Chapter 1:

The Letter and the Black Key

Dark Matter

Earth 014
3:13 pm

I am the Head researcher of the Black eye galaxy , which is 24 light year far from earth . I have been exiled from my home planet because of my project and it's dangers.

Its basically a cube consisting of a greater power than that of the earth's core, we called it the Dark matter energy . I have created a godly weapon which can wipe an entire galaxy and its life force . I ended up in some sandy dunes of an unknown planet in Milky way

I could see some of the pyramid like structure along the horizon . I was afraid to exit my ship thinking if they saw me as an intruder . Anyhow i pressed the landing prep button .

The creatures on this planet was short,
half the size of my leg . As I made contact with the planet my body released an immense radiation burst of black energy which ended up killing half of these creatures gathered around . They bowed and worshiped me as if I was a God .

I felt a strong presence with the core of the planet , It felt as some sort of unknown energy which welcomed my black matter cube . I used my Yanon(energy absorbing tool) to gather some of this strange energy .
This energy ended up being compatible with my cube and I was able to complete my project - project Black matter cube .


The combination of the black energy with the strange energy from this planet fused, which ended up making a mass killing weapon . I had to make sure that this weapon does not fall in to wrong hands. You have the key to the cube that I have hidden in the deserted region of southern Nile. I am handing this mission to you because if it isn't delt well , this weapon will be used to wipe out every single life form .

Survive till the GREEN MATTER evolves Let me warn you again -
BEWARE OF ONYX ( people from my galaxy)


Dark Matter