Chapter 18:

Kind Princess

Royal Princess of Blood

Around early afternoon, after having lunch together, my music instructor and I were still inside the same room we used to practice. She was supposed to leave around noon. However, she asked that we were to practice for a little while.

Well, who was I to refuse that? Then, along with a permission from Mother, we were back here. I was actually getting better, I have familiarized a lot of chords and memorised a few. As for the plucking, come on, I played guitar, so not much of an issue for that.

As for my instructor, she had also learned some chords used on the song I played earlier. However, she still needed to practice on the song itself. But I should say, I was impressed, as expected from a professional musician, she was learning fast.

Then later on, a servant came to the room bearing the message that my Father had arrived and was now at the gates.

“Excuse me Madame Lanivia, I have to greet Father for his return.”

I was planning to go out by myself, but Lanivia also rose up from her seat and gently placed her instrument down.

“I will also be going. It would be impudent of me if I do not greet the King.”

She was a noble, so as one, she must greet the king of this country if she was in the palace. I guess it would be informal and inappropriate to just hide and pretend that the king was not arriving.

Lanivia, Urys, and I headed straight to the front of the palace where Father’s convoy was expected to come. In addition, the servant who called us was taking the lead so everything was assured.

As time passed, we finally reached the front door of the main building. When we exited, I saw several carriages pulled by horses. Some were open and had knights riding upon it, while some were closed, which I imagine occupied by other knights. Then at the center was a more impressively designed carriage, colored in gold and red, with an emblem in the shape of a wisteria emblazoned on its doors.

Standing in front of the door, in the middle of the pathway, was my mother and brother. I could see my Mother rubbing the thumb on her hand, she seemed to be uneasy and impatient. While my brother turned around to face me as though sensing my presence, he smiled.

I rushed my steps to show that I was excited to see Father safe and sound.

“Brother, Mother.”

“Hey dear sister.”


I stood with them. I had an expression of utter concern and fright, as I waited for my father.

“E-Everything’s fine, right?” I asked with a slightly trembling voice.

Estevan chuckled for a moment.

“You see how the knights look?” he asked.

I looked at the knights closely from where I was standing as they headed towards us. I returned my gaze to my brother then nodded.

“Those expressions are not entirely grim. So it is safe to assume that Father is alive.”

“Really?” I smiled brightly with joy lit up in my eyes. “Thank goodness.”

I sighed in relief.

Before long, the convoys stopped, and the king’s carriage in front of us. In that instant, the door charged open. A man wearing a violet armor with golden lines emerged from the carriage. His smile wide as he approached with rushed steps.

“Greetings my family! I am alright, as you can see!”

I smiled with happiness when I saw how energetic Father was. I stepped forward as though to make sure that my eyes didn’t deceive me.

“F-Father, are you sure you’re fine?”

Well, to be honest, that didn’t look to be the complete case. I looked at every part of his armor. The plate by the breast was scratched and the trace was as large as two of my fingers stuck together. Then by his left shoulder armor was torn apart, as though something clawed it off.

Just how much strength did a creature have to cause that?

I had no idea.

“Daughter~! I’m not bleeding, am I? Healing magic had its charms, so any injuries are treated. Are you scared for me? Aw~ — come give me a hug.”

He spread his arms, but before all else, I held out my hands.

“Please don’t father, your armor will hurt me.”

“I suppose…” he sounded disappointed.

“Welcome back, dear.”

My Mother said to Father as she had a relieved smile on her face.

“Yes, I’m back.”

They smiled at each other which was followed by a moment of silence when they just stared at each other quietly. Their eyes seemed to be full of fondness and happiness that they saw each other once again.

I could imagine countless flowers in the background, blossoming for the sake of these two lovebirds.

Ain’t that sweet.

Seeing people act like this was a bit entertaining.

“Father,” Estevan chimed in, breaking their moment. “It is truly a great thing that you have returned alive and well.”

“Indeed, but I don’t know if the same could be said for those who had severe injuries that may as well be called...permanent.”

We turned our eyes towards the soldiers hopping off the carriages. Armors damaged and torn, some by the shoulders, and some by their waist, and some others. Others carried their damaged helms in their hands.

Then I saw one knight had a bandage covering half his face, blood at the part of his eye. I could imagine what the injury was, he had lost his eye. However, I could still see him smile as he conversed with the other knights.

In contrast, I saw one knight that had lost two of his fingers on his right hand, the pinky and the ring fingers. But he didn’t seem to think a lot about it. Then there was one who had lost his hand from the wrist. He was not like the other aforementioned knights, he looked like he was in despair, as his face was completely devoid of any form of joy or relief. It sucks to lose a hand.

Healing spells were a thing. However, now that I saw this scene, I was convinced that healing spells can’t heal everything. If the wound was fatally severe, like those injuries, they couldn’t be healed. That being said, all I have seen for the moment was some body parts that were cut off.

That means that healing spells couldn’t regrow those body parts. But what if you were cut severely in the guts, organs threatening to come out and blood spilling out, can that be healed? After all, there was no need to regrow but only sealing the wound. I had no definite answer yet. But I was sure that healing spells can’t regrow limbs or such.

That being said, I wonder if there were other kinds of healing spells or magic that can help with those. Now why was I pondering about this too much? Of course it’s for me. What if in the future my precious fingers were cut, or my delicate hands, or what if my eyes were gouged out? I don’t want to be like that permanently. I want to at least ensure that I could regrow those just in case something bad as that happens to me.

I love my body, thank you very much.

“H-How terrible…”

I said quietly, my hands trembling as I did.

“Estel, should we enter?” Estevan said.

“Um, t-there’s no need to rush.”

“There’s no need to force yourself if you can’t bear to watch.”

“But they are our soldiers, aren’t they? I couldn’t just simply walk out knowing that they fought for the nation and was injured in the process.”

My family looked at me dumbfoundedly, a few knights in close proximity were also able to hear me and looked at me with a surprised expression. Receiving their gazes, I flinched and lowered my head while avoiding their eyes.

My words also seemed to move my Father’s heart as he looked around at his knights.

“...My Estel is so kind…” he said as he looked at me.

“N-No, I’m… Is there something we can do for them? At least treat them to an elaborate feast or something…?” I quietly said that only my family can hear.

“Well, we can do a feast, I was planning to give them some expensive alcohol at first to serve as a celebration for our success and survival. But since you suggested it, we can maybe do it tomorrow, around mid morning. And no one died, so that’s a plus and cause for celebration.”

“No one died? Truly?” Estevan asked.

“Indeed, even if the battle was hard, we still suffered no deaths.”

“That’s amazing.”

“Well, I ordered them to prioritize their lives and don’t foolishly charge in.”

I recalled the mock battles of the knights at the training grounds. They were stupidly strong. Now I dread to imagine just what kind of creatures gave trouble to these knights, and especially Father. I wouldn’t want to face those kinds of creatures. Those so called Monsters.

I looked again at the knights who battled those creatures. I tried to imagine those monsters’ strengths. I wouldn’t be able to win if I face such things. Amidst my observation, I saw Elson. He appeared to be completely fine, though some torn armor on a few spots. There was a holster strapped across his waist, hung upon them were daggers, and some were already empty.

Daggers worked on those things? Hm.

I doubt plain daggers could cause a light of damage. Elson must have used some Armament Magic or something to those daggers.

“Let’s talk inside for the time being,” my Mother suggested.

We of course agreed.

On the way, Father encountered Lanivia.

“Greetings my king, it is of great honor to meet you. May our hallowed lord and lady bless the moment of our delightful meeting.”

Lanivia performed the traditional noble greeting and curtsied formally.

“Lanivia, a surprise to meet you here. May we receive the resplendent blessing from our illustrious lord and lady.”

My father placed his palm on the left side of his chest and bowed a little.

“I thought you would have left by now.”

Lanivia smiled.

“I was supposed to. But I was awed by your daughter, I was tremendously surprised and amazed. Thus, I wanted to take this opportunity to spend a little more time with your daughter.”

“You mean that involves music, right?”

“It is as you say, Your Majesty.”

“This is the first, what happened?”

“I imagine you will be surprised if you learned of it.”

“Really now?”

Father looked at me in puzzlement but also a bit of curiosity and interest. Well, I would be glad to show off the skills I was so proud of. But I was not completely confident with the current instrument just yet.

I acted all embarrassed and avoided his gaze.

“I wonder what could that be.”

He said.

“I’m interested.”

“I also am.”

Mother and Brother added.

“Um… I’m…”

I looked at Lanivia as though asking for help. She appeared to have understood that when she spoke.

“Ah, it is not ready yet. It is far from perfection since Princess Estelia is still practicing the lathia.”

“Is that so? Then I will look forward to the fruits of your labor, dear daughter,” Father said.


“Let’s return inside. I still need to change out of this armor.”

We agreed and all of us entered.

“You can return to your practice for the time being, we’ll meet again later in dinner,” Father said. “And also, your suggestion of a feast for the knights, we’ll talk about that.”

Somehow, when I heard him say that, I felt chills down my spine. I had a feeling that there was a chance that my plan to go out to the city had a chance of being interrupted again.

No way! I absolutely will not let that happen!

I was serious.

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