Chapter 1:

Chapter 1 - Call of the Praetor

Reborn as a Petite Girl’s Teddy

Chapter 1 - Call of the Praetor


A/N: All appearing characters are above 18 years of age. This novel belongs to the FLAT chest empire. Reader's discretion is advised.

By the time I became conscious again, my little girl was brushing her hair, as she looked inside the mirror.

She wore a pink colored nightgown, which looked extremely cute on my Lia. The neck portion offering the view of her whiter than snow and pure neck, as the dress covered up the twin cherry dressing on my sweet pie.


"There. I am all done. How do I look to you Mr. Bear? Am I Pretty?" Lia spoke as she looked at my reflection inside the mirror.

OHHHHHH~~~ How I wish I could tell my super cute Lia how beautiful she looks!!

It's enough to cause war & riots among the masses. Though her hidden peach has only been sampled by me only...


Lia's face turned red, as a blush covered her face. She sternly looked at my reflection as she tried to hide her blushing face.

"Mr. Bear.. you perv. I told you to be patient didn't I?]

I am really sorry...

I shall repent!

I shall commit seppuku!!

Though... I wonder if it would even affect my toy body?

I don't feel pain after all.

"Mr. Bear is bad. No playing together for tonight.]



My dear Angel! I plead guilty!

Please forgive this unruly bear!

This bear needs lots of LOVEEEEE!!

*Knock* *Knock*

"Young Miss, it's me butler . It's time to go already." The butler spoke from outside.

Lia turns her gaze away from me, as the blush recedes from her face.


Lia replied in her usual voice, as she grabbed my body close to her chest and opened the door.

The butler waiting outside the room nodded once, before he started to head away.

Lia followed along closely behind the butler, as the three of us left the warm bedroom and headed into the unknown.


We were now moving through a hallway, lightened up at both sides with some unknown magic artifacts.

The butler seemed to be leading Lia somewhere, as the bad gut feeling returned.

Although Lia didn't seem to be anxious at all and was quietly following the butler, but the way in which she tightly held my body against her chest, clearly showed her anxiety.

Being the bad bear I am, I cannot help but exclaim,


The silky soft texture at my back surely reduced my anxiety by a large fraction, but my petite girl couldn't share my sentiments.

Ohhhhhh.. how I wish I could lick up all the sweat covering my petite Lia's body & cover her in my saliva...

Although I have not gained a lot of experience in dealing with girls before...

But... BUT!!! Lia is the BEST!!!


The butler stops in front of a large door. The door seemed to be made of some expensive wood, as even the surface looked extremely impressive.

Though I would much rather stare at a naked petite girl's chest all day instead.

"Young Miss, The Master is having his dinner inside. I had been tasked to bring you to him. I shall now take my leave." the butler spoke as he turned to leave.

My Lia and I were left alone in front of the imposing door, inside the poorly lit hallway.

Lia turned to look at me, as she gave me one of her best smiles.

"Don't be so worried Mr. Bear. Lia will be there to protect you." Lia spoke in her usual monotone voice.

Protect Me?


My sweet Angel! My sweeter than pie Angel!!

I will be the one to protect you!!

Let me see what trick that man plays. I will curse him to hell!!


As we entered inside the room, the luxurious interior entered our vision.

The dining room was very lavishly decorated, as lot's of paintings, statues and flower vases decorated the brightly lit room.

A row of maids stood beside the dining table, as they awaited to receive their orders.

A particular trait common among the maids I observed was that.. they were all very well endowed.

Meaning, they all had HUGE breasts.

Although all breasts are the hopes and dreams of someone, but I firmly belong to the Flat Chest Union.

The man who bought my sweet Lia sat on his seat, as he ate his dinner with intricate etiquettes.

From the way he ate, to the way he wiped his mouth, he seemed to have received a high level formal training.

BUT!! This doesn't make him a good man at all!

Oh... How good it would have been, to stay inside the previous place, enjoying my days happily with my petite Lia~

Tasting the sweet sweet nectar without any worries...

It's all his fault!!


"You have arrived. Sit down. Your seat has been prepared." The man spoke as he wiped his mouth again.

"Yes." Lia replied emotionlessly as she moved forward and sat on the chair indicated by him.

She kept me on her lap, as I had to be content with looking at the maids.

I couldn't move my head yet, otherwise I would stare at my nirvana all day...


Lia turned to look down, as she quietly flicked my snout with her fingers.


Even though I don't feel any pain... It did hurt my feelings!

Huuu Huuu Haaaaah

Relax. Easy thoughts.

No use being nervous. Happy thoughts only.

For now, let's sit still as a simple teddy.

I must not make things difficult for my petite Lia.

If anything happens though, I shall make my move as quick as lighting!

Don't you dare angry the mighty Teddy!!


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