?” Standing under the tree, Tomoka wraps her arm around mine as she eats ice cream. We just stopped for a break in a park on our way back to the hostel. 

After we unpacked our stuff, the girls in the room decided to explore the neighborhood. I was the only one who didn’t like the idea of going out at that time because I kind of wanted to nap; however, I didn’t want to spoil the fun, and it seemed Minori was on board that time so well— I just went along with it. 

Speaking of Minori, she seems to be enjoying herself with the girls from class D, and the gyaru looks like she’s adjusting well so far. They just went to look at some shops nearby. Meanwhile, Kyashii and Nazumi-san were sitting silently at a bench, munching on some snacks, and I am left with this person here.

“No, thanks. I’d rather have a soda.” I then unconsciously looked in Kyashii and Nazumi-san’s direction.

“Would you like me to go grab you one, Yu-chin?”

“No, that’s a bit much. I’ll get something later from that vending machine over there.”

“Hmm… Are you okay, though?”

“Huh? Why are you even asking that question?”

“I knew you weren’t happy when you found out who we were sharing the room with because of your expression.”

“It’s fine with me, Tomoka. Don’t worry about that.”

“Hmm. Is it hard for you to get a chance to talk to Mikami-san?”

“No. Absolutely not. I told you that was something I wanted to do after this trip.”

“Well… If my wife says so.” Tomoka patted the top of my head with a smile. 

“Uff... Please don’t pet me.”

“Should I help you then?”

“With what?”

Tomoka didn’t respond; instead, she let go of my arm and walked over to Kyashii and Nazumi-san.

Huh?! Wait… What is she trying to do?! 

“Tomoka! Hey, hold on!” I tried to stop her, but she was already standing before them.

This girl!

There was an exchange of words between Tomoka and Kyashii. And while Kyashii was still talking to Tomoka, Nazumi-san suddenly got up as she glanced at me and smiled.

Huh? What’s the deal with that?

Following that, Tomoka threw her arms over Nazumi-san’s shoulders, and they left Kyashii behind.

“Oii, Yu-chin! I’m going on a date with Nazumi-san! Mikami-san needs some company here!” Tomoka called out as she waved her hand in my direction.


Tomoka! You! Why did you have to put me in such an awkward situation?!


By chance, my gaze landed on Kyashii, who was looking at me with a ballistic frown on her face.

Ah-re?! How did Tomoka make her glare at me like that?!

It bothers me that she has that look on her face. Something is ominous about that expression!

Uhh... Am I supposed to approach her and ask?

“. . . .”


I’ll just ask her then. Standing here and letting her stare at me with a hostile expression won’t answer questions in my head.

I’d like to find out if Tomoka said anything to her that I could almost smell bloodlust radiating from her at this moment.

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