Chapter 9:



Joey, Sohil,Calyden,Cris(Undercover with a fake name of Cros), Divya, and Meera sitting in the audience watching Mad(Emerson) playing…Chad is selling stuff.

Joey: Calyden…Hey Old man, what are you saying? Talk in a language which we know!

Sohel: We are not at your level till now and those commentators won’t say it out…To keep the interest in the match.

Calyden: Wait…Kids, You can see it by yourself, So it's fine. It’s really something you need to watch with your own two eyes.

Chad comes running from the top floor of the stadium to these people’s seats.

“Heyyyyy! What's going on”…Is Emerson doing something special again?... Chad said

Joey: Yeah! Mad is up to something…He is doing something which we can’t understand…But all I know is he Sacrificed his queen.

Chad: Ohh…That’s impressive, let’s see what happens.

Back to the ring, Where Emerson and Lina are playing.

Emerson: Isn’t the audience sounds a bit loud than in the second match, It’s the same as my first match. I think more people are cheering.

Lina looks at Emerson's face, While he is seeing the board with a smile on his face. She’s a bit frustrated as Emerson doesn’t care about her.

Lina: I don’t care what happens now…

With her right hand, she takes her bishop from the B7 square and throws the queen on f3 out of the board…With frustration. White’s queen falls to the ground.

Emerson sees lina into her eyes and gives a gentle smile and takes that bishop on F3 with his bishop on e2…Attacking the Rook on a8…

Boss and ghoss in the commentary box:

Turns their mics off.

And starts whispering to each other

Boss: What do you think will happen?

Ghoss: Tell now I kept the position’s details secret, But now for the first time in this tournament…I don’t know what's happening, We need to check this game after today’s match.

Boss: Yeah, Let’s get back to the match.

Ghoss: YES!...

And turns on the mic

Boss: “Bishop takes f3…Played by Lina and Emerson plays bishop on e2 and takes the bishop on f3…

Ghoss: Such a great position…Still can’t tell how this game is to be.

Boss: Yes…After a long thought as her bishop on e7 and rook on a8 are attacked simultaneously, She Protects her rook…By playing Pawn to D5.

Ghoss: Now I think Emerson Might take the Bishop on e7 as it's free…I’m really interested in this much.

Boss: I won’t guess but I have a feeling he will do something special.

Emerson stares into her eyes…even if she doesn’t see in his eyes, He keeps staring But after a few minutes she finally saw into his eyes, The moment she saw he moved his Knight and

What!?”...What is he doing! lina exclaimed

“I have the momentum and you’re a tempo down”…For the first time, Emerson said something in the match…He slowly whispered to her.

Lina: I have no other choice but to take the knight.

Boss: What I’m I seeing on the board?

Ghoss: That move can be the biggest blunder or a brilliancy.

Calyden and others from the audience start laughing…And shouts it’s a Rainbow

Joey beside him: Ambulance take this old man, He is nuts.

Cris: You never fail to impress me, after all, I’m your first fan!

The move Emerson played is

“Knight takes e6”… Boss said

Ghoss: And lina takes it with the pawn on f7.


Boss: Emerson plays Bh5

Ghoss: Lina plays g5, And Emerson plays bishop takes g6

Boss: And lina plays Kf8

Ghoss: “check”…Emerson plays fxe7+”

Boss: Yeah that was an obvious move.

Lina: I'm I losing?... But materially I'm better but his king's safe and he has the momentum…If It was my move now…I think I'm better but…It's his move, He has 1 tempo more than me.

Alex rose assistant to Lina and 1 year younger than Lina glass…Standing in the corner of the stadium.

Alex: As much As I know lina, She doesn’t care about losing in chess but I think she hates losing at anything.

Lina: My dad forced me to play chess since I was 7 years old, I never liked it but I don’t want to lose now, I don’t know what this feeling is but I want this match to go on…Forever…I can’t stop smiling…I want to look into his eyes, But whenever I look into them…I feel like I’m going to fall into that abyss. I don’t know what this feeling in my stomach is, It's as if I’m anxious or Someone is tickling me near my stomach, It’s actually not my stomach area, It's somewhere near my diaphragm…My body temperature is increasing…My heart is kinda beating faster...And I can’t stop my smile…This feeling near my diaphragm when I look into those eyes…I don’t know what is happening to me…I think after a long time I'm actually,


Lina with a smile on her face moves her king to g7. Attacking the white bishop on g6 with her king.

Boss: And Emerson plays black bishop on h4 to g3. It’s the best move…

Ghoss: lina plays Nf6…attacking the pawn on e7 with the queen on c7

Boss: Emerson ignores that and plays rook to e1, Lina pushes her pawn on b5 to b4…Attacking the knight on c3,

Ghoss: Yeah, Now he might just move his knight.

Emerson plays a move.

Boss: Marvelous, He didn’t

even he now sacrificing the Knight also…

Ghoss: Yeah, He plays rook to e6.As expected lina takes the knight on c3 and Emerson moves his pawn to f5 supporting both the rook and bishop…

Boss: Yeah and with a mating treat on b7, Emerson pushes the on b2 to b3 avoiding the mate.

Ghoss: And Lina plays Queen to d7…I think Lina wants to exchange her queen with rook and bishop. Emerson plays Bishop to e5 pinning the knight to the king.

Boss: And lina takes the rook on e5 with the queen,fxe6 by Emerson, and then comes King takes g6.

Emerson whispers to Lina.

It's 5 vs 4…Your gonna lose it”

Lina: What!? Is he talking? But his voice makes my heart pound.

Boss: Now Emerson plays Rf1 keeping double pressure on the knight, now lina plays Nh7.

Calyden from the stadium.

Calyden: “ I think that’s how it ends, Did you guys see how Emerson played? it's a resignable position”

Cris in disguise, “Never expected less from him.”

Joey and sohel: That was beautiful. I never expect something like that. I’m even more drawn to him now.

“I'm not going to resign now”