Chapter 2:

Chapter 2 - What? The Praetor is ..

Reborn as a Petite Girl’s Teddy

Chapter 2 - What? The Praetor is ..


A/N: All appearing characters are above 18 years of age. This novel belongs to the FLAT chest empire. Reader's discretion is advised.

The sharply dressed blonde man finished his lavish dinner, after which he stared at my sweet angel Lia and spoke,

"Look, I want you to know the reason I bought you. Since I don't want you to confuse your status and act inappropriately."

Lia simply nodded as she waited for the Praetor to continue.

This man... he is underestimating our angel, isn't he?

He stood up, as he started to approach our position.

"I have been searching for a suitable candidate for a long time now. Albeit, the failures have been to despairing for me."

The man now reached Lia's eye level as he peered into her eyes. His face contained an indescribable joy, as his eyes shined with a strange light.

I don't like this man.

Not one bit.

"You however, meet all the criteria's necessary."

"That stupid slaver didn't know what he missed out on. However, as you can see, I am only interested in mature women. Petite girls like you have no affect on me. So, you would not be asked to attend any such duties."

Ah! Thank God!!

I was the most worried for this thing!

Hah! Enjoy those squishy breasts as much as you want.

You ain't getting my petite girl!

"However, I am planning to send you to someone special. You have to be trained in all sorts of manner to be worthy of being their gift."

Gift? He is planning to gift my Lia away?!

This... This fuckin RASCAL!!

"From tomorrow onwards, a tutor shall be coming. Attend the lectures with full attention. You have 2 months before departing this place."

In just 2 months... my dear Lia... she would be sent off again?!

"Enjoy your stay until then. If you have any inconveniences, tell my butler. He will surely take care of everything."

"I have a lot of things to do, so I will be taking my leave. But, remember, do not disappoint me. You would not have a good end if you do, you got it?"

I have had it with this man!

Even a teddy has it's limits of patience!

He thinks he owns my sweet angel?!

A disappointment, eh?

I am gonna tear this fucker apart!!

Let's see what you are made of first.


Name: Marrus Clay
Title: - Praetor
Class: Nobility
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Level: 56
Health: 212/212
Stamina: 210/210
Experience: 34510/70000
Focus: 215/560
Skill Points: 0
Strength: 44
Dexterity: 35
Endurance: 41
Sorcery: 15
Charisma: 55
Faith: 0
[The Apprising Eyes] Heavenly eyes that allow the user to differentiate talent levels of others.
[Noble Blessing] Blessed with protection of the kings in heaven. Ability to tame new recruits easily.
[Explosive Strength LV3] [Cross Dressing LV9] [Masturbation LV21] [Sewing LV13] [Light Magic LV2]

The Praetor stands up straight and after tidying up his dress, starts to walk away towards the door.

This guy... is a girl?

She likes to cross dress?!


How could she look so un-approachable when dressing as a man?!

Even imagining this brute to be female gives me shivers..


Be it a man or woman!

No one gets away after targeting my Lia!

Behold! The Almighty Teddy's WRATH!!

But, before that,

Self [Appraisal]!

Name: Mr. Bear
Title: -
Class: -
Gender: -
Race: Plush Toy
Level: 6
Health: 5/5
Stamina: 0/0
Experience: 21/100
Focus: 10/10
Skill Points: 0
Strength: 0
Dexterity: 0
Endurance: 0
Sorcery: 0
Charisma: 3
Faith: -
[Inanimate Object] Cannot move.
[Pervert] Gains experience through unconventional means.
[Abyssal Tendrils] Conceals tendrils within its body.
[Glutton] Experience gained through consuming offerings is increased massively.
[Appraisal LV1]
[Outcome Manipulation LV1]

[Outcome Manipulation] right?

Surely, this fucker would be the best Ginny pig for the experiment!

[Outcome Manipulation]! Activate!

I envision the scenario I desire, as I wait to see whether this ability is even useful or not.

Just as the cross dresser was about to reach the door, her foot slips & the woman falls down face first into the marble flooring.



Success!! The result I wanted has successfully happened.

The woman's nose is badly bent, as blood continues to flow from it.

"Someone.. HELP ME!! AH!! It hurts so much!.."

Her noble air and decorum is completely gone now.

What I can see is a stupid whiny girl unable to handle an injury.

Hah! That's what you get for messing with my girl!

If you think this is enough, wait till I get stronger!!

2 months right? I will surely rescue my Lia.

I'll never let her suffer!


The Praetor was then carried away by the maids, meanwhile the butler stayed by our side.

After Lia finished her dinner, the butler spoke,

"Young Miss, you must bathe well before sleeping. The Master has made me responsible for your time management. Please come this way."

Lia quickly ate one more bite, before she stood up and carried me in her arms.


Ah~~~ This soft, warm and comfortable feeling.

Nothing in the world could be compared!


A creepy laugh sounds in my head as I relish the silky smooth, white skin on my back. Her softness is transmitted even through her clothes..

Especially her chest... the warm, soft chest...

The softness~~ AH!! Incredible!!

After all, its my divine duty to be squashed onto a petite girl's silky soft chest.

Yup, no questions about it.

After a few seconds she looks down, once again smiling at me with a brightness rivalling the sun.

"You look funny Mr. Bear. Don't be too naughty, okay?" She says, still monotone.

Aye Aye! CAPTAIN!!

Though, I wish she had hugged my face...

My tendril are missing out on a lot of action.


Now is not the time for worries.

Let the bad times be in the past.

Let the stress be relieved!

The main event is here!!

Bath~ Bath~

Bath~! Bath~!



The petite girl flavored water..

I am dying to have a taste of it again!!



>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Uncle's Delusions<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Lia: "Mr. bear, it feels too lonely here. Won't anyone join us soon?

Teddy: 'Oh my dear Lia.. I wish you could hear me, but, Patience is the key! Surely I am not the only guy here, right?..."

Lia: "I m too sweaty! Time for a bath then."

Teddy: 'AH! Wait! My angel, take me with you too!..."

UncleFatty: [I wish I was a teddy too... *SNIFF*...]


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