Chapter 0:


Saved By The Bell!

-Present Time: Year 2023-

(As the clock was ticking in the principal's office, an expressionless 16 year old high school student was awaiting his punishment for his countless rule violations. The door then opens as the principal then walks inside the office and slams the student's permanent records on the desk and sat down with anger towards the non-law-abiding student.)

"Principal: Daxton Hunter. This is the tenth time you've came into my office for excessive fighting and hospitalizations. Your actions in this facility can no longer be tolerated!"
"Daxton: So? What then?"
"Principal: Mr. Hunter, your enrollment with this institution is hereby concluded. In shorter words... You're expelled."
(As Daxton then continued to sit there with an expressionless look on his face he shrugged his shoulders as if he didn't care.)
"Clean out your locker and return home, my word is final. You are never to return to this academy, do I make myself clear?"
"Daxton: Yes sir."
(The principal then left his office as the door was slammed. As Daxton cleaned out his locker moments later, Daxton's classmates noticed him being escorted by school security which had them all worried on what was happening. As Daxton was now outside the school, his girlfriend was then shocked at security escorting Daxton.)
"Girlfriend: D-Daxton..? What's going on...?!"
"Daxton: What do you think? I'm finally out after nearly beating one of the students to death."
"Girlfriend: ...D-Daxton.. why...? I thought you agreed to stop...!"
"Daxton: Sometimes, words are useless."
(She then fell to her knees in disbelief that Daxton broke her promise right in front of her. Daxton then walks away from the school as she continued to remain on her knees crying. After returning home, Daxton then realizes his house was for sale as his parents were angry with Daxton.)

"What's this?"
(Daxton's mother then stormed towards him and purposely slapped him in the face which did not phase Daxton at all as she then answers him with a mocking voice.)
"Daxton's Mother: "What's going on" is we're MOVING!"
"Daxton: Moving? To where?"
"Mother: Anywhere, away from YOU!"
"Daxton's Father: To put it simply, we're separating ourselves from you. This family agreed to one thing and you could not make that happen, you cannot stop fighting so we had enough of it. We signed the final paperwork and you're no longer our son."
"Mother: On top of that, you're moving out of the country. Since you wanna fight so much, we managed to pull strings to not only have you transferred into Yokohama, Japan, you're actually permanently barred from ever returning to the United States. WHICH IS STATED BY OFFICIAL GOVERNMENTAL PRINT!"
(Daxton took a look at the official document and shrugged his shoulders.)
"Daxton: Is that so? So how am I going to get across the seas without parental supervision?"

(She then threw Daxton's cargo case full of all his belongings at him as both her and his father got in their car and drove away quickly as Daxton looked at them leave with sigh and grabs his cargo bag and started walking down the street to the bus depot until a black limousine pulled over several moments later which had Daxton curious. As the window was rolled down, the president of the United States was in the limousine and opened the door for Daxton.)

"President: Mr. Hunter?"
"Daxton: That's me, who are you?"
"President: I'm the president of the United States and I would like to talk to you about your parents and this incident."
"Daxton: This isn't some scheme, right?"
"President: I promise you, this is no scheme, no plot, no tricks. Just a man to man talk regarding their document."
(Daxton then got inside the limousine as the president ordered the chauffer to drive to the airport. Daxton then looked around and focused on the president.)

"Now. Mr. Hunter, it is true that I've banned you from coming back to the United States. But I will not just give you a punishment without a fair way to win your rights back. Listen, the school you've been assigned to in Yokohama, Japan is a high school built on combat. If you lose ten matches in a row as a streak, you'll be expelled. Therefore, I will give you a chance to claim your rights to live in America back. After winning one hundred matches in the academy and you defeat the top champion, you will be transferred to another fighting academy outside Japan, all expenses paid. If you can defeat fifteen champions in fifteen countries, I will gladly let you back on America's soil. Do we have a deal?"

"Daxton: I see no problem. Just got to fight to take my rights back?"
"President: That's right."
"Daxton: Okay, I'll do it. So Japan, my first stop huh?"
"President: All your flights to Asia will be paid for, do not worry."
"Daxton: Thank you very much."
(As the limousine then arrives at the airport, Daxton then leaves and takes his bag with him as he then flies all the way from the United States to Japan. As time then flies by for hours, Daxton's new school of was suddenly full of excited students talking about the transferring student which is Daxton who will start at the academy in two days.)
"Teacher: Attention students, as some of you already know, a new transfer student is on the way to this academy and will be arriving within two days. So when he arrives, make sure you introduce yourselves to him as we welcome him to this institution."
(As students was murmuring in curiosity about the new student, one female student then left the classroom for an early lunch and stormed to the student council's office.)
"???: Ah, Kuroda! Early lunch break?"
"Kuroda Yorikoto (Student Council Secretary): Shut it Niikura. Apparently, everyone's all gossiping over the new boy that'll be here soon."
(She then grabs Daxton Hunter's permanent record and slammed it on the student council leader's desk as the leader was currently absent.)

"???: Even if he's not here yet, his permanent records are what makes him very interesting. According to that record of his, he hospitalized four students one by one, just over his mid-term test being ruined by some bullies."
"Niikura Nobukichi (Student Council Member): He does sound strong however, it also says he judo flipped a teacher and broke their poor arm all because he was forced to redo a test he already completed."
(The door then opens as the Student Council President then walked in and sits down in his seat.)
"Student Council President: Daxton Hunter's presence in this school will make an absolute change of things. But the question is, can he survive.. his first night?"
(The president then looked down outside at the school's backyard and stares at the massive fighting dome which was currently locked tight from all sides until tonight.)
"Soon, we will see if Daxton can handle this school or not. After all, we can't believe a written sentence unless we see it actually happen."

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