Chapter 17:

The Princess Plays Music

Royal Princess of Blood

Ah yes! Music class! My expertise.

Yes, compared to when I knew there was going to be dancing, this time I was more excited, well not that I was ever excited about dancing. Today was the day for music lessons, and I believe this was where I was to shine. Although that was not entirely why I was excited. I am excited because I will get to use an instrument that didn’t exist back in my old world.

I knew this because of the memories of Estelia, but that being said, I regret that I wasn’t a master of it yet. However, I expect it wouldn’t be much of a problem compared to dancing. With this instrument, I only had to do some chords, meaning I was only to use my hand and fingers.

It was easier to recall the position of the hands and fingers from Estelia’s memories to form chords. Although I expect I would have some difficulties switching between chords, I will adjust in a short time. I might be able to get through this without having to be scolded due to me being inept or something like that.

Even so, as long as I know the tune of every chord, I should be fine. The chords and notes used from my old world will be applicable here.

A tune is a tune. A melody is a melody.

Music was the language of the universe. Unlike language, music could be understood by all things which had the ability to hear. If the song was endearing, it would be endearing. If a song was calming, it would be calming. That being said, people had music which they preferred. In other words, music was a matter of perspective, whether they like something or not. But music was music, and it could be understood by all.

Alright, perhaps it was just me over hyping music up. But that was the truth of my universe. Music was what brought a great sense of calm to me. Even if I agonize and despair due to the pain I felt during when I was young, every time a music play, I was at peace. Therefore, when the organization taught a bit of music, I was happy. Although what they taught was just above average, I learned most myself.

After finishing my breakfast, I went back to my room to take my instruments. Behind me followed the maid who attended me yesterday, again, not Mera. I had some sort of urge to ask my parents to make Mera my personal attendant.

I entered my room and the maid excused herself in. By the corner of the room, she took the wooden case which had the instrument inside. The case was shaped precisely like the instrument, so it was perfectly fit. The instrument was a rondalla of some sort, longer and bigger than a normal guitar.

It was roughly half as tall as me.

The maid was able to lift it with no problem. As a royalty and the pure and fragile princess, I did not need to do such a menial task like carrying the instrument. Heh, how nice.

We headed towards the training room, with me having a bright smile on my face. It was genuine this time, however, I mixed some Estelia esque type of smile.

It didn’t take long before we arrived at the room. When we entered, my instructor greeted me.

“Greetings, Princess Estelia. May our hallowed lord and lady bless the moment of our delightful meeting.”

The beautiful woman in her late twenties placed her palm on her left chest while the other hand lifted her skirt a little, like a curtsy. Meanwhile having her one feet about behind the other, she bowed elegantly, her peach hair gracefully followed her motion, then afterwards her emerald eyes gaze at me.

My instructor today was a noble. And this was the traditional noble greeting.

“It is of greatest pleasure to meet you, Madame Lanivia. May we receive the resplendent blessing from our illustrious lord and lady.”

I did the same greeting and bow Lanivia did. But movement so elegant and graceful, my hair as beautiful as an invaluable platinum almost seemed like it floated as I lowered my head and upper body. My charming smile inspired purity and innocence, my face filled with captivating beauty, and eyes as the most beautiful of crimson gazed up to greet Lanivia’s eyes.

Her eyes widened for a moment before the corners of her lips curled up into a warm smile. She seemed to be impressed by my greeting. Reason for that was because I did a better job than Estelia ever did.

“Are you ready for your practice, milady?”

This woman was way different than Eleanore. This one was more gentle and kind, which was easier to deal with. To that, I was thankful. Less stress I have to go through, the better.

“Believe me, Madame, I am profoundly looking forward to our session. It is more accurate to say I am wholeheartedly excited.”

“How glad I am to hear that.”

“That being said, I apologize in advance if I were to make a mistake. I’m afraid I have become… rusty.”

“My, we only had our last session last week.”

“Indeed. However, I had a lot of things in my mind. But, please do not worry. I assure you, it will come back to me not for long.”

She smiled as she heard my firm words. I looked softly at her. Which came to mind, this world had people which had colorful hair. Which came as bizarre to me as someone who came from a world which didn’t have anyone that has a natural hair color such as her.

“I am taking you up on your words. This may sound hard, but… please do not disappoint me.”

“Of course, Madame.”

I didn’t have a lot of worry or lack of confidence like when I was practicing to dance. I have more love for music after all.

My maid took out the instrument from its case. A twelve stringed instrument, it was about half as tall as me. At the center of the body there bore a circular hole, atop of it were the twelve strings. I firstly received it by holding the neck then the body. I sat down on a chair and laid the body on my lap.

A smile escaped my lips when I held it in my arms. The head stock closely resembled a guitar, also with tuning keys on which the strings were tied upon. And of course, the strings vary in size, the large ones were the bass. That being said, I was not familiar with what string this was, it was different from the strings of a guitar or a classical one.

My instructor also now had her instrument laid on her lap. For the record, both our instruments were lavish looking, no less to be expected from aristocats.

“Well then, your highness. Before we begin, we shall determine whether our instruments are properly tuned.”

“Oh, yes of course.”

“I will play each string, please familiarize the sound of each one.”

It would appear she had already tuned her instrument.

I listened to each sound of every string of the instrument called a “Liathre”. The sound of it closely resembled a classical guitar.

Then finally she hit the highest note.

“Did you catch what they sounded like?”

“I believe so.”

With someone that loves music, and skillful at it due to my hard work, I was now familiar with the notes of each string.

I plucked each one of the strings on my liathre. Slowly and quietly listened to each one. I reacted when I heard it was out of tune, even for just a little. I adjusted it until it was to my satisfaction. While doing so however, I found myself doing it carefully. Come on, I didn’t want to make the string snap whatsoever.

Shortly after, I reached the highest note, and with that, my tuning ended. I looked at Lanivia who nodded in satisfaction. She seemed impressed by my work.

“Then, we should begin once again to the basic tune. Lowest to highest.”

I observed and listened. She plucked the strings slowly and gracefully, her fingers smoothly moving across each string. Her hand which was around the height of her shoulder. Therefore, I too would need to raise my arm and hand like it. I just hope my arm won't go numb.

While her left hand pressed on strings, her right hand plucked. I could hear some notes.


I was familiar with it. I should have known from the memories of Estelia, however, they were not as clear as hearing it personally.

As I thought, music is the language of the universe.

What she was playing was the notes do re mi fa so la ti do. While I listened, I intently observed the fingers of her left hand.

Then, she was done.

“There, if you will.”


With the neck of the instrument also supported by my shoulder, I placed my finger by the strings. With the memories of Estelia and my observation, I should do good for a little. Back in my world, even though I love music, I didn’t get to play any twelve string instruments. Therefore, this was my first.

I quickly made the nerves of my hand to make it form the lowest note of do. I plucked. Then next was re, then next and next and next. My fingers were a bit delayed and slower, but I supposed that was to be expected. However, as I went on, I gradually became faster. When I hit the highest note, I didn’t stop and made my way to the lowest again, trying to get used to the motions.

Moments passed and I stopped. I smiled in delight.

“You truly do seem like you had forgotten how to form your fingers into the chords.”

“Ah, my apologies.”

I regretfully looked at my instructor.

“That is alright. Surely it will come back.”

“Thank you. May I try out the chords for a moment?”

“Go ahead.”

I recalled the chords Estelia learnt. They were basics, but that was fine.

I formed my fingers into one that I recalled. Plucking a few strings at the same time, although almost like a wave to be soft in the ears. Sometimes when plucking it was better to not pluck at once but having the fingers pluck subsequently after the other. Like a wave. For me it sounded more beautiful.

My ears perked up after I heard the first chord.

It truly is the C chord!

Then I switched to a new chord. It was a D major. Then I did the A major and minor. I also did other basics. After hearing those, I become intrigued.

I wonder what C sharp is.

Estelia had yet to learn the form of the chord. However, with my experience from my previous life, and some, well, you could say instincts, I tried to find the correct form. I plucked the strings.

Oops, that’s not it.

I tried again for about three more times before I smiled in glee when I heard the right note.

“Oh? You found the chord Calia highs.”


“Yes, I’m impressed. I have yet to even teach you that.”

Apparently, the chords had literal names instead of the letters that I was familiar with. Thankfully though, the first letters of the names still had the letter of the notes. I didn’t need to be so confused.

“I was in luck it seems. Uh, can you help me remember some of the chords?”

“Of course.”

Estelia of course had forgotten some chords, so I had to learn them from the instructor. I had some difficulty at first, but as time passed, I was getting used to it.

“You are a great help, Madame. You have my thanks.”

“Not at all, I am your teacher after all.”

I smiled widely at her. Then after that, I asked for specific notes.

“Madame, how do I do a note like this…”

Since I didn’t know the form of the guitar, I had to use my voice to replicate that note. By the way, this body had some good voice. Lanivia and my maid — who was sitting on a chair at a corner — were surprised when I did that. I suppose they didn’t expect that from Esteila. However, I am very eager to learn this instrument. There was no harm in being determined to learn something that I was supposed to learn.

In any case, despite being taken off guard, Lanivia still answered my questions.

After that, I thanked and positioned my fingers into the chords I required. Though I have yet to pluck anything, I was just getting used to the chords.

Lanivia observed me intently, but I ignored her for the moment. As moments passed, I was a bit becoming smoother in my transitions between chords. Then I did some quiet plucking for each chord, trying to get the feeling to it.

After that was done, I nodded in satisfaction.

“I shall try this…”

I began to play a song. It was slow and simple since I was just starting to play this instrument. However, the way I played it was still beautiful. It was exceedingly endearing to the ears. A beautiful song which would refuse to leave your mind even if several hours had passed.

The song made the hearts of those who heard it flutter as warmth flushed all over their chest. The notes going through their ears made them remember those that they loved. The song was beautiful, and romantic.

Lanivia and my maid gazed at me with intense bewilderment and awe as they watched with their eyes, and listened with their ears. They had never expected me to play like this.

Even though I was playing a slow and simple version of this song, it was still a pretty song.

This was the song “Fur Elise” by Beethoven. This was one of my favorite pieces. Currently, I am only playing a short version, not the complete.

Then, the song ended.


There was silence. I looked surprised as I stared at my instructor who had a dumbfounded look on her face, then to my maid who was… crying. Tears were falling from her eyes.


“Urys. Why are you crying?”


She frantically rubbed her eyes and cheek with her sleeve.

“M-My apologies. I… I was just reminded of someone I dearly knew.”

She forced a smile.

“... I see… I’m sorry if what I did reminded you of something sad.”

“No no, you do not need to be sorry, milady. It was a beautiful song, and it touched my heart.”

“... If you say so.”

I returned my eyes to Lanivia. She then spoke.

“Where did you learn that song — no, when did you learn that song?”


I played a song which was not known by anyone. I couldn’t hold myself, okay? That being said, I believe it was not a foolish thing to do, okay maybe a bit foolish, but not gravely foolish. It was just a mere song. Nothing was dangerous in doing that. It wouldn’t kill me.

I just… wanted to do something that I love. Only on rare occasions could I relaxly play music, and I always take such opportunities to heart. And… I want to do what I wanted to do.

Besides, if I can’t even do something like this, what was the point of this new life? When freedom was finally at hand, would you keep yourself from doing what you love? If I restrain myself here, it would be no different to reassembling the already shattered shackles which used to bind me, and once again slowly, reattach themselves slowly unto my limbs, one by one. I want to do what I want, play music if I want.

Why should I stop myself from doing so?

At any rate, I still deemed what I did as something undangerous.

“Well, the song came to mind once, in a dream. I don’t know why though, it has been on my mind lately.”

“Amazing! It was splendid, your highness! I had never heard such a song before, and it was incredibly beautiful at that. It could be a masterpiece! No, it may already be one!”

She was so excited. I was delighted by this. Seeing that someone loved music so much, like me, made me glad, and brought to me some respect for Lanivia. It was a great thing to have someone that shares your passion.

“R-Really? But it was not good, it felt like it still needed some work.”

Indeed, that song was not at its fullest potential since I played it on a new instrument. But I imagine, if I practice for a whole day, it would drastically improve.

“Then how about we work on it? I shall make you obtain the mastery to use the lathia. That way, I believe you can develop that piece you have made.”

Although I did not make it.

If this song was ever made public, I have to include Beethoven’s name somewhere. In honor of a great musician.

“Y-Yes, I think if I can practice more, I can perfect the song I played.”

Lanivia and I looked at each other with bright eyes. Then immediately, we began practicing.

I wonder if there is a piano in this world. But I shouldn’t expect it.

Having a piano would be wonderful.

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